How does UserGems compare to ZoomInfo Tracker?

Find out why 358 ZoomInfo reviews mention the word "outdated".
UserGems vs. ZoomInfo
Identify accurate job changes and promotions that matter to YOU. Every month.
Unlimited user licenses. Unlimited contacts that you can track.
Automate and integrate with your existing workflows so that you won't miss any hot leads

ZoomInfo Tracker vs UserGems based on actual company's data (April 2022)

Out of 5,000 contacts, Zoominfo Tracker found
2 job changes vs. UserGems 658

UserGems vs ZoomInfo Tracker
Based on actual company's data comparison (April 2022)
April 14, 2022:

5000 contacts uploaded to UserGems and ZoomInfo Tracker

April 15, 2022:
  • ZoomInfo identified: 1 job change
  • UserGems identified: 658 job changes

505 of these changes with new email addresses.

261 changed within the last 6 months

April 16, 2022:
  • ZoomInfo: 2 job changes
  • UserGems: completed with 658 job changes (above)
April 17, 2022:
  • ZoomInfo is back 1 job change (the other one was removed for unknown reasons)
  • UserGems completed its analysis on April 15 with 658 job changes

UserGems vs ZoomInfo Tracker

ZoomInfo logo
Flag when a contact has left their job
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Provide their new company, title, phone, work email
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Retroactively update all contacts that already changed jobs
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Only looking forward
Automatically create new contacts
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Connect the new contacts with their past records
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Highlight these warm leads in target accounts
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Update title change (i.e. promotions)
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Track entire CRM and product users for job movements
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Human validation to ensure accuracy
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Notify Sales and Customer Success
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Unlimited seats
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Update frequency
6-9 months

Accurate job-change triggers

ZoomInfo Tracker is built on top of ZoomInfo database which refreshes 9 to 12 months.

You would have missed the window for congratulatory messaging and the buyers would have already spent their budget on competing products.

UserGems is built to help you each your favorite buyers as quickly as possible to maximize your chances of winning.

UserGems refreshes monthly
UserGems provides a complete view of your customer even when they change their jobs to a new company

Unlimited contacts and licenses

ZoomInfo Tracker limits each user to 5000 contacts. Users also can't pool contacts or share job-changes with their colleagues. i.e. If one of them changed into your territory, you wouldn't know.

With UserGems, you have unlimited licenses and can track unlimited contacts.

We can also update your CRM retroactively to surface those who are already at new companies, giving you thousands of warm leads from day one.

Workflow automation

ZoomInfo Tracker only shows that someone has changed their job, but doesn't create a new contact record in your CRM.

UserGems creates a new contact and connects it with the previous record directly into your CRM. Then, alerts your team.

This removes all manual steps of data entry and enables you to automatically add those warm leads to the right email sequences, without lifting a finger.

UserGems integrates with Salesforce and Outreach
Steve Jones
“UserGems is the type of tool that I've been looking for quite a while. The key is to reach out to your alumni customers at the right time - UserGems helps us achieve that at scale.”
Steve Jones
Steve Jones
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