While you've been working hard to hit quota, we've been working hard to help you hit your goals with UserGems. Here’s the latest from our Product team:

Salesforce Dashboards

This quarter, we released 3 pre-built dashboards directly in Salesforce to help you monitor your champion tracking and job change tracking playbooks.

UserGems Summary Dashboard: shows performance across UserGems including (but not limited to) opportunities created, pipeline summaries, top accounts where champions are leaving, top accounts where champions are joining, and more!

UserGems Manager Dashboard: see how many opportunities your team is creating, where there are gaps in outreach and activities, and where extra coaching might be beneficial.

UserGems Individual Contributor Dashboard: your one-stop shop for all things UserGems. View new job changes that are waiting to be actioned, ones that might need a little more attention, and a list of your accounts ranked by the most champions joining. This could be a great opportunity to create a groundswell within these accounts with past users joining.

Native Salesloft Integration for Account Tracking

A Salesloft integration is now available for Account Tracking! Add all relevant prospects that UserGems finds within your target accounts directly into a Salesloft cadence. Now you’re able to action all of the most relevant job changes with one swift workflow.

See it in action:

Salesforce iFrame

This Prospects Interface is now available directly within accounts in Salesforce. View all relevant buyers (not only UserGems!) ranked by their likeliness to convert on each account you’re tracking with UserGems.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Loading time for displaying prospects within target accounts and adding them to sequences has been drastically improved

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