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Over the past few months, we took time to reflect on the last two seasons of The First 100 Days. Since our goal is to give our listeners an edge by sharing real, successful revenue-generating strategies, we decided to change up the episode structure. 

Season three will still feature our guests sharing their favorite sales and marketing playbooks step-by-step. You’ll also hear compelling, candid conversations with revenue generation leaders on how they maneuvered the first 100 days of major career and life transitions. But this new season will empower you with immediate action items from the stories you learn about each week. 

We’re excited to present dozens more incredible stories and practical tips for maximizing the efficiency of your sales team in today’s hyper-competitive demand gen world.

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CK: Hey everyone, I’m Christian Kletzl

TN: I’m Trinity Nguyen. And we’re back to share the next season of the First 100 Days.

CK: This season, we’ll still have conversations about how to successfully maneuver major transitions - in life and work. But we're mixing it up a bit. This time, our guests will also share their favorite sales and marketing playbooks — step by step .

TN: Our hope is that not only are you inspired by how our guests have handled major career decisions, but you are also able to swipe and implement some of their successful marketing and sales plays ...within 100 days.

CK: 100 days go by pretty quickly!

TN: Yea, we even toyed with the idea of re-naming the show The Fast 100 Days instead of “first” 100 days [ha ha] Similar to how successful companies are those that move faster than their competition, the goal here is to help our audience succeed faster.

CK: There are dozens of strategies, hacks, tools and tactics to choose from when it comes to growing revenue — we want to help make it easier for you by curating the best ---- from some of the world’s best in sales and marketing. You can think of our podcast feed as your swipe file for all things revenue generation.

TN: Don’t know about you but I’m PUMPED!

CK: [ha ha same here] So everyone, consider this your renewed invitation to The First 100 Days - a show from UserGems focused on helping you maximize your sales efficiency & improve your demand gen strategies - one play at a time.

TN: Follow us wherever you get your podcast, or visit usergems.com / podcast