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Steve Jones
“UserGems is the type of tool that I've been looking for quite a while. The key is to reach out to your alumni customers at the right time - UserGems helps us achieve that at scale.”
Steve Jones
Steve Jones
VP of Demand Generation
in Closed Wons
in One Year
Becc Holland
“When I came across UserGems, I thought it's really brilliant. It makes our sales conversations shorter. "Hey, you've used our product before. How can we help you in this new role?"
Becc Holland
Becc Holland
CEO & Founder
Dwight Richards
“This week alone, we had several demos booked in the first hour with opportunities we wouldn't have found otherwise. We also identified current clients that had our main contact leave. This level of insight is invaluable!
Dwight Richards
Dwight Richards
VP of Sales & Client Success
in Closed Wons
David Pitta
“With UserGems, we saw immediate ROI in deals generated—an 8X increase within 90 days—by monitoring buyers' job changes from and to our target accounts."
David Pitta
David Pitta
in 90 Days
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Identify your most likely buyers


Track your customers when they change jobs

Reconnect with your customers and users when they moved to a new company. Because they already know you and your product, you'll get a competitive edge.

Every month, UserGems surfaces these warm leads and their new contact information directly in your Salesforce.
UserGems for Sales
UserGems for Sales

Identify new buyers In your target accounts

Reach out to buyers when they're actively evaluating tools and still have the budget.

UserGems monitors your target accounts and surfaces prospects that match your persona when they've just started their new roles.
Meeting AssistAnt

Capture & enrich new contacts from your Calendar to Salesforce

Spend less time on admin tasks and more on selling. UserGems automatically enriches new contacts from your Calendar and adds them to Salesforce (Accounts and Opportunities).
UserGems Calendar Tracking
UserGems Calendar Tracking

Integrate with your existing tools

We integrate enriched data with your existing workflow and tools so your team has easily accessible data that’s actionable and yields real results.

Why UserGems?

Drive bigger pipeline

20% of your customers change jobs every year. Convert them to be your customers again.

Increase win rate

Buyers spend 70% of budget in their first 100 days. Reach out to them before your competition.

Reduce churn

Prevent customer churn when a champion leaves and/or a new executive joins the account.

Add sales intelligence software to your toolkit

In order to be a successful business you need to put your sales team in the best position to close as many deals as possible. Even though a lot of the best practices of closing sales remain the same today as they did decades ago, there are advanced tools that can make this process easier. That is where sales intelligence software can be helpful. 

Sales intelligence software is used to conduct data enrichment. In order for your sales teams to effectively communicate with your prospects, you need to provide them with the right data. That is exactly what data enrichment is all about. If your sales teams have the right information, they will be able to better tailor the products and services provided by your business to help them close more deals

A lot of software services provide more information to sales teams than they can reliably act upon. Instead of speaking to prospects, sales teams are spending all their time sifting through a tremendous amount of data, not knowing what is truly actionable.

That is what makes UserGems different. With this tool, it is possible for your sales teams to have more reliable and actionable information. They can take a look at who is known to be a fan of the product or service, who has closed deals in the past, and who is on the hunt again for more products. That way, your sales team will be able to better prioritize all the leads they have in front of them. 

Sales intelligence definition

Before diving into the best sales intelligence software options, it is important to take a closer look at the sales intelligence definition. 

What is sales intelligence?

Graphic with text “Sales intelligence refers to collecting data on prospects and analyzing it in order to prioritize who your sales teams reach out to.”

Sales intelligence is the process of pulling a significant amount of data on a single prospect. Then, this data is fed into a program that can analyze how likely that prospect will convert. 

There has been a lot of development in this area during the past few years. As a result, the sales technology market size has increased significantly. That means that there are more tools available to sales teams than there ever before. For this reason, it is important to take a closer look at tools that can help leverage the power of sales intelligence for the benefit of sales teams everywhere. Specifically, customer relationship management programs are one of the biggest keys. 

The biggest danger with these software programs is that it is possible to overwhelm sales teams with the amount of data they are looking at. You do not want your sales team spending all of their time going through ridiculous amounts of data. Instead, it is important to take this data, analyze it quickly, and provide sales teams with recommendations. That is why sales intelligence software becomes so valuable to sales teams.

If sales teams are able to automate a lot of tasks that used to be done by hand, they can spend more time with prospects who are ready to convert. This is important because it helps businesses close deals at a higher rate. It helps keep the sales funnel active. Just as conversions are taking place at the bottom of the sales funnel, more prospects and potential customers are entering the sales funnel at the top. 

Sales intelligence and CRM 

Because sales intelligence CRM programs are so important, it is critical to take a closer look at just how they work. 

Why a sales intelligence CRM is key to success

A customer relationship management system is important because it allows sales teams to keep track of their interactions with clients. 

In the past, these programs would let sales teams know when they last interact with a client, how that interaction went, and when that individual might be ready to convert based on the opinion of the sales representative. 

Now, B2B sales intelligence tools have come a long way. A sales intelligence CRM is a tool that takes data on all prospects. This data can either be fed into it by hand or using an automated program. Then, the CRM tool provides recommendations regarding how sales teams should spend their time. For example, if the CRM program believes that based on historical data, a certain prospect is ready to convert, it will let the sales team know, allowing the team to prioritize its time effectively.

When taking a closer look at a sales intelligence CRM example, remember that this is a tool that allows teams to accelerate their sales pipeline. This is a program that is designed to connect marketing data and activity to sales activity. Then, by taking a closer look at this link, the program can provide the sales team with information regarding who was ready to convert. 

These tools have evolved significantly during the past few years. Now, there are even programs that are segmented by industry. Therefore, it is possible for companies to identify a tool that will work effectively for their sales teams, allowing them to close deals at faster rates. 

Top sales intelligence software companies

Today, there are multiple sales intelligence tools available. Clearly, this is a powerful field. If businesses are able to put sales intelligence tools to work for them, they will set themselves up for success in the future. A lot of sales teams have already realized just how beneficial these tools can be.

Primary Intelligence

Some people may be familiar with the sales intelligence report that is generated by the Primary Intelligence. Primary Intelligence is a powerful program that can be used to assess clients following a pilot interaction, seeing who is ready to convert. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

For those in the B2B area, it may also be helpful to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator. When comparing LinkedIn Sales Navigator vs Premium, the biggest difference is the amount of data that the user has access to. If you are willing to pay for this powerful tool, you will have access to powerful insights regarding certain business prospects who may be ready to convert. 


This is a popular tool in the world of B2B sales intelligence. ZoomInfo’s biggest advantage is that it is relatively easy to use. Therefore, it doesn't take long for someone to get the most out of this program. 

However, these sales intelligence software have their shortcomings. They primarily operate as prospecting tools. Therefore, they do not do a great job at identifying which leads are ready to convert right now. Sales teams using these tools may have a hard time prioritizing their time. A sales intelligence software that excels in this area is UserGems


Of course, there are plenty of powerful tools out there; however, one of the top tools available today is UserGems. This tool has the ability to identify new leads based on target accounts. Then, this tool will take advantage of an existing contact database. This program is powerful, showing the user which leads, particularly those who are previous customers who have changed jobs, may be ready to buy again. In addition to recruiting new customers, it is important to retain existing ones. That is how a business builds a strong foundation for the future. 

Picking the best sales intelligence software for your team

It is important to identify sales intelligence software providers who can add to your existing technology stack. It is critical to make sure that all of your tools work together. You need to make sure you understand which qualified accounts and which contacts and the database sales teams should prioritize. That is exactly where UserGems comes into play. You want your sales team to spend more time closing deals instead of identifying prospects. Take advantage of UserGems and help your sales team prioritize their time appropriately.

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