Find out how WorkRamp got 15X ROI in Closed Won revenue within one year and used both Contact Tracking and Account Tracking to:

  • Match key buyer personas at target accounts
  • Remove outdated contacts from their database
  • Improve the efficiency of their business development reps (BDRs)

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Headquartered in “the Golden City,” WorkRamp  is the all-in-one training platform for customers, partners, and employees. Through self-guided learning paths, interactive coaching tools, and robust certification modules, WorkRamp allows modern enterprises to build personalized learning experiences at scale. 

Today, WorkRamp drives the corporate learning strategy for global organizations such as, Reddit, Box, Outreach, and more.


We spoke with Mikey Pawell, Director of Business Development at WorkRamp.

Mikey had started exploring how to track contacts that changed jobs at his previous company when he was an Account Executive. 

“I was doing this manually in LinkedIn Sales Navigator and I had a meeting booked by tracking this person and found out that she’d moved over to a new role. It was one of my first deals that I closed - a two-week sales cycle, one of my biggest closes, plus I didn’t even have to demo the product! She was already super familiar with us.”

“I wanted to repeat this sales play consistently but doing it manually was impossible because we had a large user base. Then when I moved to WorkRamp to lead the BDR team, it was a no-brainer for us to evaluate UserGems,” he continues.

WorkRamp had other data enrichment tools. But none could update their Salesforce CRM when contacts switched jobs or new buyers joined their target accounts. Plus, it got more complex as the team got larger.

“Each WorkRamp BDR manages about 1,000 accounts. And we also rely on them to pick up new accounts and contacts. At scale, this is impossible without a tool like UserGems.”


WorkRamp evaluated UserGems alongside a few other tools, including LinkedIn Sales Navigator and ZoomInfo.

The team evaluated these tools on three criteria: data quality, automation, and reporting.

1. Data quality 

data enrichment tools

“We ran a data test comparing UserGems and ZoomInfo. Out of 100,000 contacts we provided, UserGems identified 14,000 job changes while ZoomInfo could only detect 4,500 of those job movements,” he continues.

The WorkRamp BDR team also loved that UserGems could remove outdated contacts from the BDR’s view to avoid wasting time working through old contacts. Previously, the BDR would only find out when an email bounced. And would have to spend precious time researching for the new roles of their prospects.

2. Automation 

With a growing team and a large user base, automation and seamless reporting were also significant factors in the tool evaluation process.

“Even with Sales Navigator, you don’t have an automated way to distribute large lists of warm leads among our reps," Mikey explains

"With UserGems, the leads show up every month. We pretty much don’t have to do anything!”

3. Reporting 

A big thing for Mikey is knowing whether his team is working the warm leads that they receive and promptly. 

“Reporting can’t be done in Sales Navigator and I would have no idea what’s happening to those leads. You can do it manually if you have a few reps, but not if you have more than 10 reps.”

With UserGems, Mike and his BDR managers could quickly see how many warm leads got assigned to each BDR every month and those the reps had already worked on.


Aside from tracking their customers for job changes, WorkRamp also uses UserGems to monitor target accounts for new prospects that they should add to their outreach sequence.

The team loves getting the UserGems alert when a prospect starts a new role -- this prospect could be Workramp’s previous customers or net-new prospects that match their persona.

“This has been a game-changer for us. It’s one of our best sales plays— being on top of it once any of our buyer personas lands a new job because they’re more willing to evaluate our learning management software at that point."

The team has also been pleasantly surprised by the number of contacts and new accounts that weren’t captured in Salesforce by previous tools. 

“Our product is used by a lot of people within the customer accounts, but those users are not captured anywhere in Salesforce. It was surprising to see the number of contacts matching our key buyer personas that UserGems surfaced. And when any of those contacts land at a new company, we now also capture those new accounts automatically in our system,” he explained.


"In the first quarter of us using UserGems, we reached out to an Account Executive who used us in his past company. Before UserGems, we rarely reached out to this type of job title, but he introduced us to his Head of Sales Enablement - which is one of our key buyer personas. And that deal closed within the first quarter.”

This deal wouldn’t have existed without the ability to track job changes with UserGems.

After one year, WorkRamp has seen 15X ROI in Closed Won revenues and many open opportunities from the UserGems leads.

“Although we’ve had other tools, their data tends to lag or still require the BDR to do a lot of manual research and data entry. And it gets harder as your team gets bigger. At scale, these sales plays are just not possible without UserGems”.

Advice for other revenue teams

For teams looking to implement the “track job changes” sales play, Mikey believes that the results depend on the contacts list and accounts you want UserGems to track.

“We used to only track the buyers (i.e., Manager and above job titles), but now we’re reaching out to everyone that used us in the past.”

Mikey suggests clearly understanding what personas you want to reach out to - is it only the decision-maker or their immediate team? Spend some time, in the beginning, thinking about what outcomes you’re trying to drive and the types of people you want to track (customer contacts, Closed-Lost contacts, etc.). 

“Think about those nuanced use cases and prioritize,” Mikey explains. “There are so many possibilities and use cases that you can do with UserGems.

How UserGems can help you

Are you a marketing leader looking to generate high-quality warm leads or a sales leader looking to make prospecting easier for your sales reps?

You can start tracking your alumni customers for job changes and stop missing out on millions of dollars in revenue with UserGems.

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