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We finished the first 100 days of launching The First 100 Days podcast. Now, like a true revenue leader, we are ready to kick it into high gear for Season 2. 

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Christian Kletzl

In Season 2, The First 100 Days podcast will continue giving unscripted access to revenue leaders whose advice and stories will help you successfully navigate the first 100 days of any opportunity.

The first three months are the most crucial to your success and the success of your initiative. During this time, you face a steep learning curve while balancing the now and the future. You’re then pressured by the flashy headlines and celebratory social posts of your peers. What you don’t see is the journey traveled to get there. 

We take a peek behind the social post with innovative revenue leaders who candidly share the ups and downs of their first 100 days on an initiative.  

Since you don’t have time to waste and can’t spend too many resources on a bet, join us as revenue leaders reveal how to balance long-term goals and quick-wins to build your initiative.

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Christian: Hi again, I'm Christian Kletzl.

Nelson: And I'm Nelson Gilliat, and we've just wrapped up our first 100 days of launching The First 100 Days podcast. Now, if you can use one word to describe your experience and learning so far, what would it be?

Christian: For me, it is introspective. 

Trinity: I would say inspiring. 

Christian: What is the one thing you learned from these conversations that stood out the most? 

Trinity: Take that leap of faith and have a learner's mindset. Your skills and knowledge are always transferrable. As a matter, if you crossing diff into different functions, joining a new industry, or in some cases, going to a new continent, a new country.

Nelson: So now what was one thing that you guys didn't expect? 

Trinity: One thing I didn't expect is the number of times the term imposter syndrome came up. So a lot of these guests that I had the opportunity to interview, these are the people that I look up to a lot. They are very, very successful in their career and in their life. And yet a lot of people mentioned this term. So it seems like no matter how successful people are, everyone is constantly pushing them themselves and comparing themselves to the vessel. Whoever around them or the best they could be 

Nelson: For me, you know, I'd say it's, two-fold personally as an interviewer. I didn't expect that it would be that hard to listen and ask questions at the same time. Seeing as my job is sales, that's what I'm supposed to do. But I think it's taken me a little while to get the hang of it.

You know, people really have some really interesting stories and sometimes I just get sucked into, in fact, I thought people would just come and say, all right, do this, don't do that. And your first 100 days, what I didn't expect was that they'd fully opened the kimono and like tell you about their personal journey and like mistakes and failures and like get into the personal details. I wasn't sure if people would feel comfortable doing that, but they did.  

Trinity: So what is your favorite guest moment? 

Christian: So for me, it's, I'm a sleep nerd. So I totally like the weighted blanket. I want to optimize my sleep. I thought about what are the like 15 different things I can do to get better sleep and then track it.

Nelson: Now I have to say favorite guests moment. And some guests are going to be cheated out of this. The one thing that I thought. Really just kind of stuck out to me was Jesse Osborne. You know, the head of the SDRs, that's a policy who I still can't get over it. You know, he's one of those buyers and it still throws me off.

You know, he took the call from the only place he can get some peace and quiet working from home. Which is in his car. So he's sitting there in his garage, in his car. Uh, and I just, I was like, you know, the kids are out there, his wife's out there, man. No, maybe he's got pets or something like that has got pesky neighbors.

And I just thought that was so cool. I felt like I was like the, what are the cash cab type of thing. And maybe that's why Jesse just crushed it and why I had so much fun with Jesse, but yeah, I'm going to start doing this in like a car. 

Trinity: I'll get my favorite guests moments is when Jim Gonzalez reached out to me on LinkedIn and asked whether he could be on the show.

And then we start talking. He told me the reason why he reached out is because he said it's rare to see an Asian host in the B2B content world. So that's why he wants to reach out because he thinks that more and more Asian-Americans, Asian background who have immigrants should do more of this type of content to bring more diverse voice, um, into the B2B. Thanks to Jim. You guys are stuck with my Vietnamese accent.

So on that note, we're excited to share that The First 100 Days is continuing as we bring in new guests doing amazing things. And we might even go beyond their careers.

Nelson: So whether it's guests sharing their journey, traveling the world on a motorbike, or taking companies from sales-led, product-led our commitment remains the same: to give you access to exclusive insights from other revenue practitioners.

Christian: So consider this your open invitation to The First 100 Days, a show from UserGems focused on one thing, helping you take on any new challenge with confidence.