SAN FRANCISCO, July 9, 2024—UserGems announced today its expanded product offerings to help go-to-market teams drive growth with a leaner team. The platform now includes a library of buying signals, pre-built and custom workflows for each signal, and AI capabilities to assist users with research and outreach.

Outbound has gotten significantly harder. 5 years ago, it took 300 activities for a seller to book a meeting through outbound; now it takes 1300. Revenue teams cannot keep up with this volume and costly approach to outbound and are adapting their strategies to be more intentional about going after buyers who are mostly likely to buy.

Since 2019, UserGems has helped companies uncover their most valuable people signals (Past Champions, New Hires & Promotions) and generated over $2 Billion in pipeline. It’s now expanding to include more buying signals, powerful automation and workflows, and AI-assisted research and messaging.

"Accurate data is the most fundamental part of signal-based go-to-market and for AI. Without it, your team won't trust the signal, won't adopt it, and it'll impact your brand with customers and prospects. That's where we've invested heavily in the last 5 years," said Christian Kletzl, CEO & Co-founder at UserGems. "This foundation allows us to offer more unique buying signals and more reliable workflows that sales and marketing teams are actually using."

With UserGems, revenue teams are better positioned to:

  • Focus on the most promising companies and buyers using a library of people and company-level signals 
  • Trigger playbooks using pre-built or custom workflows, sequences, and notifications directly in your existing tools (Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack, Outreach, Salesloft, etc.)
  • Capture a complete Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and target persona
  • Prioritize the warmest companies and buyers by aggregating relevant signals
  • Research and generate personalized, relevant messaging that drives conversions

“UserGems is a partner who shares our forward-thinking mindset, understands our goals, and aligns with our approach to automation and AI. Their product innovations also got us excited instantly about our partnership.” Kacie Jenkins, SVP Marketing at Sendoso shared. “At Sendoso, we use signals to determine the best engagement strategies, and automation and AI are keys to our process. We maintain rigorous data quality standards to ensure our automated processes are effective, relying on accurate data to drive decisions. Therefore, partnering with the best signal providers is crucial for us.” 

"We started using the new UserGems workflows and almost immediately started getting meetings without lift from our SDRs. The meetings we booked from workflows already started contributing to pipeline,” Tina Casagrande, GTM Enablement Program Manager at Pendo shared. “Our SDRs love it. One of our SDRs mentioned that this is a great example that cold outreach isn’t dead."

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UserGems is software that helps sales and marketing teams boost pipeline by capturing the most valuable buying signals, automating the next steps with AI assistance.

Companies like Mimecast, UserTesting, Lattice see more than 15X ROI in closed won revenue from UserGems.

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