UserGems and Salesloft logos on a green and black background
UserGems and Salesloft logos on a green and black background

As a company, Salesloft has already been crushing outbounding to their past customers with UserGems. Now, UserGems’ integration with Salesloft is making their day-to-day warm outbound even easier.

With this integration, customers of UserGems and Salesloft can add past buyers, into UserGems playbooks and pre-synced cadences, so your team can immediately start turning these leads into new opportunities. 


How has outbound changed?

61% of salespeople think selling is harder or much harder now than 5 years ago – and it’s no wonder why.

Sales teams have their attention split between multiple channels and marketing campaigns and it’s often hard to know where to start prospecting with so many competing priorities. And then when they get time to focus on booking, reps find that reaching out to prospects can be a slow and manual process that keeps their to-do list full.

  • Top sellers spend on average 6 hours researching their prospects every week
  • It takes around 8 calls to reach a prospect through cold calling
  • 28% of organizations have 10 or more sales productivity tools…but they still struggle with quota attainment and revenue results

In a nutshell: reps are being pulled in lots of different directions, and it’s making it harder for sales teams to connect with potential customers in a timely and effective way. 

Greg Johnson, Marketing Operations Manager at Support Logic mentions “adding UserGems job-change leads directly Salesloft cadences helps the team stay focused on the work that will have the most impact. Sales reps now have more time to focus on reaching their past customers and prospects quickly to win more.”

That’s what the UserGems-Salesloft integration is here to solve 💪


What does UserGems + Salesloft mean for outbound?

What does the UserGems-Salesloft integration mean for sales teams?

No more bottlenecks to reach your best buyer. (That should be music to any revenue team’s ears.)

Remember: champions who have changed jobs are 2X more likely to convert in the first month, reaching out quickly is a must! 

To help you out, we’ve synced 10 of our best-converting playbooks with Salesloft. But if you’re still not sure where to start, we went ahead and broke down the process step-by-step, focusing on our top 3 playbooks. 

Get started with 3 playbooks for pipeline generation

Starting cadences from scratch is hard. Believe us, we know. That’s why UserGems created a library of playbooks with cadences that have been optimized to convert – with best practices and language already built-in. 

If you’re not sure which cadences to start with, we usually recommend these three most popular pipeline generation playbooks from our library:

  1. What to do when a past champion joins an ICP account
  2. What to do when a past open opp contact joins an ICP account
  3. What to do when a past user or admin joins an ICP account

If you want a little more control over the steps and content in your cadences, you can still make edits within your Salesloft account.

  • In Salesloft, navigate to the Team Cadences tab
  • Add in custom value points for your product
  • Pull in or change Salesforce fields for even more customization

LeanIX drove $800K in pipeline within six weeks of implementing UserGems by surfacing their raving fans and automating our outreach playbooks through Salesloft. 

How to automate champions into Salesloft cadences

UserGems fully supports adding job change leads into cadences from Salesforce directly in our platform, and the set-up is a simple process.

Watch this end-to-end video showing how to sync cadences all the way to setting up cadence automation.

1. First, sync all relevant cadences to Salesloft.

2. Then decide which cohorts of champions should be added to cadences. Some examples could be:

  • Past buyers moving to a new company
  • Past end users moving to a new company that can refer your tool
  • Past evaluators moving to a new company 

3. Once you’ve defined which groups of prospects you’d like to target, assign which relevant pre-built cadence aligns with their relationship with your company.

4. From there, everyone matching this group will be automatically added to the relevant cadence alleviating this pressure from your Sales team and giving them time back to focus on other revenue-generating campaigns.

Use this recommended workflow to increase your win rate

Champion tracking playbooks work best when your team has a solid workflow to back it up. We’ve worked with hundreds of revenue teams over the years to develop the ideal workflow for actioning your “Gems.” It has three main components.

Adding job change leads to Salesloft cadences is the first step to a successful outbound workflow. 

The job change signal is a time-sensitive signal. Setting up the most effective SLAs for actioning UserGems within Salesloft cadences with your Sales teams is crucial. Champions that move to valuable accounts should be actioned within 7 days of adding to cadence. 


100% of high-priority job change leads should be added to a cadence (or as close to it as possible). 

With the manual aspect of reps having to add to cadences this would be impossible with the recommended SLAs. UserGems’ integration with Salesloft eliminates this bottleneck during the outbound process to more effectively reach your champions

All of UserGems' most successful playbooks have 10-12 steps over a 40-60 day period of time. 

This is proven to be the most effective cadence length for the job change signal. This allows time for your champion to settle into their new role and evaluate their inherited tech stack while also getting in front of them before your competition.

UserGems tips to get more wins with Salesloft cadences

Companies actioning job change signals at scale add more than 10% of new qualified pipeline. Adding a seamless automated workflow to unlock new channels is crucial to hitting growing revenue targets.

What we’ve learned here at UserGems:

  • Automate outbound to high-value leads: Streamline the process of adding past buyers, end users, or evaluators moving to new companies into the relevant pre-built cadences within Salesloft. Automating this task ensures that high-priority leads are consistently included in the right campaigns.
  • Optimal cadence length: an ideal cadence spans 10-12 steps over a 40-60 day period. This duration allows champions to settle into their new roles while ensuring proactive engagement before competitors. Adding personalized messaging, such as congratulations or a gift, within these cadences enhances their effectiveness.
  • Avoid Cadence Stagnation: A key tip highlighted by UserGems is to prevent being stuck in cadences. While automation is crucial, it's equally important not to lose sight of the manual steps required in engaging with leads. 

Keep an eye on performance metrics and continuously adapt strategies based on the outcomes. 


More ways to take advantage of job change signals

The benefits of our partnership with Salesloft don't end with automated cadences. UserGems has also announced a product partnership with Salesloft Rhythm, a new tool within Salesloft that helps reps prioritize tasks (powered by AI).

This partnership will allow Salesloft customers to capture job-change signals and efficiently reach out to them at their new company to turn those relationships into new revenue. 

Sales leaders report that their biggest challenge for sales signals is getting reps to act on those signals quickly and consistently. This integration eliminates manual tasks of sales teams by prioritizing and adding leads from their Salesforce or Hubspot into the correct cadences. 

Hit your number with UserGems and Salesloft

UserGems helps you track when your past customers, prospects, and power users change jobs and automate the next steps with Salesloft so you can sell to them again. To learn how to turn job changes into revenue, book a demo or check out UserGems on Salesloft Marketplace

Companies like Mimecast, Greenhouse, and Medallia use UserGems to reach their revenue goals quickly and efficiently.

Want to get more pipeline with less work?