Woman holding phone with headphones and coffee with text "24 best sales podcasts"
Woman holding phone with headphones and coffee with text "24 best sales podcasts"

Listening to sales podcasts is an excellent way to learn from some of the most brilliant sales leaders in the industry and to stay up-to-date on the latest sales strategies and trends. 

But with so many out there, it’s hard to figure out which ones you should spend your valuable time listening to. That’s why we decided to research the best sales podcasts out there to help you become a better salesperson. 

Whether you're new to sales or you’re a seasoned sales veteran, there's a podcast for you. Take a look at these top 24 B2B sales podcasts to find your next listen.‍

The best sales podcasts you should listen to in 2022‍

1. Women in sales podcast: Conversations with Women in Sales

Conversations with Women in Sales

Topics: Social selling, career management, leadership, and more 

Who should listen: Sales pros, leaders, managers, and executives 

Host: Barb Giamanco, Lori Richardson 

Episode length: ~30 minutes 

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Website

Conversations with Women in Sales is one of the best resources out there for female sales professionals.

Sales expert Barbara Giamanco, launched this podcast in 2018 because she didn't like the lack of women in sales leadership roles and panels. So, she invited women sales leaders to the show to share their stories and offer actionable sales tips to her listeners. 

Giamanco sadly passed away in 2020, but Lori Richardson, founder of Women Sales Pros has taken up the mantle as the host of Conversations with Women in Sales.

Even though the tips and conversations are targeted toward women, salespeople of any gender can benefit from the advice and information discussed on the podcast.

2. Sales coaching podcast: Sales Gravy Podcast

sales gravy podcast

Topics: Sales relationships, sales negotiation, closing sales, etc.

Who should listen: Salespeople

Host: Jeb Blount

Episode length: 5 - 60 minutes

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Website

Notable speaker, author, and sales expert Jeb Blount share quick sales tips on the Sales Gravy podcast. 

Although some episodes last up to an hour, most of them are around 5-10 minutes long, which is perfect for sales reps who want quick, actionable advice on sales negotiation and other sales-related topics on a busy day.

Apart from sales negotiation, Blount also gives advice on how to double your callback rate and overcome your fear of rejection.

3. Sales training podcast: B2B Growth Show

B2B growth podcast

Topics: B2B marketing strategies, sales, and marketing alignment, effective prospecting, sales negotiation, and more.

Who should listen: B2B sales leaders and executives

Host: James Carbary and Jonathan Green

Episode length: ~20 minutes

Listen on: SoundCloud | Spotify | Website

If you're a B2B sales marketer or leader that likes listening to new podcast episodes every day, B2B Growth Show is for you. 

In each daily episode, B2B sales experts James Carbary and Jonathan Green interview business executives on marketing strategy, sales and marketing alignment, leadership, buyer personas, negotiation techniques, and many other topics.

What sets this podcast apart from other similar podcasts is the sheer volume of information you can get. With new episodes released every day, the B2B growth show has over 1,600 episodes that you can squeeze in during your lunch breaks.

4. Sales leadership podcast: The Advanced Selling Podcast

The advanced selling podcast

Topics: B2B sales, cold calling, sales prospecting, sales forecasting

Who should listen: Sales pros, managers, and leaders

Host: Bryan Neale and Bill Caskey

Episode length: 10 - 25 minutes 

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Website

With over two decades worth of experience in the sales industry each, sales experts Bryan Neale and Bill Caskey created the Advanced Selling podcasts to teach salespeople how to hone their skills and win more business.

In each episode, Bryan and Bill draw on their personal experiences as sales trainers to provide tactical tips on topics like lead generation, sales forecasting, buyer resistance, price objections, and managing sales teams

Get access to more content and ask the hosts questions when you download the Advanced Selling app. Or join the LinkedIn group to connect with other sales pros and exchange advice.

5. Sales training podcast: Same Side Selling Podcast

same side selling podcast

Topics: B2B sales, business growth, sales techniques

Who should listen: Entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, and VPs

Host: Ian Altman

Episode length: ~22 minutes

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | SoundCloud | Website

If you're looking for a podcast filled with tactical advice on how to grow a business, the Same Side Selling podcast is a great choice. 

Every week, sales expert Ian Altman draws on 20+ years of experience as a CEO to break down pain points listeners have and explain best practices to hit the goals they're aiming for. 

But Ian doesn't just focus on himself. He also interviews brilliant marketing minds like Seth Godin and Chris Yoko to reveal the secrets of their success. 

So if you've been struggling with pricing your products or services, aligning your sales and marketing, or dealing with difficult clients, then Ian and his interviewees have a ton of practical advice for you.

6. Sales training podcast: The Sales Hacker Podcast

sales hacker podcast

Topics: Lead generation, sales enablement, sales operations, social selling, etc. 

Who should listen: Sales representatives and sales professionals 

Host: Sam Jacobs

Episode length: ~25 minutes

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Audible | Spotify | Website

In 2014, Sales Hacker launched as a blog and community website. Since then, it’s been a go-to resource for sales reps and professionals looking for the latest trends and strategies in the sales industry. 

The podcast, which is an extension of the website, offers a variety of tips and trends for salespeople at all experience levels. 

Sam Jacobs, the host of The Sales Hacker podcast, interviews B2B sales leaders on topics like sales management, sales hiring, account-based selling, and much more. 

If you enjoy reading blog posts on the Sales Hacker website, you're sure to enjoy their podcast as well. 

7. Sales training podcast: Winning at Selling Podcast

winning at selling podcast

Topics: Sales tactics, sales prospecting, direct sales  

Who should listen: Outside sales managers and field salespeople 

Host: Bill Hellkamp, Professor Scott Plum 

Episode length: 10 - 35 minutes

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | AudioJunkie | Google Podcasts

The Winning at Selling podcast exclusively teaches you how to go from prospecting to a closed sale. 

Bill and Professor Plum give practical tips and strategies for getting a meeting with a prospect, navigating those conversations, and closing a sale. They back up their suggestions with stories and examples from their robust sales careers.  

If you want to understand direct selling, field sales, and account-based sales, tune in to the Winning at Selling Podcast.

8. Sales training podcast: The Sales Podcast

the sales podcast

Topics: Sales tactics, inbound sales, business development   

Who should listen: Sales managers, business owners, and VPs

Host: Wes Schaeffer (The Sales Whisperer)

Episode length: 40 - 80 minutes

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Hosted by The Sales Whisperer himself, Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Podcast is one of the top sales podcasts out there. 

Wes interviews sales experts like Craig Ballantyne, Jill Konrath, and Jason Redman on topics like inbound sales, sales and marketing alignment, sales process automation, social selling, and closing sales. 

If your company relies on inbound sales, then you should check out The Sales Podcast to learn how to boost sales, grow your business, and meet your quota.

9. Sales motivation podcast: Make it Happen Mondays

JB sales podcast

Topics: Sales tips, personal branding, price negotiation, etc. 

Who should listen: Salespeople 

Host: John Barrows

Episode length: 30 - 45 minutes

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Facebook | Spotify | JBarrows

John Barrows, the founder and CEO of JBarrows Sales Training, is a leading B2B sales trainer who has worked with top-tier companies like Google, DropBox, and Salesforce. 

On his Make It Happen podcast, John hosts other sales leaders to weigh in on a wide variety of B2B sales topics, including the latest sales strategies, price negotiation, personal branding, and humor in sales. 

John’s shows are filled with personal anecdotes, drawn directly from his experiences as a salesperson. 

The Make It Happen Monday podcast is perfect for any entry-level sales rep looking to improve their skills.

10. Sales training podcast: The Anthony Iannarino Show

anthony iannarino podcast

Topics: B2B sales, B2C sales, sales strategies 

Who should listen: Sales representatives, sales managers, sales consultants  

Host: Anthony Iannarino

Episode length: 20 - 50 minutes

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Website

On this podcast, sales expert Anthony Iannarino interviews popular sales pros like Seth Godin, Deb Calvert, and Max Altschuler to talk about how sales work in B2B and B2C companies. 

They discuss topics like sales automation, social selling, and the latest sales techniques in the industry. 

Each guest Anthony interviews brings with them a fresh perspective on sales, and actionable tips for improving your close rate and meeting your quota.

11. Sales motivation podcast: The Other Side of Sales

the other side of sales podcast

Topics: Diversity in sales 

Who should listen: Salespeople from minority and underrepresented groups (e.g. BIPOC, LGBTQ+, etc.)

Host: Ashley Early and Kasey Jones 

Episode length: 60 minutes

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Website

The Other Side of Sales is unlike any other sales podcast out there. Rather than focus on sales strategies and closing sales, The Other Side of Sales highlights the challenges experienced by salespeople who come from marginalized and underrepresented groups, while building a more supportive and inclusive sales culture. 

The hosts, Ashleigh Early and  Kasey Jones, organize panels, interviews, and discussions where they draw on their own experiences in the sales industry. 

They explore topics like selling as a Black person, turning trauma into a superpower, mental health struggles, the bro-centric culture in the tech industry, and many more.

12. Sales leadership podcast: Sales Enablement with Andy Paul

sales enablement with andy paul podcast

Topics: Sales skills, personal development, leadership 

Who should listen: Sales leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs

Host: Andy Paul 

Episode length: 50 minutes approx. 

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Website

If you're looking for in-depth discussions on sales strategies, Sales Enablement with Andy Paul is exactly what you need. 

On the show, Andy interviews some of the most brilliant minds in sales like Robert Cialdini, Jeffrey Gitomer, and Grant Cardone, on topics like building a high-velocity inside sales teams and aligning buyer expectations. 

The fact that Andy Paul and his guests delve into the nitty-gritty of their topic makes the Sales Enablement one of the best sales leadership podcasts available.

13. Sales coaching podcast: The Sales Evangelist Podcast

sales evangelist podcast

Topics: Sales prospecting, sales productivity, navigating prospect meetings, etc.

Who should listen: Salespeople 

Host: Donald C. Kelly  

Episode length: 20 - 30 minutes 

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Website

Donald Kelly, a popular public speaker, and sales coach tackles a wide variety of advanced sales issues on his podcast, The Sales Evangelist. 

From basic topics like sales process to more nuanced topics like launching a new product or creating a cold email campaign, Donald and his guests break down different facets of sales to help sales reps become experts in their fields.

14. Sales motivation podcast: Sell or Die Podcast

sell or die podcast

Topics: Sales trends, personal development 

Who should listen: Sales representatives, leaders, managers, and executives 

Host: Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gitomer

Episode length: 20 - 30 minutes 

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify | Website 

On the Sell or Die podcast, Jeffrey Gitomer, the author of The Little Red Book of Selling, partners with fellow sales speaker and networking expert, Jennifer Gitomer, to publish a daily podcast that tackles the art and science of selling. 

In each episode, Jeffrey and Jennifer invite sales and marketing leaders to provide insights on the hard and soft skills that sales reps need to succeed in their careers. 

These conversations center around topics like artificial intelligence in sales, building a 90-day sales plan, dealing with rejection, the role fear plays in sales outcomes, and more.

15. Sales training podcast: Reveal: The Revenue Intelligence Podcast by Gong

reveal by Gong podcast

Topics: Revenue intelligence 

Who should listen: Sales representatives and revenue leaders 

Host: Devin Reed, Sheena Badani

Episode length: 30 - 45 minutes 

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Website

The rise of sales tech means that sales leaders have a lot of data about their customers, But making sense of that data and incorporating it into a sales strategy can be tricky. 

Enter the Reveal podcast.

On this podcast, Devin Reed and Sheena Badani interview sales experts and leaders to discuss how sales reps can use revenue intelligence to close more deals and hit their numbers. Each episode ends with a clear takeaway sales reps can immediately implement in their sales process.

16. Sales coaching podcast: Sales Game Changers Podcast

sales game changer podcast

Topics: Social selling, leadership coaching, prospect discovery

Who should listen: Emerging sales representatives

Host: Fred Diamond

Episode length: 30 minutes

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Website

If you're finding it challenging to take the next step in your sales career, Sales Game Changers is the podcast you should listen to. 

On the show, Fred Diamond, the co-founder of the Institute for Excellence in Sales, interviews top B2B sales leaders from companies like Salesforce, Cisco, and Microsoft about their journey in sales, career highlights, and lessons they've learned. 

Fred also prompts his guests to offer tips to help entry-level sales reps grow their careers.

17. Sales leadership podcast: The Pavilion Podcast

pavilion podcast

Topics: Building community, marketing analytics, product-led growth, etc.

Who should listen: CROs, COOs, CMOs, CCOs

Host: Brandon Barton, Tom Alaimo

Episode length: 20 - 40 minutes

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Pavilion is a large sales networking group made up of nearly 5,000 revenue executives and new revenue leaders. 

While the networking group discusses professional development for entry-level sales reps, the Pavilion podcast focuses on helping revenue leaders grow their careers. 

In each episode, a revenue leader shares advice on how to alleviate some of the most common challenges facing organizations today. The Pavilion podcast covers important topics like becoming a solo entrepreneur, getting a promotion, and more.

18. Sales training podcast: Selling Made Simple Podcast

selling made simple podcast

Topics: Buyer psychology, sales mindset, sales strategies, closing deals 

Who should listen: Sales representatives

Host: Will Baron

Episode length: 15 - 60 minutes 

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Website

The Selling Made Simple podcast seamlessly merges sales and psychology. Will Baron draws on the experiences of sales leaders to provide insights and practical tips for sales reps. 

Sometimes, Will interviews experts in other industries (such as forensic experts, psychologists, and body language experts) to find out how their own unique strategies can be applied by sales reps to close more deals.

19. Sales training podcast: Sales Influence - Why People Buy!

sales influence why people buy podcast

Topics: Buyer psychology, cold outreach, closing sales 

Who should listen: Sales representatives, sales managers, entrepreneurs 

Host: Victor Antonio

Episode length: ~15 minutes 

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Website

To make sales, you have to understand what motivates buyers to make a purchase and how to earn their trust. 

In this podcast, Victor Antonio tries to answer the most important question salespeople ask: why do people buy?

Not only does Victor tell you exactly why people are (or aren’t) interested in your offer, but he also helps you develop the right mindset and methods to make sure that an interested buyer makes a purchase. 

The Sales Influence podcast covers topics like how to establish trust in your sales process and how to rectify a buyer's resistance to change.

With over 450 episodes, there's a lot of content to listen to and learn from.

20. Sales coaching podcast: The Modern Selling Podcast

modern selling podcast

Topics: Emotional selling  

Who should listen: Sales representatives, sales managers, entrepreneurs 

Host: Mario Martinez Jr. 

Episode length: ~15 minutes 

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Website

The Modern Selling podcast is one of the best sales podcasts on the internet. With his out-of-the-box strategies and ideas for growing sales pipelines, Mario Martinez Jr. (sales expert and top-tier digital selling evangelist) teaches sales reps how to connect with a buyer and help them solve a problem.

Mario invites sales reps and sales leaders to the show to discuss ways that salespeople can better connect with buyers and meet their quotas. They delve into topics like how to have personal conversations with buyers and convince skeptical buyers to make a purchase.

21. Sales training podcast: Sales Babble Podcast

sales babble podcast

Topics: Emotional selling, sales consulting, sales strategies 

Who should listen: Sales representatives, SMB owners, entrepreneurs 

Host: Pat Helmers 

Episode length: 15 - 35 minutes

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Website

If you’re trying to learn more about sales, but terms like SQL, NPS, and BANT sound strange to you, then Sales Babble is the podcast you should listen to. 

Pat Helmers, a sales expert, and creator of Selling With Confidence cuts through the jargon to explain sales concepts in plain, easy-to-understand language. 

The Sales Babble podcast covers topics like prospecting, winning referrals, pitching startups, how to engage buyers to close deals, and many more.‍

22. Sales motivation podcast: Sales Feed - Full Funnel

sales feed full funnel podcast

Topics: Prospecting, productivity hacks, personal branding

Who should listen: Sales representatives

Host: Rajiv Nathan, Tyler Lessard 

Episode length: 10 minutes 

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Hosted by Rajiv Nathan and Tyler Lessard, Full Funnel is filled with advice that helps emerging sales reps grow their careers, nail sales meetings, and close deals.

Rajiv and Tyler record three episodes every week discussing topics such as how to land your dream sales jobs, tell customer stories, prep for sales meetings, and use content efficiently in the sales cycle.

23. Sales motivation podcast: Sales Feed - Tales from the Field

sales feed tales from the field podcast

Topics: Career mistakes, personal development

Who should listen: Sales representatives, managers, leaders, and executives

Host: Amy Volas

Episode length: 15 - 30 minutes

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Tales from the Field is unlike any other podcast you’ve heard before. Instead of focusing on how to be successful in sales, this show opens up about serious mistakes that other sales experts have made in their own careers.

Amy interviews sales experts like Krystal Bonillas, Alex Smith, and Lori Dunn about past mistakes they made in their careers, how they resolved them (if they did), and the lessons they learned along the way.

24. Sales leadership podcast: Move the Deal Podcast

move the deal podcast

Topics: Social selling, sales, and marketing alignment, sales enablement 

Who should listen: Sales professionals and CEOs

Host: Greg Moore 

Episode length: 20 - 30 minutes

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | SoundCloud

Hosted by Greg Moore, the Move the Deal podcast provides sales professionals with insights on how to close more deals and grow a business with the right talent and marketing technology.

Greg interviews CEOs and sales leaders like Nick Gregory, Yuri Dekiba, and Mark Armbruster about topics like hiring with artificial intelligence, getting the most about LinkedIn, and how to create a sales data strategy.

Hone your sales skills by listening to the best sales podcasts

B2B sales prospecting can be challenging and many sales reps — and even sales leaders — need help with closing deals and meeting targets. 

Listening to these podcasts in your spare time is a great way to learn more about sales and personal development from experts in the industry. But practicing what you learned is the only way to really step up your game and improve your skills. 

So when you listen to any of these B2B sales podcasts, try to put what you learned into practice at work. By paying attention to the latest sales trends and implementing expert advice in real-life situations, you'll find it easier to win more business and meet your quota.

Want to get more pipeline with less work?