It's the end of Q1 already?! 😱

We're here to soften the blow of a new quarter (and starting from zero) with features and updates developed specifically to help you hit your number faster.

Capture your most common buyers with automated persona coverage

Think you know your buyer persona? 

Most customers are only covering 30% of their most common buyers. Missing buyer persona definitions means your team doesn't have the right prospects for outreach and targeting.

UserGems’ new Persona AI feature helps you maximize buyer persona coverage so that you don't miss anyone who could be involved in your next closed won deal.

Within your UserGems Settings page, you can see what coverage % you currently have and automatically generate additional buyer titles you should include based on your CRM.

Ready to set this up? Connect with your CSM → gems_csm@usergems.com or login to your UserGems settings

Workflow enhancements make taking action even easier

We’ve significantly improved one of your favorite features: UserGems’ Automation & Notification Workflows. It’s even easier to create workflows to fit your team’s unique needs, ensuring that your sales and marketing efforts are as efficient and effective as possible.

What’s Improved?

  1. Audience definition: pre-built, customizable audiences
  2. Enhanced routing logic & notifications: customizable routing logic, adding contacts to sequences, and Slack notifications for instant alerts.
  3. Flexible frequency settings: Gain control over when and how often your workflows run, aligning perfectly with your engagement strategy.

These enhancements give you more power to customize without extra effort from your sales team. It’s the same UserGems magic, with even more flexibility to match your requirements.

Your workflows, your way.

🎥 Check out our latest video walkthrough for a step-by-step guide on leveraging these workflows.

Ready to set this up? Connect with your CSM → gems_csm@usergems.com

👉 Learn more about setting up workflows in our Help Center.

Use the new Automatic ICP Generator to find your best-bet Gems

Do you think you might be missing out on perfect-fit accounts because they’re not on your radar? Our team created an AI Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) generator based on your current customers, so you’re always starting with the most likely to convert Gems.

Ready to set this up? Connect with your CSM → gems_csm@usergems.com or login to your UserGems settings

Track your performance and make informed decisions with advanced analytics

We’ve given our dashboards more functionality so you can better segment your Gems to analyze performance and spot gaps. Historically, we were only able to provide all-time statistics, but now you can drill down into the data, which allows you to understand the performance of each cohort of Gems.

Some examples of these cohorts of Gems could be things like: persona matching Gems, VP+ Gems, and viewing the difference between outreach to target accounts vs rest of accounts. 

Analyzing these trends will help you identify patterns of engagement and answer questions like:

  • Which job changes result in higher interactions?
  • What type of follow-up activities lead to successful engagement?
  • What number of sales activities are needed to book a meeting within their first three months?

Check out this Dig Deeper session replay about getting the most out of your UserGems dashboard, or read the full recap on our blog. 

You can access your Analytics by logging into your UserGems Admin Dashboard here

Keep your team in the loop with customer success notifications

We’ve improved notifications to include customizable churn prevention alerts, now available for Slack and email!

Add custom fields like upcoming renewal dates to stay ahead of potential churn and include the next steps for your Customer Success team. 

→ Never miss a champion departure

→ Keep your team in the loop about champion job movements

→ Communicate exactly what they can do next to avoid churn risk

Ready to set this up? Connect with your CSM → gems_csm@usergems.com

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