Professional woman on the phone with text "best sales tools for your team"
Professional woman on the phone with text "best sales tools for your team"

Great sales tools automate the process of selling so you can reap the rewards of your sales motion.

But with over 8,000 sales tools available on the market today, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and assembled 13 tools every sales rep needs this year (recommended by our sales team).


  • We pulled together the top sales tools that help busy teams become more effective and close deals faster
  • Discover tools across categories and find out why sales reps love them (and you will, too)
  • Find out our tips for evaluating the best tools for your needs

Sales intelligence tool — UserGems

UserGems Sales intelligence tool

UserGems is a sales intelligence tool for tracking contacts and previous customers. It automatically surfaces them as warm leads who are most likely to buy. 

For example, if a previous customer just changed jobs, UserGems lets you know when that happens and provides you with their updated information. We even give you outreach templates to use to pitch them to save you time.

Though warm leads like previous customers are 65% more likely to buy from you, manually tracking them is tedious and nearly impossible for some salespeople, according to Review42. UserGems automates your B2B prospecting process and ensures you get high-quality leads to fill your pipeline.

Why sales reps love it

"I love how it takes hours of client/prospect research and distills it into a single, easy-to-use salesforce report. It's gotten me several meetings and brought business into the company. Before UserGems, I wasn't properly leveraging my network of previous buyers who moved to new companies, or if I did, it was because I stumbled upon it by chance. UserGems has totally helped to streamline that process.”

Tatsue Sera, Enterprise Business Development Rep, JellyVision

Customer relationship management software — Salesforce


Salesforce is the go-to CRM software for B2B sales reps. Whether you have 50 or 500 contacts, it’s scalable, cost-effective, and helps you maintain accurate customer data. 

Sales reps can leverage this customer data to personalize every stage of your sales prospecting process.

Why sales reps love it

“Salesforce is our single source of truth, and it really helps in our decision-making process. I recommend it for businesses with complex processes across different departments and need an extremely flexible CRM to build these processes. For small and mid-market businesses, it can be quite complex and too complicated to set up/maintain, so I would recommend looking into other options and not going only for the brand name.”

Fernanda Rodrigues, Customer Success Manager, MetaMap

Sales prospecting tool — LinkedIn Sales Navigator


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the go-to B2B prospecting tools available today. It allows sales reps to tap into LinkedIn’s 500 million users, network with prospects, and build relationships.

Why sales reps love it

LI Sales Navigator has become the primary prospecting tool for my sales efforts. The ability to create lead and accounts lists relevant to my territory and find accounts and leads that are not in my CRM has become pivotal in sourcing relevant contacts into our CRM. The ability to follow them also allows for introductory conversations that are relevant to their activity.”

Joe Scott, Account Executive, Qualtrics

Outbound call tool — Orum


Orum makes outbound calling easier and more stress-free for sales reps.  With Orum, it’s easy to call multiple numbers simultaneously and connect with live customers instead of voicemail.

As a result, sales reps can save time, surpass their call quotas, and connect with more qualified leads.

Why sales reps love it

"I like the simplicity of the system. From being able to be up and running very quickly to being able to utilize singular or parallel dialer efficiently, Orum has been easy to use."

Marc Glutz, Director of Sales, Podium

Video prospecting tool — Vidyard


As the buying journey becomes more digital, Vidyard makes remote selling easier for sales reps through personalized video messaging. Sales reps can introduce themselves to prospects with a video in addition to or instead of an email, leading to better relationships and more wins.

Why sales reps love it

“Vidyard takes the pain out of making videos for essentially anyone. Although this is mainly a sales tool, it could be used by people of all roles. I've noticed really big benefits in my positive response rates by creating personalized videos for people I'm communicating with. I also use Vidyard for creating tutorials as I work for a software company. Their chrome extension works beautifully as well and you can throw a video in with a few different options in a couple of seconds.”

Alex Wait, Sales Rep, ShowPass

Account management tool — Scratchpad


Scratchpad helps you manage accounts on your Salesforce CRM and update customer information in real-time. It’s an integral part of our customer success tech stack at UserGems because it keeps us updated on customers and where they are in the sales cycle.

Why sales reps love it

“Scratchpad is super helpful in being able to view and seamlessly filter all of my opportunities in one place, which simply isn't possible with Salesforce. The ability to filter out certain ops, and prioritize using all the different filters saves huge amounts of time. The workflow is efficient and much more intuitive than creating reports with SF alone. It's user-friendly and takes a matter of minutes to set up. It really allows you to knock out all of the arduous, mundane tasks, without any hassle.”

Jamie Stokes, Account Manager, Cognism

Sales management tool — Outreach


Sending emails, tracking open and response rates, and creating email flows are tasks that eat up a sales rep’s time. But they can’t be done carelessly. 

Outreach takes some of the work off your plate by tracking emails and simplifying interactions with prospects throughout the sales cycle.

Why sales reps love it

“We manage our entire SDR team's day-to-day out of Outreach, allowing them to prospect to specific personas and verticals with very little training or enablement. When used correctly, we've seen our ability to get responses & book meetings skyrocket.”

Stephen Farnsworth, Head of RevOps Product Marketing, Workato

Revenue intelligence tool — Gong


Have you ever wished you could review a sales call with a prospect to find out what helped you close or lose the deal? 

Gong is a revenue intelligence tool that records, transcribes, and analyzes all your sales calls so you can listen to them again whenever you need to. 

As an added bonus, it’s a great tool for training new sales reps.

Why sales reps love it

“In addition to being able to go back and refresh my own memory about past calls, I love the ability to listen to calls from others in my company. This has helped clear up / prevent misunderstandings and improve the service I can provide customers by catching up on prior calls before I jump on with them. It's also been so helpful to share snippets with team members for product conversations and roadblocks.”

Jeannie Jaworski, Customer Success Manager, HubSpot

Email management tool — Superhuman

superhuman email tool

If you ever want to take back control of your email, Superhuman is the right software for you. 

Superhuman is an email management tool that organizes your inbox, schedules emails, shows you when prospects have read your message, and automates follow-ups. 

This frees you up to focus on other tasks without worrying about an overflowing inbox. 

Why sales reps love it

“More than any email client I've used, it helps me stay on top of information flow, moving closer to "Inbox Zero."

Ashley Guberman, Marketing Operations Specialist, Primary Goals

Lead generation tool — ConnectAndSell


ConnectAndSell is a tool sales reps use to go from 50 to 1,000 dials per day. It’s perfect for any teams that want to increase their volume of calls per day and get higher conversion rates.

Why sales reps love it

“CAS has solved quite a few problems for me over the years — it's been a way for me to maximize outreach to my total addressable market, gain valuable data to create/adjust ICPs, and increased efficiency for my SDRs. My reps have also benefitted from far more conversations that were coachable, meaning that we can increase the quality of future conversations through the feedback loop.”

Jessica Thomas, Sales Rep

Gifting tool —

postal io

Want to easily send personalized gifts to your contacts? The right gift can create a memorable experience for a prospect and help you build a relationship with them. Using, you can automate and scale sending personalized gifts to your prospects and customers, increasing conversions and creating brand loyalty.

Why sales reps love it

“We did not have a direct mail initiative before I joined the team. We kicked off our use of by incorporating direct mail into our ABM strategy. The ability to shoot out a branded email that collects the recipients' address and they get to select the exact item that they want — as opposed to just shooting off a branded item to an office building and hoping it lands on the right desk — is absolutely invaluable.”

Bailey Roberts, Senior Demand Generation & ABM Manager, DemandWell

Meeting management tool — Calendly

calendly free

Calendly is a crowd favorite for good reasons. Like Blaise Bevilacqua, our Senior Account Executive, says, “it’s a must-have for anyone who sends emails and has meetings for a living.”

Why sales reps love it

“I no longer have to type manually my availabilities to schedule web calls of f2f meetings, I simply can provide a Calendly link to my agenda and allow our customers and prospects to choose the date that fits best their schedule.”

Rami Herrera, Account Manager, Beverage Management

Deal acceleration tool — Cabal


If you run an Account-Based strategy, Cabal is a valuable tool to leverage your connections like investors, customers, and other supporters to accelerate deals. And if you are wondering how to start yours, read our 'No-BS' guide to building an Account-Based Everything program from scratch.

Why sales reps love it

“Cabal is the best tool to make the most of your investors and relationships. Too often there are missed opportunities, under-utilized connections, and resources not leveraged to their full potential when it comes to those relationships. Cabal is a game-changer for founders and their teams.”

Paul Irving, Principal & Platform Director, GTMFund

What you should consider when evaluating the best tools for sales

To make sure you’re picking the best sales tools for your team, here are some things to keep in mind:


Avoid overwhelming your sales reps with multiple sales tools that do the same thing. 


Your sales tools should be able to grow with your business. Or, at the very least, it should be easy for you to transfer data from one tool to another.


Choose platforms that will integrate seamlessly with your existing tools to maintain the integrity of your data and make your sales reps happier.

Data accuracy

The success of prospecting is heavily dependent on the quality of leads you generate. Select tools that provide timely, reliable, and accurate data.

Sales tools FAQs

1. What tools does a salesperson need? 

A salesperson needs tools that will help them to automate the sales process and improve their conversion rate.

2. Why are tools important in sales? 

Tools help salespeople automate the sales process, scale their success, and generate revenue faster.

3. What tools do sales managers use? 

Sales managers use a variety of sales tools, including:  

  • CRM software
  • Account-Based marketing software
  • Sales intelligence tools
  • Data enrichment tools
  • Sales engagement tools

4. What is an enterprise sales tool?

Enterprise sales tools are software platforms used by large teams, departments, or organizations. Enterprise sales tools are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing tech stacks and serve as a single source of truth for revenue teams.

Why UserGems

UserGems helps companies hit their aggressive revenue goals by offering new and untapped channels of buyers that are 3X more likely to buy. With UserGems B2B prospecting tool, customers get a bigger pipeline and win more often.

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