UserGems for manufacturing:
Are you tracking your buyers' job changes?

Missing job changes can cost you millions in lost contracts if your competition gets to them first. Capture job changes and automate the next steps so you can reach your best buyers before your competition gets to them.

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UserGems integrates with your CRM, existing tools, routing logic, and workflows. Easy to get started and train your team.

Best-in-class data from LinkedIn and publicly available sources, combined with human and algorithm verification to ensure accuracy, relevance, and less than 5% bounce rate.

Your success is our success

You'll have dedicated and technical Customer Success and Revenue Ops experts with you every step of the way, from implementation, training your teams, sharing playbooks or bouncing off ideas.

Our RevOps team is also Salesforce, Hubspot, LeanData certified so you'll have a peace of mind that this program will be a success with minimal lift.

Want to get more pipeline with less work?