Image shows three musketeers one meets in every sales deal
Image shows three musketeers one meets in every sales deal

At UserGems, we have three target personas; Sales, Marketing, and RevOps.

We prefer to call them "The 3 Musketeers." And whenever we have all three in our deals (i.e., by multithreading), our win rate is 5X higher. Our Sales team takes advantage of this by multithreading all our deals.

Here's a skinny version of our multithreading playbook

  • The goal is to create internal conversations in the target accounts, even if you're NOT there.
  • We also aim to be informative — "just keeping you in the loop."
  • No hard asks for the target persona to take any action — "no reply needed here."

The Marketing team decided to run a campaign that helps our Sales team multithread even more - taking a page from the Sales team's playbook. So, we ran Multithread Ads focused on open opportunities.

Here's how we set it up:

  • The data: In our Salesforce, we have every contact in the buying group for every target account.
  • The criteria: Whenever a sales opportunity reaches a certain stage, the contacts are added to Multithread Ad Audiences based on their Persona and Seniority.
  • The ads: Informative, soft CTA; "Just letting you know your team is chatting with us. Want to join?"
  • The budget: ~5% of the ad budget.

We also ran an A/B test to compare impact -- some opportunities got Multithread Ads; some didn't.


For opportunities that got the Multithreaded Ads, we saw:

  • 31% higher win rates ✅
  • 25% bigger deal sizes ✅
  • 67% more prospects involved in the deal ✅
  • 17% shorter sales cycles ✅

People usually think revenue alignment is about ABM (account-based programs). But perhaps there are also other motions we could align around more and hit our goals more efficiently.

PSA: Attribution reporting is a pain for things like this.

But if the Sales team and Customer Success team don't hit their goals, neither does Marketing. (And attribution reporting is never accurate anyway, but that's for another post 😀)

Here's one of the multithreading ads:

an image showing our sales multithreading ad

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