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  • For: Sales Development, Account Executives, Marketing
  • UserGems lead matches your target persona
  • They recently joined your target account / account that matches your ICP
  • They DON'T have any previous relationship with your company

Step 1 | Day 1 | Task



  • Company's website, latest news & through other prospects to identify their strategy
  • Find the job post for this executive's position to identify what they will be focusing on


Step 2 | Day 1 | Email


<div class="email-header">
<div>Congrats, {First Name}!</div>


Congrats on your new role, {First Name}!

I'd imagine you're still getting the lay of the land so want to send you [insert useful content like "The first 90 days as CRO"]. Many [Title] have recommended it so I thought you might find it helpful.

I'll circle back in a few weeks to see if there's anything I can help with [insert short value prop].

But until then, here's a small gift to give you an extra boost and get some quick wins.



Step 3 | Day 15 | LinkedIn Follow or Connect

Step 4 | Day 15 | Email


Hi {First Name},

Did you have a chance to check out the [insert the guide]

I thought this part could be relevant to COMPANY because [insert your research in step 1 about the company's goals or this role].

ACME works with companies like [insert similiar customers] to [insert your value prop].

Oppose to having a quick chat?


Step 5 | Day 17 | Call

Step 6 | Day 21 | Email


Suggested framework:

[Intro]: Ex: Not sure if you're feeling the same pain that [insert common problems you help solve for similiar persona]

[Problem statement]: Ex: The pressure is high to keep pumping out opportunities despite the market. Doing more with less is expected. 

[Solution]: Ex: We’re turning job changes into revenue. 

[CTA with offer]: Ex: Send you the playbook? 


Step 7 | Day 24 | Call

Step 8 | Day 25 | LinkedIn Message

Step 9 | Day 28 | Email


Hi {First Name},

Have you had a moment to think about ACME?

Hoping you can give me some pointers on whether ACME could be helpful to COMPANY's goals this year? 

My understanding is that [add any research notes you have about this account to personalize]. 

Or even just some feedback on my outreach? I'm all ears.


Step 10 | Day 29 | Call

Step 11 | Day 29 | LinkedIn interact with post

Step 12 | Day 32 | Email


Hi {First Name},

[Optional: insert appropriate & relevant gif or meme]

Totally get that you are busy. Just trying to gauge your interest on [insert how your company delivers value] and if we can be of help. 

Is it the wrong time or there's no interest?


Step 13 | Day 33 | Call

Step 14 | Day 36 | Email


Hi {First Name},

This is an actual photo of me trying to reach you :)

[insert an appropriate/relevant funny gif or meme]

Seems like either my messaging missed the mark or this just isn't relevant to you right now. 

I'll reach back out down the line to see if [insert problem] would be a priority then. Until then, want to send you a small parting gift [insert relevant content].

Take care,


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