This is part 5 of 5 in our Definitive Cybersecurity Champion Tracking Guide. You can find parts 1-5 here.

Step 1: Run a free data test

First thing you need to do is run a FREE data test. When evaluating champion tracking tools like ours, a data test helps you map out the estimated ROI you can drive by investing in a buyers' job change program. 

By visualizing the impact of the new investment, you can build a data-backed internal case for budget. 

Step 2: Use the results from the data test to quantify your business case

The test results enable you show your internal stakeholders the:

  • Expected lead conversion rate
  • Estimated revenue the program could bring in
  • And the overall return on investment.

LeanIX, for instance, used the data test results to show what ROI investing in UserGems would bring them. The team used the data test results to build a business case that included:

  • Number of contacts tracked during the six week data test period
  • Annual job change percentage
  • Estimated job change leads
  • Sales qualified opportunities
  • Estimated qualified pipeline yearly, and more. 


Step 3: Describe the problem UserGems solves for the business

1. What pain points does UserGems solve? 

Typical business pain points UserGems helps:

  • Tracking champion manually is not scalable: Automatically tracking buyer and customer job changes with UserGems improves reps’ efficiency, giving them more time back for prospecting and selling instead of doing data entry. 
  • Outbound efforts are inefficient / Existing pipeline channel isn’t enough: UserGems provides an additional and un-tapped qualified source for your pipeline that converts 2-3X higher. The result? More pipeline, higher conversion rates, a shorter sales cycle, and higher win rates.
  • Risk of churn due to champion departure: Churn risk increases when your champion at a customer account leaves. UserGems solves this by alerting you of their departure well ahead of time. This way, your CSM can action quickly to protect the account before it’s too late. 

2. Which teams will benefit from UserGems?

  • Marketing benefits from a new channel of qualified leads, particularly if the department works closely with the sales team to run ABM campaigns.
  • Customer success benefits from knowing which accounts are churning so they can save them ahead of time.
  • RevOps benefits from efficient workflows, increased pipeline and retention, and clean data — based on whatever their strategic goals are. 

Step 4: Who to involve in the evaluation process?

Involving leaders across marketing, sales, and RevOps helps make UserGems a company-wide initiative, increasing the chances of getting executive buy-in.

  • Primary beneficiaries. These are typically Sales Development, Demand Generation, or Sales teams who have pipeline target and/or will be using the tool on a regular basis.
  • Technical evaluators. These include folks who have control over the GTM tech stack, which could be people from your sales, marketing, or RevOps teams.
  • Customer Success. If retention is a big pain point or objective for your organization.

Step 5: How to get executives’ buy-in

The key here is to think about how UserGems will benefit at the strategic, company-wide level, and then connect it to how it will help on a departmental level.

You’ll need to figure out:

  • What are the executive-level priorities?
  • And how UserGems solves these priorities.

Choosing the right champion tracking tool

There’s a lot to consider.

The pressure to hit quota is unrelenting. Existing pipeline channels aren’t enough. And budgets aren’t exactly the same as before. 

Executed properly, a champion tracking program can help your revenue team double or triple their output without breaking a sweat. 

Now, the only question is, when do you start? That’s something only you can decide. 

Track customers, generate predictable pipeline

UserGems is pipeline generation software that helps revenue teams generate and protect revenue efficiently. With UserGems, companies can track and automate outreach when their champions change their jobs and capture the buying groups to find the warmest path into every account.

Companies like Mimecast, Greenhouse, and Pluralsight use UserGems to reach their revenue goals quickly and efficiently. Book a demo to learn more.

Want to get more pipeline with less work?