Who are the people outbounding smarter, not harder in 2024?

We took to LinkedIn to gather nominations from the community, and you shared your favorite sales development leaders.

We’re thrilled to highlight the 21 most brilliant gems in sales dev this year (in no particular order):

Joey Williams, Director, Sales Development at Chili Piper

Jennifer Chambers, Business Development Manager at Splash (SplashThat.com)

Nate Ruttan, Manager of Sales Development at AcuityMD

Sara Plowman, Senior Business Development Manager at Pareto USA

Jake Harry, Business Development Manager at MaintainX

Chris Ritson, Founder at Chris Ritson

Tanner Hoffman, Director, Business Development at UKG

Marisa Dodge, Manager, Sales Development at SeekOut

Erik Taylor, Senior Director, Global Business Development at LeanIX

Erick Mikrut, Sales Development Manager at Druva

Durran Nasser-Zia, Director, Sales Development at Planful

Alexis Caso, Director, Business Development at Klaviyo

Melissa Adamo, Director of Sales Development at Seismic

Kelsey Cowher, Director of Account Development at CloudZero

DeAndre Porter, Senior Manager, Enterprise and Strategic GTM at Brex

Serena Colak Gencler, Global Leader, Enterprise Sales at Smartly

Bailey Ramsdell, Founding Business Development Representative at Revelo

Rohan Suri, Founder & Sales Leader at Nooks

Ernest Owusu, Sr. Director, Sales Development at 6sense

Sonny Pannu, Senior Director of Global Sales Development at Culture Amp

Ulises Gonzalez, Manager, Sales Development at JFrog

Congratulations to all these brilliant gems who are building stronger pipelines! Way to outbound smarter, not harder!

How were these brilliant gems selected?

Honorees are selected via a combination of anonymous and non-anonymous nominations and an internal review process by our team.

If you want to nominate other sales, marketing, RevOps, and customer success leaders as Brilliant Gems, email amber@usergems.com with their names and a few sentences about why they should be highlighted.

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