Graphic with B2B sales tool icons coming out of a box
Graphic with B2B sales tool icons coming out of a box

Are you looking for tools to add to your prospecting toolkit that will reduce your workload and make prospecting a breeze? Then you’re in luck.

We’ve compiled a list of must-have tools for B2B prospecting. It’s not just industry hear-say — these are tools used and loved by our very own UserGems sales team! 

Keep reading to get a clear breakdown of each tool, its best features, and how our sales teams use it to make their work easier, faster, and hassle-free.

What is a prospecting toolkit?

A prospecting toolkit is a collection of apps and software platforms that help sales teams automate prospecting, outreach, and winning customers. 

Prospecting tools help small and large sales teams to scale their successes by automating necessary tasks that typically take a lot of time and effort to handle manually. For example, combing through the internet to find accurate contact data or tracking when your prospects change jobs.

For B2B salespeople, a well-curated prospecting toolkit also helps you collect relevant data that targets ideal customer profiles, personalizes prospecting strategies, and improves your win rate.

How your team benefits from a sales toolkit

  • Gives you a competitive advantage
  • Identifies high-quality prospects
  • Automates processes to save time
  • Helps personalize your sales outreach
  • Improves overall team efficiency

Our definitive tools list to add to your prospecting toolkit

Here are 8 B2B sales tools our sales team can’t do without.

We mean it. Our sales team literally can’t do without some of the apps on this list. Let’s take a look at their favorites:

1. UserGems

UserGems prospecting tool for sales

Yes, yes, we’re first on the list. But for good reason! 😎

UserGems is a sales intelligence tool for sales teams who want to generate an abundance of warm leads. UserGems helps you track unique data that are often overlooked by sales teams — such as when prospects, former customers, and champions change jobs. 

“With UserGems, you experience guaranteed revenue,” says Adam D’Angelo, SVP of Sales & Customer Success at UserGems. “Demand generation teams who don't have a campaign line item related to the pipeline from user champions are missing out on a huge component of pipeline generation. UserGems solves for this.”

How our ADRs & AEs use UserGems

UserGems helps our team to:

  • Fill their pipeline with qualified warm leads
  • Automate finding contacts and identifying buyers
  • Scale their targeted outreach by sales multithreading
  • Track job changes and champion movement

Why we love it

“I’m biased here ;) — I absolutely love UserGems. Just a hunch: Every rep (in the world) can agree that the best folks to talk to are the ones who already know and love your product. ADRs spend most of our days figuring out who's an interested buyer.

The tough part is only 3-5% of the market is ready to evaluate/purchase. So finding a needle in the stack isn't hard when you're using a metal detector — UserGems. Also, I never have to put a research or data entry hat on because it's all automated. It's a strange feeling not having to deal with bounced emails.” 

Taylor Vo, Senior ADR, UserGems

2. Cabal

Investor prospecting software

Cabal is a private workspace for founders that helps them leverage relationships with investors and supporters to reach more prospects and grow their business. Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to convert a customer, and a trusted referral can get you into the door faster than an email 🤷🏽

How our ADRs & AEs use Cabal

Cabal is a great way for you to: 

  • Get a warm introduction
  • Bypass bottlenecks in the sales process
  • Accelerate conversations and deals

Why we love it

“Cabal is the best way to turn the founder network into revenue.”

Adam D’Angelo, SVP of Sales and Customer Success, UserGems

3. Outreach


Outreach is a sales engagement platform that facilitates targeted messaging for prospects. 

This sales tool helps you create messaging workflows to keep prospects engaged throughout the buying process. Adam D’Angelo describes this as “an absolute necessity, the engine for sales activity.”

How our ADRs use Outreach

Taylor Vo considers Outreach a must-have in your sales toolkit. Here are three ways she uses it in her day-to-day activities as an ADR:

  • Sequences:  “Adding variables to personalize your outreach is very helpful, so you don't have to type out names, companies, or job titles manually. Most sequencing tools get a bad reputation, but it's important not to throw in variables and call it "personalization. We throw in manual variables on Outreach. For example, there are areas in our sequence where we can plug in research we've found about a company or prospect for hyper-personalization.” 
  • Triggers: “You can automatically create a call task for a prospect once someone clicks/opens your emails X+ amount of times.”
  • 360 view of upcoming tasks:  “Visually seeing a breakdown of my tasks for the week helps me better organize and manage my time.”

Why we love it

“Outreach makes it easy to filter tasks and prospects, create follow-ups, and book meetings. It syncs well with Salesforce, and templates/sequences are [great] for outreach. I like that you can see the analytics on email opens/ reply rates etc. I use it to create follow-up tasks on prospects to stay organized and know when I need to reach out.”

Collin Brady, Senior ADR, UserGems

4. Superhuman

email prospecting tool

Do you dread looking at your inbox every morning because it’s so full of emails? Superhuman helps you get your inbox under control. “I just started using it three days ago, and I'll never go back,” says Adam D’Angelo.

How our ADRs & AEs use Superhuman

Our sales team uses Superhuman to:

  • Create an organized and clutter-free inbox
  • Segment emails
  • Stay on track with conversations

Why we have it in our prospecting toolkit

“Not going to lie. My personal inbox is a mess, but with SuperHuman my work inox is squeaky clean. They've managed to gamify the once-dreaded email experience. I have fun clearing out my inbox morning and night, and proud to say I'm currently on a 14-week "Inbox Zero" streak!”

Taylor Vo, Senior ADR, UserGems

5. LeanData

Lean Data

LeanData helps you assign leads to sales reps automatically and match qualified accounts to the right reps. As a result, the lead response time is shortened, which results in more conversations allowing you to close deals faster. 

How our sales team uses LeanData

LeanData helps reduce lead response time by automatically assigning reps to best-fit accounts.

Why we love it

“LeanData is the industry standard for lead routing. I wouldn't trust this mission-critical workflow to any other tool.”

Adam D’Angelo, SVP of Sales & Customer Success at UserGems

6. Scratchpad


ScratchPad is a digital memo/notepad for Salesforce. It allows you to document the most up-to-date information you have on an account, their progress, and other relevant prospect data.

“It’s the most effective way to eliminate rep administrative work and ensure manual opportunity data collection,” says Adam D’Angelo.

How our ADRs & AEs use Scratchpad

The team uses Scratchpad to:

  • Take notes
  • Collect and maintain clean customer records

Why we love it

“I love Scratchpad as it helps me take notes and not have to go to tons of tabs.”

Leah Fraser, UserGems, Senior ADR 

“Scratchpad is the GOAT. It seriously has changed my workflow, and it's another product that has made me more efficient in all things relating to pipeline management. I'll REVOLT if, for some reason, I can't use Scratchpad and I'm barely in SFDC these days - AEs, CSM, SDRs --> check them out!” 

Blaise Bevilacqua, Enterprise Account Executive, UserGems

7. Vidyard


Did you know that HubSpot found that video performs 24% better than other forms of online marketing on websites, landing pages, and ad campaigns?

Vidyard is a video prospecting tool that sales reps can use to create personalized videos for potential customers. These videos help to educate prospects on the value of your product and answer any questions they have. 

Or you can be like Taylor Vo and use the Custom CTA feature to add relevant links at the end of your videos.

How the team rocks the sales process with Vidyard

Our team (primarily the ADRs) use Vidyard to:

  • Create quick videos for sales enablement content
  • Humanize outreach by showing prospects the people behind a brand
  • Embed custom CTAs at the end of their videos for faster conversion
  • Track when a prospect has seen a video

Why we love it

“I’m a huge fan!  It’s so easy to create quick videos to share, and I love that it integrates directly with Gmail/Outreach. My favorite feature is the Custom CTA, where I can share relevant links at the end of my videos.”

Taylor Vo, Senior ADR, UserGems

8. ConnectandSell

ConnectandSell is a sales tool that sales reps use to scale outbound calling. If you want to increase the volume of calls you and your sales team make, this is the tool for you.

How our sales team uses ConnectandSell

ConnectandSell is an awesome way to:

  • Scale outbound calling
  • Take advantage of auto-dialing
  • Track outbound calls

Why we have it in our sales toolkit

“ConnectAndSell is power dialing magic. I wish I had this product back when I was an SDR in 2017. I still feel the pain of dialing one number after the next. With C&S you could rip through 100 calls in 25 minutes. True efficiency and one of my faves.”

Blaise Bevilacqua, Enterprise Account Executive, UserGems

Work faster and smarter with the right prospecting toolkit

Successful salespeople understand that the right tools make them more effective. 

Instead of manually combing through data or missing opportunities because of a cluttered inbox, leverage these tools to generate more prospects, close more deals, and work more efficiently.

Why UserGems

UserGems helps companies generate more revenue by combining relationship data with trigger events to surface the most relevant buyers for each company. With UserGems, our customers accelerate their sales pipeline and win more often.

Want to get more pipeline with less work?