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Periscope Data is an end-to-end BI and analytics solution that enables users to connect, analyze, visualize and share insights within a matter of minutes, whether it’s business reporting or advanced analytics, enabling organizations to get more value out of their data.


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Periscope Data's sales team knows that reaching out to past users of their product has always yielded the highest quality conversations, as well as quicker conversions. However, for a platform with hundreds of thousands of users, identifying when a user switches jobs and finding their new email address is a manual, time-consuming process that was not scalable.


Periscope Data integrated UserGems into in under two weeks. UserGems automatically alerts the right sales rep whenever a user changes jobs, along with their new work email address.


UserGems paid for itself twice over within six month by seamlessly providing the sales team with thousands of high-quality warm leads directly in every month. Since the UserGems implementation, Periscope Data has seen a 5X increase in opens and replies to these leads compared to other types of leads in their pipeline.

“UserGems delivers true, concrete ROI on day one. It has turned out to be one of the most valuable solutions we have added to our go-to-market tech stack in the last two years.”

VP of Sales

“Since implementing UserGems we’ve been able to reach out to past users in a much more programmatic way, giving our ADRs faster access to key people to reach out to. We can’t imagine operating without UserGems in our sales stack!”

ADR Manager

“The UserGems team closely partnered with us from the get-go to make sure that the system works seamlessly with our existing automation in Salesforce. Our reps love UserGems and are always asking me when they’re going to get more.”

Senior Manager, Revenue Operations

“I love the UserGems lists! It’s such an easy way to make it look like you've really done your research on a prospect before you reached out to them.”

Account Development Representative

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