The sentiment is the same across revenue teams everywhere – capturing the attention of audiences has never been harder.

The result: more innovative, creative, and strategic marketing strategies. 

What does it take to make an organization shine bright like a diamond? These marketers know a thing or two about that!

Without further ado, here is our list of 24 Brilliant Gems in Marketing to watch 👀

Tucker Stoffers

Michelle Brammer

Ashley Emery

Koji Takagi

Dónal Ó Mearáin

Kelly Lai

Sarah Sehgal

Mason Cosby

Moon Kang

Kaylee Edmondson

Olga Andrienko

Mariam Jomha

Devonta V. White

Stacey Donhaue

Alison Bukowski

Tara Robertson

Joseph Barringhaus

Mike Smith

Laurie Pace

Tyler Pleiss

Brandon Most

Ross Simmonds

Lashay Lewis

Silvia Valencia

And that’s our list of marketers to watch – who would you add?


Honorees are selected via a combination of anonymous and non-anonymous nominations and an internal review process by our team.

If you want to nominate other sales, marketing, RevOps, and customer success leaders as Brilliant Gems, email with their names and a few sentences about why they should be highlighted.

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