San Francisco, June 01, 2023 – UserGems, a leading revenue generation software, announced enhanced account tracking features that surface buyers' job changes into, out of, and within any target accounts. These features enable revenue teams to reach the right contacts at the right time to win more.

UserGems' latest enhancement tackles several industry-wide challenges, providing key benefits to revenue teams:

  • Job Mobility of Buyers: Approximately 20% of buyers change jobs yearly. Job changes can mean new pipeline opportunities, as well as churn risk. 
  • Efficiency in Revenue-Generating Activities: Sales, marketing, and customer success teams spend up to 20% of their time on contact research and data-entry tasks.
  • Growing Size of Buying Committees: The average buying committee size includes nine to eleven individuals, making it challenging and time-consuming for companies to keep contacts up to date and understand who to involve, when, and how. 

“This has been a game-changer for us. It’s one of our best sales plays, knowing when our buyers start a new job. It’s because they’re more willing to evaluate our product at that point," shares Mikey Pawell, Director of Revenue Operations at WorkRamp.

For companies with aggressive targets, prioritizing most likely buyers and uncovering critical decision-makers will be an essential strategy for generating new revenue this year. With this release, UserGems is making it easier for revenue teams to focus their efforts and achieve more. 

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About UserGems

UserGems is a leading revenue generation software provider that turns buyers' job changes and relationship intelligence into revenue. Trusted by companies like Gong, Lattice, UserTesting, and Mimecast, UserGems helps businesses reach their revenue goals. With headquarters in San Francisco, UserGems supports a global, distributed team.

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