Companies miss 50% of key contacts in their accounts

Monitor your accounts for new hires and promotions. Capture missing contacts in your buying groups.

New executives spend 70% of their budget in the first 100 days.

With UserGems, you will:
Capture key prospects in your target accounts
Prioritize prospects based on relationship strength and triggers
Add new prospects to your CRM
Enroll them to sales outreach and ads
Refresh data every 2 weeks
“This has been a game changer for us. It's one of our best sales plays.”
Mikey Pawell
Mikey Pawell
Director, Revenue Operations
15x ROI
in one year

Eliminate all manual contact discovery

Sales reps spend 40% of time looking for the right prospects.  

UserGems can help:

  • Identify missing key contacts and contact info
  • Update any outdated contacts in your CRM
  • Refreshed monthly so you’ll always have the latest information of who joined or left the accounts.

For marketers, this means accurate audiences for your advertising and nurturing campaigns.

UserGems - Account Tracking - capture key missing contacts

Prioritize the warmest prospects at a glance

Prospects are automatically ranked, based on criteria that are relevant to you:

  • Past relationships (if any)
  • New hire
  • New promotion
  • Seniority
  • Persona

You’ll know who's more open to having a meeting and how to personalize your message to them.

Multi-thread consistently to win 5X more

Multi-threaded opportunities have 5X higher win rates.

UserGems makes it easy for your team to multi-thread consistently:

  • Create new contacts directly in your CRM
  • Auto-enroll to sales outreach and targeted ads.

Keep your CRM up-to-date

UserGems refreshes your data every month.

Our proprietary technology to generate and verify email addresses results in less than 5% bounce rate. This protects your email deliverability and saves your team's time from going after wrong prospects.

More control and visibility for managers and admins

Define target accounts and key persona profiles to ensure prospecting quality and consistency.

Know how many accounts are being monitored, how many missing contacts identified, how many accounts and contacts are being worked on by your team.

UserGems - Account Tracking dashboard
UserGems customer success team

We’re here to help

Our technical Customer Success and Revenue Ops experts are your trusted resource. We'll help you implement playbooks, share best practices, provide training to the broader teams, and help you make the most of UserGems.

“Our UserGems CSM has been an incredible resource and a terrific partner in helping shape our strategy and suggesting changes to add additional value to our processes.”
Zachary Dammann
Zachary Dammann
Sr Revenue Ops Analyst
in pipeline


Which accounts should I monitor?
  • For prospecting: target accounts, ICP accounts
  • For deal acceleration and risk prevention: accounts with open opportunities
  • For churn prevention and expansion: customer accounts
How accurate is UserGems data?

With our own algorithm and human verification, we have 95% match rate and provide email addresses with less than 5% bounce rate. We offer a FREE data test to help you verify this.

What do I get with the (free) data test?

We'll audit your target accounts and share how many key contacts you're missing, who they are, persona, seniority, etc.

On average, companies miss 40% - 60% of contacts that they should be reaching out to, even for C-suite titles.

How does UserGems work with intent data?

Intent data providers help you prioritize accounts that are "in market" by highlighting these accounts in your CRM. UserGems will then enrich these accounts with missing key contacts so that your sales and marketing teams can start engaging with them.

Want to get more pipeline with less work?