Watch this video to learn how Grace Feeney, Global Manager of Sales Development at Smartling, accelerated her team’s sales cycle using UserGems. Or keep reading below for the full story.


Here’s the TL;DR:

Challenge: Smartling’s initial champion tracking workflow with LinkedIn Sales Navigator wasn’t ideal for their SDRs. And implementing UserGems alongside that workflow meant the reps ended up with a ton of reports in their Salesforce. It was difficult to know which leads to add to their email sequence.

Solution: Smartling had adopted UserGems to improve the efficiency of it’s pipeline generation workflow. So with the support of their UserGems Customer Success Manager (CSM),Steven Farina, Smartling automated their process for finding champions on the move. And then have these leads routed to the correct Outreach sequence.

Results: By optimizing their pipeline generation workflow for UserGems, Smartling reduced its SDRs manual tasks by 97%. They also generated $1.8M in direct pipeline from tracking champions - with 68% turning into Closed Won revenue.

The challenge

Translation management solution Smartling was looking to improve the efficiency of its lead generation process. They were currently email-heavy. And their SDRs found it challenging to know who to reach out to.

Success for Grace and Smartling meant two things:

  1. An efficient pipeline generation workflow
  2. An automated process fed directly into Outreach.

Here’s how UserGems helped Smartling achieve it’s primary goals.

1. Building an efficient pipeline generation workflow

Ensuring her team was strategic and targeted in their approach was high on Grace’s to-do list.

Grace explains, “Being a bit more strategic pays off. I used to get a lot of wins from the UserGems leads during my time as an SDR. So, we wanted the team focused on leveraging UserGems more because it’s a warmer lead. They know who we are. And you get an in much quicker.”

“Initially, we were tracking past champions and past prospects who had evaluated Smartling. But Steven Farina, our UserGems CSM worked with us to split the report into Buyers, Champions, and Prospects. This helped the team focus their outreach, instead of saying ‘I sent 400 emails today, so I should get results’” she continues.

2. Automating Outreach

But optimizing their lead generation process didn’t end with report segmentation.

“We also worked with Steven to automate these reports into Outreach with different types of messaging depending on the status of the UserGems lead,” Grace says.

She continues, “This meant our SDRs had minimal manual work and could focus on what they did best - booking meetings. Our SDRs show up everyday with these leads already in the correct Outreach sequence, shelving 97% of the time they spent previously on their workflow.”


Doubling down on UserGems has resulted in:

  • $1.87M in Direct Pipeline Generated
  • $1.29M in Direct Closed Won Revenue
  • A Direct ROI Multiplier of 64.61
  • And a shorter sales cycle.

Grace explains, “From opportunity creation to Closed Won, it’s half the time as other leads and contacts. We already have this relationship and half the battle is already done for us. These are warm leads. And they want to stick with what they know.”

Grace didn’t only feel the impact of the optimized UserGems workflow, she heard it from her sales team too.

“For our SDRs, it’s already such an easier win. The success rate is much higher. We had a huge deal close within one  month from a UserGems lead. We had another huge deal with a massive logo — from a UserGems meeting that happened in April and it closed in May. Our deal cycles are normally 3 months. We’ve had another huge deal close within 6 weeks,” she explains.

What’s next for Smartling with UserGems?

With quantitive and qualitative results on their side, Smartling’s team has gone all in on UserGems.

“We’re defining our ICP for UserGems so we can further perfect our outreach. We used to reach out to all our UserGems leads. But we want a certain demographic going forward,” Grace says.

“We are also planning expansion plays. Here, we give UserGems our personas and customer accounts. And UserGems helps us fill the whitespace in our Salesforce with anyone we should be talking to/about in our customer accounts. This helps our SDRs and AEs expand within our customers by giving them additional leads.”


She continues,”We work with massive companies all over the world. So having UserGems give us more applicable contacts in our customer accounts helps our team leverage them for expansion.”

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