As we approach the end of another remarkable year, it's time to celebrate the stars of the RevOps world! 

With the help of our friends at Rattle, we gathered nominations to find the RevOps folks who are kicking butt and taking names (and keeping teams on track, of course) in B2B.

Today, we're excited to highlight innovators and game-changers who have made exceptional strides in Revenue Operations. Let's give a round of applause to the achievements of these 27 Brilliant Gems in RevOps - the trailblazers you absolutely must know before the year ends!

Without further ado, here are the RevOps pros you need to know this year (in no particular order):

Jen Igartua, CEO, GoNimbly

Hacer Demiroers, VP of Sales Operations, MongoDB

Aaron Le, VP, Business Operations, Kandji

Desiree Slagle, Marketing Operations Manager, Zoom

Ryan Wong, Vice President of Revenue Operations, Rattle

Valerie Papa, Director, Revenue Operations, Andela

Kara Smith, Director, Revenue Operations, SearchSpring

Alex Gannon, Director of Revenue Operations & Strategy, Black Crow AI

Lewis Chawko, Revenue Operations Manager, Superscript

Matt Gera, Revenue Operations & Strategy, Qualtrics

Cody Guymon, Chief Operating Officer, GTM Operations, Workato

Heather Robinette, Senior Revenue Operations Manager, AppOmni

Luke Bauserman, Revenue Operations Manager, Gong

Sara Browne, VP Revenue Operations, Weights & Biases

Mallory Lee, Vice President, Operations, Nylas

Mark Wright, Director of Sales and Marketing Operations, Egress Software Technologies

Rina Shaneson, Senior Director of Revenue Operations, Mediaocean

Natalie Koay, Sr. Manager, Sales and Channel Operations, Clio

Keya Veney, Head of Sales Operations, Amperity

Adam Frey, VP, Revenue Operations, Cardlytics

Tyler Jacks, Senior Director of Revenue Operations, Canto

Monica Bacican, Sr. Sales Ops Manager, LeanData

Maarten Vandewinkel, Senior Manager Revenue Operations, Outreach

Allison Elworthy, EVP, Revenue Operations, Hubspot

Christopher Thomsen, Senior Director of Business Operations, Silk

Jeff Denecke, Director of Revenue Operations, Kojo

Alex Dyson, Senior Manager, Revenue Operations, Signifyd

Congratulations to all the brilliant gems who continue to inspire and lead the way in RevOps!


Honorees are selected via a combination of anonymous and non-anonymous nominations and an internal review process by our team.

If you want to nominate other sales, marketing, RevOps, and customer success leaders as Brilliant Gems, email with their names and a few sentences about why they should be highlighted.

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