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Champion tracking sounds like a good strategy. But you might not be a good fit for tools like UserGems if: 

  • Your buyers and users rarely change their jobs. E.g. if you sell to mom-and-pop business owners, if you sell exclusively to founders.
  • You have a very niche TAM or small customer base. You could run champion tracking with manual processes and don’t need a highly automated solution like UserGems.
  • You’re already flooded with inbound interest. (Congrats!) Your team is probably at max capacity and will not put in an effort to adopt a new play.
  • Your target industry or geography is not on LinkedIn. This is rare. We’ve seen companies targeting construction workers who have had success with champion tracking. But for companies selling exclusively to countries like China, where people don’t use LinkedIn as much, it might not be a fit.

But if your team has been tracking champions manually or seen champions come back to re-purchase, it’s likely an indicator that this is a good time to automate and scale.

PRO TIP: Run a data test with your vendor. You’ll learn the percentage of job change leads to expect every year. And if it’s worth the investment.

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Track customers, generate predictable pipeline

UserGems is pipeline generation software that helps revenue teams generate and protect revenue efficiently. With UserGems, companies can track and automate outreach when their champions change their jobs and capture the buying groups to find the warmest path into every account.

Companies like Mimecast, Greenhouse, and Pluralsight use UserGems to reach their revenue goals quickly and efficiently.


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