New updates at UserGems
New updates at UserGems

We’ve got a significant UserGems product update coming your way!

Launching in early 2024, the Revenue Command Center will consolidate buyer signals and information from your database, including your CRM and engagement tools. 

This will create a better way to review your data and provide clear insights into your next action. The end goal  — automate and streamline your sales and marketing efforts and help your revenue team win more opportunities.

Let’s explore what to expect with the new update and what you can do right now to make the best of the Revenue Command Center once it goes live. 

Surface areas of opportunity

The Revenue Command Center will show you the best prospects and accounts to go after and the right moment to reach out.

For example, by reviewing your UserGems data, the command center can show you that you’re connecting with warm leads starting a new role a little too late or that there are not enough activities taking place to reach these buyers.

The Revenue Command Center will also recommend buyers and decision-makers within target accounts by analyzing your CRM data. And suggest the best times to reach out to these key contacts in real-time.

Prioritize the most important actions with AI-powered suggestions

Besides providing suggestions for buyers to reach out to, our AI-led command center will tell you which actions will help you engage these prospects. This way, you can tell which accounts to prioritize, which persona to reach out to, and how.

Improve your success rate with new account and contact signals

Depending on how you use UserGems, we currently provide two signals: buyer job changes of your key contacts and buying group changes in your target accounts.

Where buyer job changes alert you of alumni customers switching jobs, buying group alerts tell you when new buyers join your target accounts. With our AI-powered command center, we’ll provide even more buying signals. For example, funding. That is: we’ll tell you which accounts have recently got new funding, cross-checking it with our signals to show you which accounts to prioritize.

How to get ready for the Revenue Command Center launch 

Before the Revenue Command Center launches, here’s what we recommend you do to make the most of the new update right off the bat.

1. Segment your target user groups

Chances are you have two different user segments: previous customers and evaluators. But now is the time to think about segmenting these groups even more so that when they resurface as new company leads in the Revenue Command Center, UserGems can give you accurate signals about what to do next.

For example, separate closed won opportunity contacts from customers who are your power users. Why? Both implement your tool in completely different ways, which could be categorized as two different signals.

That way, when these people change jobs and show as new leads in UserGems’ Revenue Command Center, we’ll label them differently and send you customized next steps based on the input you’ve been tracking.

2. Define your buyer persona and ideal accounts

Next, take the time to define your ideal buyer persona so that when the new command center shows you a job change lead, it’ll also tell you if it matches your ideal persona.

In turn, the information will help you:

  • Better prioritize leads so you can connect with valuable prospects without delay
  • Create accurate sequences and automations that are based on unique personas

The Revenue Command Center will also be able to better visualize which personas are converting the most.

And while you’re at it, make sure you tell us which accounts matter the most to you. This will allow UserGems to highlight priority accounts, ensuring your team knows which prospects should be a priority each month based on champion movements.

3. Connect your Salesloft or Outreach to UserGems

UserGems automates sequences natively as well as integrates with third-party sales engagement tools like Outreach and SalesLoft. You can also set up Salesforce triggers to automate outreach.

In addition, we have our own playbooks that we can send directly to your sales engagement tool, making it easy for you to test new sequences.  

By putting time into visualizing, automating, and testing sequences, you can identify which sequences are working the best for your team before the Revenue Command Center launches.

Once it’s up and running, we’ll use information from these tests to predict and suggest playbooks and/or automations as the next steps — speeding up outreach.

4. Set your sales team up with Meeting Assistant (for free)

Meeting Assistant integrates with your Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar to capture the contacts your team is meeting with. 

It then automatically adds them to Salesforce and will add the contact to an opportunity if there is currently one open without your Sales reps needing to manually log data at the end of their day. 

This lets you:

  • Correctly segment evaluators, buyers, and champions
  • Reduce work on SDRs so they don’t have to manually update Salesforce
  • Give your marketing team a wider audience of accurate contacts to target

At the end of the day, when these leads change jobs, the information that Meeting Assistant adds will help you quickly identify whether the leads are evaluators or buyers. From there, you can create a plan for reaching out to them.

Using the Revenue Command Center means you won’t need to think through the next steps —you only need to choose from AI-generated suggestions for what to do next and then automate outreach.

The best part? Meeting Assistant is a free tool that saves your team from manual data entry work — increasing your sales team’s productivity as well as ensuring the data is free from human error.

Gear up for the launch of the Revenue Command Center

When it’s up and running, UserGems’ Revenue Command Center will:

  • Help you prioritize leads better
  • Show you which accounts to target based on what types of accounts are converting at a higher rate
  • Flag workflow and process inefficiencies
  • Tell you how well new leads match your target buyer
  • Recommend the next best steps and let you automate them.

However, to maximize the benefits you can drive from the Revenue Command Center, make sure you segment your leads, define your ideal buyer and target accounts, test UserGems’ new automations, and leverage Meeting Assistant.

Not sure where to start? Reach out to your Customer Success team so they can help make sure you are using all of the features UserGems currently offers. And you can get up and running with the Revenue Command Center more quickly in the new year.

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