Graphic with text "How we optimize our ad spend"
Graphic with text "How we optimize our ad spend"

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How we optimize our ad spends by being (a) hyper-targeted and (b) orchestrated with the sales team, even outside of ABM program(account-based marketing).

1) Create a list of key contacts within our target accounts in our CRM -- every month.

Why every month? 20-40%+ people change their jobs each year. The goal is to have the most accurate & up to date list to avoid wasting $ on people who aren't a fit.

Depending on the audience size, we sometimes filter by "Last Activity in CRM within X days" (usually 90 or 120 for us).

This is great because these are the same contacts that the ADRs and AEs are actively working on so our ads keep us top of mind with these buyers, improving the conversion rates.

We use UserGems' Account Tracking  to automate this step.

There are other contact data providers but the key is to make this an automated process instead of downloading & uploading lists.

2) Segment the audience above for more relevant creatives and emails:

- Persona-based: Sales vs Marketing vs RevOps. We have fuzzy logic in Salesforce to automatically map titles to persona.

- Buyer journey stages: from unaware until hand-raisers. We break it down to 8+ stages.

- Relationship-based: Previous Customers vs Previous Prospects. The CRM also routes these contacts to the right email sequences depending on how well they already know us.

We use UserGems' Contact Tracking to tell us which key contacts have previous relationships with us. Eg, previous customers, previous power users, even previous Closed Lost prospects.

3) Dynamically create audiences on Linkedin/Facebook & Instagram/Google

We use Primer but heard that can do the same.

You can also manually upload the lists to each ad platform, but it'd be hard to sustain and keep the audience updated over the long run.

4) Our ads strategies are optimized for reach. And content is ungated.

The goal is to generate demand -- build awareness of the pain points & opportunities, use cases, and how we're uniquely positioned to help.

And when someone is ready to buy, we're here.

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