Sales and marketing alignment is a touchy subject. 

And as a business that helps other organizations put people first, Lattice, a San Francisco-based People Success platform, has got its sales and marketing working in lockstep with UserGems.

When Zachary Dammann, Sr. Revenue Operations Analyst at Lattice, implemented UserGems, the Sales team quickly adopted the program. Once he had provable ROI from the sales side, he got Marketing to build a UserGems specific nurture for the customer job change leads. 

Lattice quote on UserGems ROI

“We built a marketing nurture sequence after our sales play because we wanted to introduce it initially to sales. And prove the value of the product and the value of UserGems leads to the marketing team.”

“Revenue operations and sales understood the value of UserGems. We knew it would be a much easier sell to the Marketing by showing them a pool of leads in the database that are deeply acquainted with Lattice, just started a new job, and will likely be fresh targets for nurture,” Zachary explains.

This story is about how Lattice went all in on UserGems’ pipeline generation playbooks and grew its business to achieve 40X ROI in closed won revenue. 

Why UserGems? Eliminate manual work and spray-and-pray

Most go-to-market teams like Lattice have aggressive revenue targets. And these can lead to pipeline anxiety

“Our issue was we could not find customer job changes without a lot of manual work searching through LinkedIn,” Zachary says. “With UserGems’ pipeline generation software, we were able to track these leads, quickly surface them, and send the top 15% to our sales team to work directly.”

“The remaining leads go to our marketing team and are put into a nurture campaign. We use a three-step nurture that sends them emails to re-engage and brings them into the sales process,” he continues. 

Zachary Dammann of Lattice quote on why UserGems

“We found a major unrealized opportunity in following up with past users who had moved on to other roles. UserGems allowed us to act on important information about our prospects with a nurture campaign.  And we saw a 45% open rate on the initial campaign.” Danielle Sensley, Lead Lifecycle Manager at Lattice adds.

Plus, getting the team onboarded with UserGems was straightforward. 

“If you’re hiring quickly and you have a lot of new reps with a lot of different or competing priorities, being able to explain it and run the program is what separates UserGems from other tools. And if reps leave, we can train new reps on the program quickly. We can train folks on the UserGems program in 15 minutes.” Zachary adds.

UserGems pipeline generation software: Reduce pipeline anxiety; increase high-quality prospects

It’s no secret Lattice loves UserGems.

“We have gotten significant ROI from UserGems’ simple and clear process. And it’s easy to get the sales teams excited about UserGems because they inherently understand through their experience the value of reaching out to people immediately when they change jobs. Or reaching out to folks who are acquainted with our product already,” Zachary explains. 

Quote on benefits sales teams get from using UserGems

“Our sales team focuses on the top 15% of buyer job change leads in terms of quality accounts and job titles. We have specific outreach templates and sales motions centered around the previous experience these folks had with Lattice — we review previous admins of our products or previous users of our product in the HR department,” he continues.

Lattice focuses on one group of users; ex. Lattice admins and users from Human Resources teams.

Zachary explains, “Instead of tracking all the job changes, we focus on a very tight, very targeted group of prospects. So it's easy to have one sales play and one marketing play that works really well. As opposed to a whole spread of options that might get complicated. This is particularly important for reps working on different leads and programs while getting information from many directions.”

Plus, past users inherently know the value of Lattice as a product making them high-quality prospects.

“We know when people join a new company; they are most likely to be looking at new software, thinking about new software, and open to reviewing new software. We also know that having previous experience with Lattice, particularly for HR users, means they understand the product's value. So a combination of these two factors make them high-quality leads for us,” Zachary explains.

Results? ‘UserGems crushed it’

Lattice has been running their UserGems program for a year and a half at this point.

“We’ve generated $6.7M in sales pipeline opportunities from UserGems, Zachary says. “And over 40X ROI in closed won revenue directly attributable to UserGems leads. There's a less measurable benefit in that sales reps are able to easily see while they're prospecting who is a previous Lattice user in their accounts and can incorporate that into their sales motion.”

While bottom-line revenue numbers are critical, a positive impact on revenue operations is also important. 

And UserGems had an impact there as well. 

“UserGems has allowed me to work cross-functionally, which is valuable to my own growth. I’m able to coordinate plays between marketing and sales. I’m able to work on consistent messaging for UserGems programs,” Zachary says.

Now, expanding any outbound sales motion increases the pressure on reps to generate their own opportunities. “This makes the identification of hot prospects more valuable than ever. But UserGems helps us find those prospects and get them in the right hands immediately,” Zachary explains. 

He continues, “And it’s allowed me to forge relationships in multiple departments as well as strengthen relationships that I already had in multiple departments. It's also fun giving sales reps good leads all the time. That's enjoyable to me.”

Lattice quote on revenue team alignment using UserGems

“Our UserGems CSM, Justine, has been an incredible resource and a terrific partner in helping shape our strategy and suggesting changes to add additional value to our processes,” Danielle adds.

Any advice for other RevOps leaders bringing on UserGems?

Avoid complexity. 

“Have a clear understanding of the persona and why,” Zachary explains. “We've benefited greatly from having a simple and clear idea of how we use UserGems. And that’s allowed us to keep a very simple, very straightforward program both on marketing and sales.”

“In having such a simple program, we are also able to avoid the complexity of explaining this to the sales team multiple times and building out complicated enablement decks. And that is very valuable as you're trying to sell the program internally and measure the value of the product,” he continues.

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