Periscope Data (now part of Sisense) is an end-to-end business intelligence and analytics solution that enables users to connect, analyze, visualize, and share insights within a matter of minutes and get more value out of their data.

Challenge — scaling up the B2B prospecting process

The sales team from Periscope Data knew that reaching out to past users of their product had always yielded higher conversion rates. 

However, for a platform with over one hundred thousand users, identifying when a power user leaves her/his job to a new company was a time-consuming process and not scalable for the entire sales team. 

Plus, the existing sales stack could not reliably find the new work email addresses of these users. This meant the sales reps would have to search or reach out one by one via LinkedIn manually.

"Since implementing UserGems we've been able to reach out to past users in a much more programmatic way, giving our ADRs faster access to key people to reach out to. We can't imagine operating without UserGems in our sales stack!"
Tessa Greenleaf, former ADR Manager

Solution — using sales intelligence to automate the lead sourcing process

Upon learning how UserGems could automate their lead sourcing process, Periscope Data was on board.

Within two weeks, Periscope Data fully integrated UserGems into their Salesforce environment. As a result, they immediately received thousands of high-quality leads directly in the CRM – the sales team converted the majority of these leads into prospects.

Because UserGems automatically alerted the right sales rep whenever a contact had changed jobs and provided actionable data, the reps could reach out to the contact on time and ahead of the competition. 

The process was seamless and required minimal training that many reps (including recently-hired ones), quickly adopted UserGems.

"The UserGems team closely partnered with us from the get-go to make sure that the system worked seamlessly with our existing automation in Salesforce. Our reps love UserGems and are always asking me when they’re going to get more leads."
Holly Bartlett , Revenue Operations Senior Manager

Results 🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂

With UserGems, Periscope Data was able to see immediate ROI across their funnel - from the number of opportunities to closed deals. 

They also saw a 5X increase in open and reply rates with UserGems leads compared to other types of leads. 

Many reps also received positive responses from the prospects within a few minutes. In addition, efficiency went up since they now saved considerable time sourcing leads and instead had more time for selling and closing.

"UserGems delivers true, concrete ROI on day one. It has turned out to be one of the most valuable solutions we have added to our go-to-market tech stack in the last two years."
Ben Loeffler-Little , former VP of Sales

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