Podcast graphic with Becc Holland and Christian Kletzl
Podcast graphic with Becc Holland and Christian Kletzl

Over 39% of people plan to change their jobs this year. Are you taking advantage of these buyers’ job changes to accelerate opportunities and win more deals?

In this session, Becc Holland and Christian Kletzl share the step-by-step, along with practical tips that you can copy immediately to accelerate deals when a previous customer joins your account, or prevent deal risk when a champion leaves mid-opportunity.

After this session, you'll have:

  • Three sequences to accelerate your deals
  • Step-by-step guide to prevent deal risk when your champion leaves
  • A cheat sheet to automate this play


This is part 2 of three playbooks that will help you to turn your customers and buyers’ job changes into deals!

  1. Playbook 1: How To Book More Meetings When Customers Move To Another Company (Watch It Here)
  2. Playbook 2: How To Accelerate And Win More Deals When Buyers Change Jobs
  3. Playbook 3: How To Revive Closed Lost Accounts (coming in Fall)

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