SAN FRANCISCO - UserGems, a leading revenue generation software company, announced new research findings about the buying behaviors of former product decision-makers, users, and administrators in B2B sales deals. The study, led by Jakob Steinbauer, Senior Data Scientist, and Andrey Ryskin, Ph.D., Senior Machine Learning Engineer at UserGems, aimed to answer a critical question in revenue: "If our customers are satisfied with our product, aren't they likely to become repeat buyers after they switch jobs?"

The research examined data from vendors identified as clear category leaders boasting strong Net Promoter Scores (NPS). Researchers identified key contacts who had started new jobs over three months ago but had not yet been added to the company's Salesforce. This signals that key contacts were already at their new job for more than three months without taking steps to buy again from their past vendors.

UserGems discovered that even among these top-tier companies, 91% of these contacts did not repurchase on their own, even three months after starting new positions. This insight contradicts the commonly-held belief that customer satisfaction alone guarantees repurchase.

Yet, when UserGems then surfaced these overlooked contacts to their customers, they found that these contacts generated 5% of the overall closed-won revenue for that quarter. This underscores that a proactive approach, rather than relying on champions to return independently, can substantially boost revenue.

"These findings clearly show that champions don't always come back on their own," said Christian Kletzl, CEO and co-Founder at UserGems. "A little nudge from sales and marketing teams can have a material impact on revenue."

UserGems will continue to explore how champion-led growth can unlock new revenue for companies.  New research findings will be published at

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UserGems is a revenue generation software that turns buyers' job changes and relationship intelligence into revenue. Trusted by companies such as Gong, Lattice, UserTesting, and Mimecast, UserGems helps businesses reach their revenue goals. While UserGems is headquartered in San Francisco, the company supports a global, distributed team.

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