For Michael Witt, Marketing Ops Manager at Mixpanel, his predecessor, Alex Mix, and the rest of the Mixpanel revenue team, the challenge was threefold:

  • Identify the warmest paths into deals
  • Get into deals earlier as that increases the likelihood of conversion
  • Find prospects who knew the value of Mixpanel and had a great experience with the product in the past.

Within 13 months of implementing UserGems, Mixpanel:

  • Sourced 30+ opportunities via UserGems
  • And hit 14X ROI from these opportunities.

Here’s the best-in-class automation workflow playbook Mixpanel used to combine relationship data and surface the most relevant buyers within its target accounts.

First, they pull in product users from their user base

Mixpanel is a product analytics platform that unlocks valuable customer insights for businesses looking to better convert, engage and retain their users.

So, it was a case of drinking your own champagne.

"We use Mixpanel to track our users and create a cohort of those users we’re most interested in based on product usage. We then use automation to tag UserGems leads as champions in Salesforce and add more context to the contact field."
Michael Witt

“These leads are then added to the relevant campaign flow in Salesforce, which then adds them to Outreach,” he continues.

Next, they fire off a multi-touch outreach sequence

The Mixpanel team uses a combination of channels and touches - some from the account owners and some directly from a sales leader. They also optimize them for outreach time to increase the response rate.

“We’ve fully automated the UserGems workflow to the point that the leads just show up for the reps to work on. This is great because there’s very little lift required from the sales team,” says Michael.

“It’s been easy to work with UserGems. I’m running my Ops team and have 20 other things going on at once. So, it’s nice to have UserGems run smoothly in the background. And Steven — our UserGems CSM — is available to troubleshoot any issues,” Michael says.

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What's next for Mixpanel?

The reward for good work is more work.

“Mixpanel is putting more emphasis on outbound. We want our reps to find the ‘diamonds in the rough’ with data such as UserGems and G2 Crowd intent data. I think there are tons of opportunities to capture low-hanging fruits. We’re also ramping up ABM this year with UserGems as one of the lead sources.”

“Our enterprise reps are also interested in using UserGems. So, we’ll be working with them to create new outreach sequences with the right messaging to break into high-target accounts,” he adds.

Tips for other teams looking to get the best out of UserGems

“Make sure you have an idea of who you're targeting and how you're going to contact them. Find your power users and set up a sales motion for them. At the very least, even if they’re not a direct influence, they can open/show you a way to get in the door,” Michael says.

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