SAN FRANCISCO, September 7, 2022 – Pipeline generation software company, UserGems, announced today the release of Meeting Assistant, a tool that connects Google Calendar data with Salesforce. As companies are grappling with an economic downturn, products like Meeting Assistant that can help sales teams close deals faster and more efficiently are in high demand. 

After months of talking to sellers, UserGems identified a common problem among sales teams: repeatedly having to manually enter information into CRM system. In fact, Salesforce Research found that sellers spend up to 8% of their time manually entering info, often leading to missing and outdated data in CRM. Meeting Assistant alleviates this pain by automatically enriching new contacts from calendar invites and adding them to Salesforce under the right fields – all without any manual work. 

“So often, new people are being added to meetings by the prospect. And as a seller, I need to research who they are to have the right questions prepared going into the meetings,” explains Christian Kletzl, co-Founder and CEO of UserGems.  

With Meeting Assistant, a contact is automatically added to Salesforce and enriched with critical information when a new person is invited to a meeting, including their LinkedIn profile, job title, and whether they have met with anyone else in the company. 

“The whole idea behind Meeting Assistant is that for every person I’m meeting, I’m getting a fuller picture of how they fit into a deal,” Kletzl adds. “And afterward, it takes care of the admin work of updating Salesforce for me so that I can focus on the next deal.” 

Meeting Assistant also alerts users when any of their contacts change their jobs and provides their new work email address and information. As a leader in turning buyers’ job changes and relationship insights into pipeline, UserGems has found their previous champions (customers, users, prospects) are 3-5 times more likely to buy than average leads, making them one of the best channels to generate new business. 

Meeting Assistant details:

  • Currently supported on Google Calendar, but Microsoft Outlook integration is on the product roadmap
  • Meeting details are sent once a day via a “Morning Update” email with details about who users are meeting with
  • Contact details from old meetings can be captured retroactively and added to Salesforce
  • Any contacts that share a user's work email domain are automatically excluded from the Salesforce enrichment

The release of Meeting Assistant underscores two key trends in business-to-business: (1) the importance of boosting sales productivity to achieve efficient growth and (2) the increasing value of relationships in B2B, especially as buying committees have grown to include between six and ten influencers, and professionals are switching jobs at a higher rate. 

With this release, and just 10 months after securing $20M in Series A funding that closed in October 2021, UserGems is strengthening its position as a leader in contact and relationship intelligence by enabling more revenue teams to automate pipeline generation to hit their goals sellers to access critical data at their fingertips. 

About UserGems

UserGems is a pipeline generation software that turns buyers’ job changes and relationship intelligence into revenue. Companies like Gong, Lattice, UserTesting, and Mimecast use UserGems to automate repeat business and power ABM execution to reach their revenue goals, quickly and efficiently.

UserGems is a private company headquartered in San Francisco but has a distributed team across the world. 

For more information about Meeting Assistant, visit usergems.com/products/meeting-assistant

For more information about UserGems, visit usergems.com or follow UserGems on LinkedIn.

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