🔴 Challenge: Tracking new in-role prospects manually was time-consuming, hard to scale, and relied on individual sales reps. 

🟡 Solution: WorkRamp used the New Hires & Promotions signal, which automatically provided a list of new in-role prospects at top-tier target accounts with clean, accurate, and actionable data to operationalize a pipeline program at scale.

🟢 Result: 15% of BDR-generated pipeline generated from new-in-role leads. 

The challenge

As a customer of UserGems’ Champion Tracking Signal, the learning management platform WorkRamp received a large volume of prospects (350k+), but business development reps (BDRs) weren’t getting a complete overview of new hires within their accounts.

🚨 Workramp’s key buying signal: recently hired prospects at high-priority accounts

Their old process was cumbersome.

-> BDRs receive a target list of accounts

-> They upload the lists to LinkedIn Sales Navigator

-> These lists have to be kept updated between Salesforce and Sales Navigator, which was challenging because of account limits

-> BDRs then had to export every new-in-role contact that they wanted to reach out to OR constantly revisit the report

Leads were getting lost in the shuffle, and Mikey Pawell, Director of Revenue Operations, wanted to change that.

The solution

Workramp’s biggest blocker to success was that the new-in-role outbound play was highly manual and relied on individual reps to complete the actions.  

The team tested several solutions, but LinkedIn Sales Navigator, ZoomInfo, and LeadIQ had too many limitations and manual steps to be scalable. 

WorkRamp’s manual and time-consuming process changed when they added UserGems’ New Hires & Promotions signal.

By adopting this additional signal, WorkRamp can now focus on: 

  • Reaching out to new in-role prospects from UserGems
  • Distributing new prospects evenly amongst BDRs and Account Executives (AEs) each month
  • Prioritizing outreach based on target titles and the most important accounts

Play: How WorkRamp simplifies warm outbound to win more

WorkRamp's BDRs and AEs are responsible for reaching out to new prospects. 

Once they receive their UserGems leads, they send congratulatory messages highlighting how their new role may present an opportunity to reevaluate the company's existing tech stack. WorkRamp has also tested sending personalized gifts, such as socks, which have been well-received.

Getting the team on board to automate this new hire signal was easy because they already had buy-in on the effectiveness of reaching out to new in-role prospects. 

UserGems simply automated a successful — but manual — process that required minimal adaptation from reps.

WorkRamp’s results with the New Hires & Promotions Signal

✅ 15% of their BDR-generated pipeline comes from UserGems’ New Hires & Promotions signal

✅ Comparable pipeline generated compared to their Champion Tracking Signal-based program, which keeps tabs on previous customers

✅ Because of UserGems, WorkRamp can efficiently reach an entire universe of target accounts and titles. 

In addition, automating prospect tracking at target accounts with UserGems ensures accountability and consistency across all reps because it doesn’t rely on manual follow-ups.

One UserGems tip

Mikey advises someone just starting out with or considering UserGems to identify successful motions for your team, then use UserGems to scale. 

Instead of trying to change your salespeople’s behaviors entirely, enhance what already works. 

"Find a play that works, and just try and figure out where to scale it."

For anyone considering UserGems but who has other enrichment tools that reps use to add prospects to accounts, like SalesNav or LeadIQ manually, Mikey explains that other tools don't scale to an entire universe of accounts and titles. 

UserGems builds on these other tools by filling gaps at scale. 

"Being able to [add prospects to accounts] at scale with other data tools is pretty, pretty hard,” Mikey explains. 

“So I think just finding whatever works really well for you, just try and figure out how you can get those contacts into Salesforce and then make sure that your team's actually reaching out to those people consistently,” he continues.

Accelerate pipeline creation with UserGems

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