Grow Your Pipeline By Selling To Previous Buyers

Email Examples For UserGems Leads (Past Customers and New Buyers)

Pre-Sales (Sales, Marketing)
Post-Sales (Customer Success, Account Managers)

Email To Previous Customers

💡 Use the data provided for a personalized outreach sequence.

This includes: previous & current companies, previous & current job titles. You can also include other details such as previous company’s CSM, previous NPS score,etc.

💡 Tailor your sequence messaging based on the persona to increase relevance


Subject: Your experience at {{PAST.COMPANY}} with Acme (P.S. Congrats on your new gig at {{CURRENT.COMPANY}}!)

Hey Anna,

Congrats on the new gig! Hope you're settling in nicely. As a previous (hopefully happy) customer and user of ACME while at {{PAST.COMPANY}}, could there be a potential fit again at {{CURRENT.COMPANY}}?

Since you've last used ACME, we've recently released {{! new features, new content, etc. !}} that I thought you might be interested in.



More Tips and Email Examples to Personalize Your Outreach to Previous Customers from Becc Holland.

Multi-Threading Other Contacts At The Company  

Some UserGems leads don't match your target persona.  

But they could still be your champions and/or introduce you to the budget holder.

💡 Reach out to past users and mention them in your emails to the decision-makers.


Subject: John Doe & ACME

Hey Kate,

John Doe from your team is a previous (and hopefully happy) user of ACME while at his previous company, ENTERPRISE INC. I've sent him a note but I thought it could be interesting for you to chat with him about his experience with us.

At ACME we do {{! add a short description about yourself !}}.



Asking For Referrals

💡 Having a referral is always better than a cold outreach, and people are more open to help than you’d think.

💡 Once you get a referral, put the referrer’s name in the subject line to increase the open rate.


Subject: Your experience at {{PAST.COMPANY}} with Acme (P.S. Congrats on your new gig at {{CURRENT.COMPANY}}!)

Hey Adam,

Congrats on the new gig! Hope you're enjoying it. As a former (and hopefully happy) customer of ACME while at {{PAST.COMPANY}}, could there could be a potential fit again at {{CURRENT.COMPANY}}?

If you are not the right fit in your new role, is there someone else at {{NEW.COMPANY}} we should be talking to?



Marketing Nurture Ideas For Previous Customers

💡 Peer-to-peer emails: send the first email from your VP of CSM, or from a VP in a similar role as the recipient, e.g. your VP of Finance to Finance persona

💡 Give to get: Provide useful content to help them in their new role (e.g. "The First 90 Day Checklist For Finance Leaders")

💡 Segment based on persona: segment the previous customers into persona-based nurture tracks with relevant content

💡 Don't reinvent the wheel: Leverage your existing nurture programs and content

💡 Consider special offers, e.g. VIP access, direct mails, incentives, etc.

💡 Advertise to them: Use LinkedIn custom audience to advertise to them


Subject: Your experience at {{PAST.COMPANY}} with Acme (P.S. Congrats on your new role!)

Hey Kate,

I just heard great news from {{PREVIOUS.ACCOUNT.CSM}}. Congrats on the new gig at {{CURRENT.COMPANY}}!

We will miss you at {{PREVIOUS.COMPANY}}, but we're excited for your next chapter and hope that ACME can continue helping you achieve your goals.

Congrats again and please don't hesitate to reach out if we could be of help.



P.S.: We recently had some exciting announcements that I think you'd be interested


Email To Newly-Hired Or Recently-Promoted Prospects

💡 The sooner you reach out to the buyers (with a personalized and relevant message), the higher chance that you will get a favorable response.

💡 If there are your past customers at this company, reference them in the outreach to increase your product’s credibility

Below is a LinkedIn shout-out from a buyer that captures the value of reaching new buyers at the beginning of their buying journey -- when they're new to the role. (Source: Adam Goyette)

💡 To craft a relevant outreach message, you need to know what the buyer's top priorities are. One easy hack for this is to look for their Job Description.

If it’s already taken down from LinkedIn or their company’s career web page, you can sometimes use the WayBackMachine to find archived versions of their career web page.


Subject: Congrats on your new role at {{COMPANY}}!

Hey Andy,

Congrats on the new gig and hope you're settling in nicely. Appreciate you're getting the lay of the land, let us know if we could potentially help.

We help {{PERSONA}} at companies similar to {{COMPANY}} such as XYZ to do [PRIORITIES #1, 2, 3].

Would you like more info?

P.S. John Doe from your team is a previous (and hopefully happy) user of our product when he was at ENTERPRISE INC. Perhaps he can share some feedback.



Email To A New Decision-Maker That Joined Your Customer Account

💡 As an incumbent solution that had been selected by someone else, your product will be re-evaluated and/or re-negotiated.

So it is even more crucial for Customer Success/Account Managers to reach out to the new decision-makers timely to understand their priorities and updating them on the impacts (ROI) your product has provided to their team and company.

💡 If this is one of your top tier accounts, send a welcome gift with hand-written notes.

💡 Keep closely in-touch with your existing champions within the account to stay abreast on any changing business priorities.


Hey Brandon,

Congrats on the new gig and hope you're settling in nicely. I'm the CSM for ACME helping your team achieve XYZ.

Attached is the recent QBR with some highlights and below are the top 3 goals what your team's achieving with us.

Would love to say hellp and learn how we can assist your objectives. To make it easy, I've shared an invite that you can amend. Looking forward!



Email To A Customer That Got Promoted To A New Business Unit 

This is more common for Enterprise accounts where there are multiple business units, divisions, and geographies.

Even though one division is your customer, there are still opportunities to grow within the account (i.e. land and expand strategy)

For example: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is your customer, but LinkedIn HR Solutions is NOT. When your contact changes from Marketing Solutions to HR Solutions, that could be your opportunity for upsell and cross-sell.

💡 If this is a tier 1 accounts, send a congratulations gift with hand-written notes 

💡 If this contact is a decision maker in the existing department, find out who will fill in his/her position and stay connected to other champions to prevent any churn risk.


Hey Jen,

Congratulations on your new role! Hope you're settling in nicely.

Thank you for your partnership in the last years; I'll definitely miss you at [DIVISION 1]. But I'm so excited for your new chapter and hope that we can partner again in the near future at [DIVISION 2].

During the transition period, should I work with [NAME]?

Congrats again and please don't hesitate if there's anything I can assist.



Email To A Previous Customer That Joined A Different Customer Account

Similar to the scenario above, a previous customer joining a different customer accounts could be an opportunity for upsell or cross-sell.

💡 You might also let your existing primary contact(s) know about the previous customer - perhaps to exchange tips. That also helps the previous customer meet new people at their new org. And you'd gain a new champion. Win-win-win.

💡 Be cognizant that certain information from the QBR might not be suitable to share with anyone. Make sure that your primary contact isn't caught off guard.


Subject line: Your experience with Acme at {{PREVIOUS.COMPANY}}

Hey Sam,

Congrats on the new gig, hope you’re settling in nicely. {{COMPANY}} is another Acme customer that I look after, so hopefully I can help you further your objectives once more as you did at {{PREVIOUS.COMPANY}}.

I'm working with [PRIMARY CONTACT] and here’s a quick summary of what {{COMPANY}} has been achieving with Acme: XYZ

Here’s some other areas that {{COMPANY}} may want to explore: XYZ

Let me know if you’d like to chat further.



Prospects with buying intent are like needles in a haystack.

UserGems' goal is to surface these needles quickly and timely so your team can spend more time providing values and generating revenue.

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