Let’s cut to the chase: signal-based selling is the future of sales. Your sellers only have so many hours in a day, week, month, or quarter. Far too much of that time is being wasted on manual tasks and uninterested prospects, and it’s your biggest revenue blindspot. 

But what if 100% of your effort and time could be redirected towards in-market accounts nand buyers who are actually ready to buy? That’s the power of signal-based selling. When sellers can respond to buyer signals with the right message at the right time, they create more personalized buying experiences – but that part is still an uphill battle for sales teams. 

Activate signal-based selling through revenue orchestration

Smart sales organizations have a solution to this problem: it’s called “revenue orchestration.” 

Revenue Orchestration Platforms (like Salesloft) have emerged over the last year to bring all the tech tools that enable buyer and seller conversations into a unified, integrated platform. In doing so, revenue teams activate intent signals from across the GTM ecosystem in a single, prioritized workflow – so sellers can engage their buyers accordingly.

Buyers are conducting more and more of their research on their own, without ever engaging a sales rep. That’s why interrupting the buying process with the right message at the right time is essential. Often, reps miss these buyer signals, which leads to missed opportunities and lost revenue. Or just as bad, they’re alerted to the buyer signal, but engage with the wrong message - usually because of a manual step or lack of context.

How does this play out in real life? Let’s take a look at UserGems + Salesloft champion tracking as an example:

Signal #1: Champion is hired at a new ICP account, no open opportunity yet

  • Opportunity: This buyer loves your product (and you!), so you want to stay top of mind to help them solve challenges in their new role. Engaging this champion when they are fresh in the new role is critical - new execs are 2.5x more likely to buy in their first 3 months on the job.
  • Action: Use this moment as your hook to start nurturing the new relationship. Send a congratulations email and then follow up regularly. You deliver an exceptional buyer experience by congratulating your champion on the move and continue to follow up with helpful resources as they get settled - all without missing a beat. 
  • Best practice: UserGems passes this job change signal to Salesloft, where the champion is automatically enrolled in a targeted Cadence, with tailored messaging for this exact scenario. 

Signal #2: Champion is hired at an account where you already have an open opportunity

  • Opportunity: Adding your past champion to the buying group could help accelerate the sales cycle, since they are already a fan of your product. Previous customers convert 3x more than normal leads!
  • Action: Clue your champion into the open deal so they can continue advocating for your product in their new role. Send a congratulations email and then add them to regular communications with the rest of the buying group (if appropriate). 
  • Best practice: UserGems passes this job change signal to Salesloft, where a templated welcome email is prioritized in the appropriate rep’s Rhythm workflow. Because there is already an open opportunity, you don’t need a multi-step nurture Cadence for this scenario. Instead, this signal is actioned with a Play - a one-off interaction to engage your buyer with the right message at the right time. 

Case Study: How Mimecast runs its job change signal workflow

Mimecast is one company that has its signal-based selling workflows locked in. They call it the “Champions on the Move” program. 

For champions in target markets, new hires and promotions are added to high-touch Salesloft Cadences and prioritized for the rep. All other job movers are added to automated Cadences that don’t require any intervention from the rep. 

Results within 8 months of implementing UserGems signals:

✅ Booked more meetings than their other pipeline channels (up to 20X more!) 

✅ Generated $18M new business pipeline and 276 new sales opportunities

✅ Became the second highest converting channel (behind direct demo requests)


Simplify signal-based selling with UserGems + Salesloft

With UserGems + Salesloft, sellers not only act on job change signals with highly-personalized messaging but also prioritize each of these interactions in a single workflow alongside other signals from across your tech ecosystem. The result is a highly efficient AND effective sales team that is laser focused on building momentum with the right accounts, at the right time. 

These sales teams close more deals, faster - just take a look at this example from Wrike. A trial-led business, Wrike knows that reaching out to a trial user within 10 minutes of sign up leads to 50% higher conversion rates to a paid plan. With Salesloft, they created signal-based workflows to engage 20x more trial users in this critical window.   

Signal-based selling is here. And you can set it up in minutes with Salesloft + UserGems. Are you ready?

Learn more about signal-based selling with Salesloft and check out these playbooks for activating UserGems job change signals.

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