San Francisco, November 7, 2023 - UserGems, a software that helps companies monitor job changes of their most valuable buyers, announced a product partnership and integration with Salesloft, an AI-powered global revenue workflow platform. 

This integration automatically prioritizes UserGems job-change leads and adds them to relevant, pre-written Salesloft cadences. UserGems also creates over ten cadences for companies directly in Salesloft, so they don’t have to start from scratch.

Sales leaders shared that their biggest challenge is getting sales reps to act on sales signals quickly and consistently. This integration removes manual tasks and surfaces job-change signals directly in Salesloft. Sales reps will now have more time for selling to win more.

“Our reps had their attention split between multiple channels before adding UserGems. Pushing UserGems job-change leads directly to our Salesloft cadences helps the team stay focused on the work that will have the most impact,” said Greg Johnson, Marketing Operations Manager at Support Logic.

UserGems is one of 15 partner integrations with Salesloft Rhythm, an AI engine that ingests buyer signals from across the Salesloft platform and partner integrations to translate them into the most immediate and impactful seller actions in a single prioritized workflow customized to each seller.

“We’ve found that companies actioning job-change signal at scale add more than 10% to their pipeline. It’s our top priority to enable companies to benefit from this untapped revenue channel,” says Christian Kletzl, CEO of UserGems. "This integration with Salesloft aligns with our goal to automate away mundane, low-value tasks for sales reps while helping them prioritize and contact their best leads quickly and efficiently."

“By integrating with Salesloft Rhythm, UserGems’ customers can leverage powerful artificial intelligence to effortlessly engage their contacts at opportune moments, like when a past champion changes jobs,” shared Nick Dahm, Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy at Salesloft, “This partnership helps Salesloft and UserGems customers prioritize critical buyer engagement signals and work more efficiently to hit their number. We’re excited for this integration to help drive better outcomes for our mutual customers.”

This partnership and integration underscore the commitment of both companies to enabling sales professionals to succeed by focusing their time on revenue-generating activities.

About UserGems

UserGems is a pipeline generation software that helps teams boost pipeline and reduce churn by monitoring job changes of a company’s most valuable buyers and automating the next steps. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

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Salesloft is the first AI-powered revenue workflow platform that brings certainty to every revenue action and customer interaction. Close more deals, forecast more accurately, and coach to success throughout your revenue organization. Thousands of the world’s top sales teams, like those at Google, 3M, IBM, Shopify, Square, and Cisco, drive more revenue with Salesloft. For more information, visit

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