🔴 The Millennium Alliance knew that past customers and prospects were a great source of new pipeline, but their contact tracking program was extremely manual and error-prone.

🟡 By adopting UserGems, they could rest easy knowing that these highly valuable contacts were being surfaced, updated, and added to playbooks – and the process could be fully automated. 

🟢 Along with decreased bounce rates and increased pipeline, The Millennium Alliance closed five directly attributable deals, bringing in $360,000 in revenue.


The challenge

The Millennium Alliance, an advisory firm providing training, learning, and networking events for senior executives, wanted to track customer and prospect job movements to generate new pipeline.

"I realized a while ago that it was important in our business to figure out when our customers and prospects were leaving and where they were going," says Alex Sobol, Co-Founder and Managing Partner. 

They knew past customers would be some of their most likely buyers, so they started using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to surface new pipeline opportunities. 

But manual contact tracking through LinkedIn Sales Nav resulted in too many errors and high bounce-back rates (even after they hired a contractor specifically for this purpose). 

Enter: UserGems.

The solution

What made UserGems stand out as a solution was the ability to track key buying signals and automate the next steps. 

Missed opportunities? Not anymore 🫸

🚨 Their key buying signals: 

  • The contact was a former customer or client who moved to a new organization
  • Contact was part of any company they had ever had an opportunity with (won, lost, or in progress)

Setting the right parameters for job change tracking can be intimidating for some, but Alex shared that their CSM, Jordan, guided them on who to track.

The play

The Millennium Alliance put their buying signals into action by automating outreach based on job changes to keep contacts in the loop.


When an individual responds to those “in the loop” emails, the team has a workflow to bring the contact back into the fold.

→ Contact responds to a campaign 

→ the message is sent to a specific email address that tracks responses 

→ then forwarded to the sales team 

→ where it gets assigned to a rep who has previously worked with the account  

And just like that, the team taps into that established relationship to generate new pipeline

The results

UserGems helped The Millennium Alliance:

✅ Close five directly attributable deals, generating $360,000 in revenue.

✅ Keep previous clients in the loop, even after they changed jobs (and email addresses), and generate an uptick in inbound leads.

✅ Reduce email bounce rates to less than 1% in many cases.

And an added bonus: the sales team actually wants to keep CRM data clean and accurate to maximize the benefits of UserGems!

One tip before you go

“Something that really helped us early on was just asking a lot of questions, making sure that the platform is tailored to what we were looking for," shared Greg.

In a nutshell, to get the most out of UserGems:

  • Get friendly with the Customer Success team, and don’t be shy about asking questions!
  • Take time to work out the best way to implement UserGems to suit specific business needs and goals – and don’t be afraid to tweak your approach. 
  • Be prepared to put in the work initially to maximize the benefits of UserGems, and you’ll reap the rewards in the long run. 

If you want to learn what playbooks your team can use to move past customers from "in the loop" to new pipeline, book a demo.

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