The UserGems new baby gift box
The UserGems new baby gift box

Humans are more likely to return a good deed. 

And when done right and creatively, generous gestures such as personalized direct mail, gifts, and branded swag (what the folks at Postal call offline engagement) can do wonders for sales, marketing, and customer success teams. Prospects and customers are more likely to reciprocate these efforts in one way or another.

Plus, these tactics also help you pierce through in a world where anyone can send a cold email or LinkedIn DM.

Connecting on a personal level fosters a more human relationship that helps businesses achieve results such as:

  • 3x higher lead to opportunity conversion rates
  • 20% more sales meetings booked within the first 30 days of implementing a gifting campaign
  • Two months to achieve return on investment (ROI)

We've partnered with Postal to bring you a guide to strategic gifting based on common workplace scenarios that many Account Development Reps (ADRs), Account Executives (AEs), and customer managers (CSMs) navigate weekly. 

Be prepared the next time you encounter one of these 12 scenarios with gift ideas, messaging frameworks for each one, and popular gift options from the Postal gift store.

ADRS/AEs: 6 strategic gifting scenarios to create authentic connections with prospects

Let's explore six corporate gifting scenarios sales teams can use to build stronger relationships and drive more revenue.

1. Started a new job

This is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with a prospect, congratulate them on their new position, and introduce potential solutions that may fit their new responsibilities.

Gift ideas for prospects who changed jobs:

  • Notebook or planner for additional organization
  • Customized bottle of alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverage to encourage celebration
  • A “New Beginnings” gift box

Here's a great option you can search for on the Postal store:

Minny & Paul New Beginnings Gift Box.

Messaging framework

“Congratulations on your new role! I hope this [gift] help you get some quick wins and make a significant impact at Company X like you did at Company Y.”

2. Getting promoted

Similarly, a promotion can indicate a shift in priorities and responsibilities. These folks also want to make a significant impact in their new role. Acknowledging their promotion and offering relevant resources strengthens your relationship (especially if they are your champion) and showcases your value.

Gift ideas for folks who got promoted:

  • A customized bottle of champagne 
  • Flower bouquets or plants for desk space
  • Book on career guidance to help them excel in their new role

Here's a great option you can search for on the Postal store:

Customizable Desktop Bundle Gift Box by Cre8tive Motifs.

Messaging framework:

"It's always exciting to see people moving up in their careers. To celebrate your recent promotion, I wanted to send you a gift  I hope will come in handy in celebrating your new role. Properly enjoy this bottle of champagne on me!"

3. Having a baby

This can be a highly personal and exciting milestone for a prospect. By sending a thoughtful gift, you can demonstrate that you care about their well-being and want to maintain a positive relationship.

Gift ideas for prospects who are having a baby:

  • Customized baby care package (see the one we have at Postal)
  • Personalized diaper bag with punny messaging
  • A stuffed animal that’s relevant to your brand

Here's a great option you can search for on the Postal store:

UserGems Baby Care Package 😉

Messaging framework:

“Congratulations on the new addition to your family. I hope you're enjoying this special time. To help you relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle, I wanted to send you a care package with some tea, snacks, and other goodies. I hope this gift brings you some comfort and joy."

4. Moving to a new city

A prospect's relocation can present an opportunity to discuss how your products or services can support them during their transition. Or simply connect them with valuable resources in their new city.

Gift ideas for moving:

  • Custom print of their new city’s skyline
  • A customized map of the new city
  • A gift card to a popular local restaurant

Here's a great option you can search for on the Postal store:

Hometown Map Rocks Glass by Well Told.

Messaging framework:

"Moving to a new city can be overwhelming, but it's also a great opportunity to explore and try new things. To help you get started, I wanted to send you this gift card to try out the local cuisine. I hope you enjoy discovering some new favorite spots!"

5. Being sick

Sending a thoughtful gift when a prospect is sick can demonstrate empathy and build trust. Plus, if you can provide a helpful resource, it can showcase your ability to solve problems and keep you top-of-mind.

Gift ideas for being sick:

  • An UberEats gift card for Chicken Noodle Soup
  • A care package
  • Essential oils or aromatherapy products 

Here's a great option you can search for on the Postal store:

Mini Sick Day Care Package by Spoonful of Comfort.

Messaging framework:

"I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. I hope you're taking good care of yourself and getting the rest you need. To help you feel a little better, I wanted to send you a care package with some soup, tea, and other comfort items. Get well soon!"

6. Returning back to the office from travel/PTO

By sending a gift related to a prospect's travels, you can demonstrate that you're paying attention to their interests and priorities, which can build rapport and show that you're invested in their success.

Gift ideas for prospects returning to work from PTO:

  • Customized duffel bag or luggage tag
  • A travel book about the destination they visited
  • A welcome home care package

Here's a great option you can search for on the Postal store:

Charged Up Gift Set by Gentleman's Trove.

Messaging framework:

"I hope you had the most amazing trip. To welcome you back to the office I wanted to send you this care package to help you settle back in to the swing of things. Chat soon!"

CSMs: 6 strategic gifting scenarios to enhance relationships with customers and prevent churn

7. Upselling or expanding an account

Offering a gift or personalized message when discussing potential upsell opportunities can show that you value their business and want to make the process as seamless as possible.

Gift ideas when upselling or expanding an account:

  • Customized gift basket with gourmet snacks
  • Invitation to a virtual cooking class with other customers
  • A plant to signify their growth by upgrading

Here's a great option you can search for on the Postal store:

Canada Large Monstera by Foil Living Inc.

Messaging framework:

“I wanted to thank you for your business and offer a fun opportunity to show our appreciation as we discuss potential upsell opportunities. Would you be interested in attending a virtual cooking

8. Implementing a new product

Sending a gift during the implementation process can help alleviate any stress or confusion.  And foster a positive relationship with the customer.

Gift ideas for implementing a new product:

  • Branded wireless earbuds
  • A cheese board essentials kit
  • A relaxing care package containing blankets and tea

Here's a great option you can search for on the Postal store:

Native Tongue Cheese Board Essentials with Handmade Postcard by Merry Go Around Food.

Messaging framework:

"It's always exciting to introduce new products and services to our customers. To celebrate the launch, I wanted to send you a branded product related to it. You'll also find some wireless earbuds linked here - I hope you enjoy using it while you work."

9. Finishing a new project/initiative

Celebrating a successful project completion can help solidify a long-term relationship and demonstrate your commitment to their success.

Gift ideas for finishing a new project:

  • Customized planner or calendar
  • Sweet treats such as cookies or cake
  • Bottle of non-alcoholic or alcoholic wine, champagne, or their favorite liquor

Here's a great option you can search for on the Postal store:

Keep It Sweet Custom Branded Cookie and Tumbler Gift Set by Noms.

Messaging framework:

"Congratulations on completing your recent project. To celebrate your hard work and accomplishments, I wanted to send you a customized planner to keep your future initiatives on track. Keep up the great work!"

10. Hitting a new success metric with your product

Acknowledging a customer's successes and offering support or additional resources can help you maintain a strong relationship and foster trust. For example, at UserGems, it's closing deals. And at Postal, it’s hitting extraordinary usage in the product.

Gift ideas for hitting a new success metric:

  • Personalized succulent plant
  • Desk zen garden
  • Branded dartboard to signify hitting a target

Here's a great option you can search for on the Postal store:

SLO CAL Mini Box by BEpresent.

Messaging framework:

"I wanted to say congratulations on hitting your recent success metric! To celebrate, I wanted to send you a small gift as a token of our appreciation. Here's a branded dartboard for your office - I hope you get some fun use out of it."

11. Getting introduced to a new person of contact (POC)

When there's a change in the point of contact, it's crucial to establish a relationship with the new POC. Offering a small gift or thoughtful message can help you start on the right foot.

Gift ideas for getting introduced to a new person of contact:

  • Gourmet coffee or tea gift basket
  • Set of branded coasters
  • Personalized mug

Here's a great option you can search for on the Postal store:

Hello Spring Coffee & Cookies Box by Cheers in a Box.

Messaging framework:

"I'm excited to introduce you to your new point of contact! To help break the ice and make things a little easier, I wanted to send you a coffee basket. You'll also find a personalized mug inside - I hope you enjoy them!"

12. Preventing churn: when a champion leaves, and you need to establish a new POC

Losing a champion can be a difficult hurdle to overcome. But sending a thoughtful gift or message can help bridge the gap and establish a strong relationship with a new POC.

Gift ideas for preventing churn:

  • Customized reusable water bottle
  • Bottle of nice champagne or liquor
  • Relevant gift box or bundle

Here's a great option you can search for on the Postal store:

No Guts No Glory Bottle Set by Coup.

Messaging framework:

“Hi Jane, I’m excited to work with you more closely going forward to continue our partnership with ACME. My team and I are fully committed  to provide the same level of service and support to help you and your team achieve your goals. I hope you enjoy this champagne. Cheers,”

Celebrate role changes and promotions with a hands-off approach by using Postal + UserGems

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