Big news for revenue teams: UserGems just announced its integration with Salesloft Rhythm! With this new feature, Salesloft Rhythm is making it easier for reps to action buyer intent signals, including job change signals, with AI-powered workflows. 

Salesloft Rhythm ingests buyer intent signals from third-party applications and then prioritizes a seller's actions to yield better outcomes, like more booked meetings and closed deals. Now, signals from UserGems can be ingested via API and trigger direct action for the seller – all within the Salesloft workflow.

UserGems signals show up in Rhythm with recommended next steps

With the UserGems + Salesloft Rhythm integration, users receive job change signals from their champions when they move to a new company and receive a task in their Rhythm-prioritized to-do list. The integration enables sellers to reach out when prospects are most likely to buy – when they start a new job – without interrupting their usual workflows. 

“We’ve found that companies actioning job-change signals at scale add more than 10% to their pipeline,” says Christian Kletzl, CEO of UserGems. 

“The UserGems integration with Salesloft enables companies to benefit from this untapped revenue channel by automating away low-value tasks for sales reps and helping them prioritize and reach out to their best leads quickly and efficiently.”

Nick Dahm, Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy at Salesloft, agrees, stating: “This partnership helps Salesloft and UserGems customers prioritize critical buyer engagement signals and work more efficiently to hit their number. We’re excited for this integration to help drive better outcomes for our mutual customers.”

This partnership and integration underscore both companies' commitments to enabling sales professionals to focus their time on revenue-generating activities.

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