When our ADR team came up with the idea of “Nicest Prospect Awards,” they wanted to do something different.

Every ADR/SDR/BDR has had a bad experience with a prospect — they’ve seen and heard it all. So we figured talking about “bad prospects” is just old news. Instead, we wanted to talk about the prospects who made us smile, boosted our team’s confidence, and were generally kick-a$$ to work with.

So at the end of the quarter, our ADRs nominated some of their favorite prospect interactions to be recognized as the Nicest Prospects of Q1.

And without further ado, here they are!:

Brian Kachold

Director of Sales

“I talked with him on a cold call last week and he was sooo nice! Then he and I communicated over LinkedIn and email. He was so kind & booked a demo!” - Leah Zissimopulos Fraser

Jared Ben-Jamin

Sales Development Manager

“Jared went out of his way to commend me on my outreach to him when on the demo with the AE saying I was on top of my game. Always nice to get compliments when reaching out to prospects!” - Kenny Powell

Vu Nguyen

Strategic Partnerships, Sales Development Manager

“He was really nice and transparent. Took a 15 min meeting with me after a cold call asking for his opinion/insight after I got a positive response for their CMO. Vu walked me through what his team was doing and helped to find a business problem. Based on their current situation it made sense to push a conversation further down the road, but he was really cool, kind, respectful, and helpful.” - Zac Walter

Mitch Mandel

Enterprise Account Executive

“Mitch has been great! He reached back out to my outreach and was more than willing to help. As a former BDR, he has a soft spot for other ADRs who are working hard and prospecting well! As an Enterprise AE, his schedule is crazy busy, but that didn't mean he put me on the back burner. He was quick to respond and shared so many insights with me. On top of that, he willingly worked around the difficult time difference. PST - IST is 10 hours difference and he was willing to meet well after his work day had ended. After connecting with me he ran UG up the flagpole to his director and VP. I couldn't have asked for a better prospecting experience! Thanks Mitch!” - Stephen Desch

Suzanne Rabicoff

General Manager - Future of Work

“She reached out from my first email by saying ‘Hot damn I loved your email! Forwarded it to my sales team. They will be in touch if they are ready :)’ We kept talking and she was so helpful! She was fine with me sharing her response on LI and continued to push to get her company in conversations with us. In response to learning I would be nominating her for Nicest Prospect Award she said, ‘Oh my soul, that is a great reinforcer for decency!’ Overall, Suzanne has been extremely helpful, kind, and encouraging!” - Stephen Desch

🏆 Thank you for being wonderful to work with!

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