Who are the operators, thought leaders, and creators in sales that you absolutely need to follow in 2023?

We wanted to know, so we did a little digging and found them!

These are the top 27 Brilliant Gems in Sales that are setting the standard for high-performing sales teams:

1. Brian LaManna

2. Kyle Asay

3. Becc Holland

4. Mark Kosoglow

5. Nate Nasralla

6. Ashley Coghill

7. Junior Lartey

8. Joey Alvandi

9. Jacob Karp

10. Michelle Hayes

11. Zoya Segelbacher

12. Hannah Ajikawo

13. Cynthia O'Connor

14. Roy Itzhaki

15. Colin Specter

16. Sam Nelson

17. Daisy Chung

18. Leslie Venetz

19. Heidi Solomon-Orlick

20. Christina Brady

21. Irina Soriano 

22. Shawanda Roberts 

23. Mo Moran

24. Reva Pellerin 

25. Gabi Sayah

26. Ross Rich

27. Matt Green

Follow these brilliant gems  if you need sales inspiration this year!

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