Professional man working on laptop with text "best sales blogs to follow"
Professional man working on laptop with text "best sales blogs to follow"

Think of the best sales blogs as a farmer's almanac.

The farmer's almanac provides farmers with vital information on weather forecasts, planting schedules, and recent updates to agricultural practices. And a well-authored sales blog is no different. The best blogs contain actionable advice on:

  • How salespeople can hone their B2B prospecting skills
  • New industry trends
  • New sales tactics, and more.

This article highlights some of the best sales blogs out there on core sales topics like social selling, pipeline management, sales email outreach, and more.

The best B2B sales blogs every SDR, ADR, & AE should read

1. Sales training blog: UserGems Blog

usergems blog

Best for salespeople, managers, and executives

With contributions from some of the best sales experts in the world, the UserGems blog explores different topics, like account-based marketing, sales intelligence, customer success, demand generation, revenue growth, and even influencer marketing.  

Readers can expect to learn how to lead and manage a sales team, improve their ROI, revamp their marketing tech stack, and more. 

Most popular post: A No-BS Guide to Building an Account-Based Everything Program

My favorite post: What is Data-Driven Customer Success (and Why It Matters for Revenue Growth)?

2. Sales leadership blog: Gong Labs

Gong labs

Best for sales representatives and sales leaders

The Gong Labs blog is one of the best sales leadership blogs out there. It's filled with expert tips and tricks for sales reps trying to improve their sales skills and sales leaders trying to motivate their teams. 

Rather than regurgitating the same old sales tips you see everywhere online, the Gong Labs blog analyzes thousands of recorded AI sales conversations to give you original insights and fresh perspectives.

The blog contains in-depth articles, covering topics from how to close more 6-figure deals to how to write the perfect sales email. 

Most popular post: 7 Tips for Writing the Perfect Follow-Up Sales Email (according to science)

My favorite post: Sales Managers: The Software Stack to Turbocharge Your Team in 2022

3. Sales leadership blog: Sales Hacker

sales hacker blog

Best for sales representatives, executives, and managers 

Sales Hacker launched a community where sales professionals can ask questions, give advice, and share the latest tactics and strategies for topics like lead generation, prospecting, cold outreach, and price negotiation.  

Sales Hacker publishes content in a range of formats, including blog posts, eBooks, podcasts, online courses, webinars, and videos. No matter how you like to consume your sales content, there's an option for you. 

Most popular post: 5 Reasons Why Your Sales Contests Suck & How to Fix Them

My favorite post: How to Create Sales Decks that Work in 2022

4. Sales training blog: The Make it Happen Blog

make it happen blog

Best for salespeople

John Barrows, the author of the Make It Happen blog, is a leading sales trainer for fast-growing companies like LinkedIn and Salesforce. 

He shares engaging and insightful sales-focused blog posts every week on the blog. They’re backed with personal anecdotes from his time as a salesperson and his current experience as a sales trainer.

With these weekly sales articles, you'll learn how to book qualified meetings, deliver winning demos, increase your close rate, and more.

Most popular post: How Salespeople Should Engage with Financial Buyers to Get the Deal Done

My favorite post: The Power of Educating Prospects on Your Buying Process

5. Sales leadership blog: HubSpot Sales Blog

HubSpot sales

Best for sales representatives, managers, and executives

HubSpot has built a reputation for publishing a huge amount of informative content in the sales and marketing niche. Because of their large content database, you're able to filter by topic and choose the ones relevant to your level of expertise. 

This means that beginner sales reps, sales experts, and everyone in between can find valuable information in the HubSpot Sales blog. 

From navigating cold calls to pricing a SaaS product, you'll get everything you need to exceed your quota and achieve success with your team. 

Most popular post: How to Send the Perfect Friendly Reminder Email (without being annoying)

My favorite post: 12 Elevator Pitch Samples to Inspire Your Own

6. Sales training blog: Heinz Marketing

heinz marketing

Best for inbound marketers and sales professionals

If you like to consume sales content every day, look no further than Heinz Marketing. This rich resource hub publishes new posts seven days a week across a range of sales-related topics. 

From account-based marketing and inbound marketing to product-led growth, this blog offers valuable insights for both marketing and sales professionals. 

You can find stimulating posts about framing your buyer journey, driving revenue growth, and crafting an intent data strategy.

Heinz Marketing also features a number of shows, including "App of the Week" and "Sales Pipeline Radio", which come in video and podcast formats. 

Most popular post: Top ABM Metrics You Should Be Tracking

My favorite post: 3 Steps You Must Take to Learn from Marketing Mistakes

7. Sales training blog: The Sales Blog

The sales blog

Best for sales representatives 

Anthony Iannarino is a bestselling author, writer, international speaker, and sales expert who publishes sales insights and thought leadership articles daily on his blog, The Sales Blog

He also shares ideas, gives advice, and offers motivational wisdom to his readers.

Iannarino's writing style is direct and concise, which makes his content refreshing and easily digestible — an experience that can be difficult to have while reading a typical sales blog post.

Most popular post: Program Yourself or Consent to be Programmed 

My favorite post: Different Exactly Like Everyone Else 

8. Sales training blog: LinkedIn Sales Blog

LinkedIn Sales

Best for sales reps

LinkedIn has evolved from an ordinary social media platform to the most popular sales performance platform (link) out there. 

Social sales through business networks like LinkedIn are becoming a huge priority for sales teams. With a heavy focus on social selling, the LinkedIn Sales blog provides sales reps with the latest strategies and developments. 

Here, you'll find tips on how to target the right prospects, generate sales leads, and transform cold calls into closed deals. 

Most popular post: Authenticity in Action: 14 Sales Pros Building Trust on LinkedIn

My favorite post: Why Timing Matters So Much In Sales—and How LinkedIn Can Help

9. Sales leadership blog: Close.io Blog

close io

Best for sales representatives, managers, and founders 

Every week, Steli Efti, the founder and CEO of Close.io, shares fresh sales and startup advice on the Close blog.

The actionable and practical content Efti puts out covers topics like improving your sales techniques and closing deals. 

In addition to the valuable articles on the blog, Efti has also published downloadable sales books, free templates, scripts, checklists, and more. 

Most popular post: Solution Selling vs Challenger Selling: Which is Best for Your Team?

My favorite post: How to Master the 5 Types of Negotiation

10. Sales training blog: A Sales Guy

a sales guy

Best for sales representatives and leaders

Jim Keenan, the founder of A Sales Guy, is a well-known person in the sales and marketing industry. 

On A Sales Guy, Keenan shares modern sales tactics and insights to help you become a better salesperson. He also offers tips on how to attract and hire top sales talent. 

What separates A Sales Guy from other typical sales blogs is Keenan's fun, casual tone that makes his articles interesting and engaging to read. 

The blog also features a unique segment called #HeyKeenan, where you can post questions that Keenan answers in video format. 

Most popular post: This Simple Sales Tip Will Change Everything You've Known About Selling

My favorite post: The Only Thing that Matters when Cold Calling

11. B2B sales blog: Outreach.io Blog

Outreach io

Best for sales representatives

The Outreach.io blog is one of the best B2B sales blogs out there. It contains content published by sales and marketing executives. 

This blog covers all kinds of different topics, from creating an effective sales process and writing sales emails to nurture prospects and motivating your sales team. 

A section of this blog is dedicated to showcasing real-life experiences from salespeople who share tips that helped them to improve their careers. 

Most popular post: What is Bottom-Up Forecasting?

My favorite post: 11 Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

12. Sales training blog: Sales Gravy

sales gravy

Best for sales representatives 

Jeb Blount, the bestselling author of Fanatical Prospecting, is a sales acceleration specialist and one of the leading experts on prospecting. 

He shares articles, training, podcasts, videos, and advice from global sales leaders on his company's blog, Sales Gravy.

Blount's content covers topics such as engaging new prospects, delivering sales presentations, and negotiating prices — all of which play important roles in closing deals.

Most popular post: How to Stay Firm on Price When Customers Ask for a Discount

My favorite post: Three Steps to Engaging New Prospects

13. Sales training blog: Cerebral Selling

Cerebral selling

Best for salespeople

In sales, data is everything. While experience and anecdotes help a lot, implementing data-driven strategies is what drives measurable growth. 

David Priemer, the author of Sell the Way You Buy, understands this. That's why the content he publishes on Cerebral Selling goes beyond basic tips and listicles. 

Using the latest studies and sales psychology, Priemer challenges you to rethink how you sell and offers strategies to improve your sales skills. 

Most popular post: Be a Better Negotiator by Forgetting Everything You Know

My favorite post: Salespeople: Don't Confuse Value with ROI

14. Sales training blog: Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies

Jill Konrath

Best for sales representatives

Jill Konrath is the author of bestselling books like More Sales, Less Time and SNAP Selling: Speed Up Sales and Win More Business. 

On her blog, Konrath publishes the latest sales strategies and her personal (and relatable) experiences as a sales expert to teach sales reps how to strengthen their value propositions, follow up with prospects, and navigate complex sales situations.

Most popular post: An Interesting Way to Drive More Sales 

My favorite post: How to Keep Competitors Out of Your Best Clients

15. Sales manager blog: Salesfolk


Best for sales representatives and managers

If you're looking to improve the open and reply rates of your sales emails, Salesfolk is your best bet. 

Heather Morgan, the brains behind Salesfolk, teaches sales reps and managers how to win more business through personalized, buyer-centered email outreaches. She reinforces her tips and suggestions with cold email examples — both good and bad.

There's even a category on the blog called "Hall of Shame" where Morgan dissects the worst prospecting emails so that you don't make the same mistakes. 

Most popular post: Avoid Sending Email Disasters Like these 5 Poorly Targeted Sales Messages

My favorite post: 3 Cold Email Mistakes that Ruin Sales Conversations

16. Sales manager blog: Datanyze Blog


Best for SaaS sales managers 

If you're a sales manager that works in SaaS, you probably know how hard it is to find sales articles and resources that are Saas-specific.

The Datanyze blog solves this problem. The sales experts and SaaS industry leaders who publish valuable insights and tactical sales techniques on this blog offer diverse perspectives on SaaS sales and marketing topics.

So whether you're a new SaaS sales professional trying to hone your skills or a sales veteran who wants to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in sales, you’re certain to benefit from checking it out.

Most popular post: Sales Gamification Tools: The Software your Sales Team Needs

My favorite post: SMB Sales: How to Sell SaaS to Small Companies

17. B2B sales blog: Sales for Life

sales for life

Best for B2B sales representatives

Sales for Life is a blog that houses B2B articles on social selling and networking. The articles explore topics like hiring the best sales talent, boosting your marketing strategy, and building a sales portfolio through social selling.

This makes them a great resource for B2B sales reps that are looking to improve their social media skills. 

Most popular post: LinkedIn for Sales: 4 Tips to Build Your LinkedIn Network

My favorite post: Social Selling: Why It's a Must

18. Sales leadership blog: Salesforce Sales Blog

salesforce sales

Best for sales representatives, managers, and executives 

The Salesforce blog covers a multitude of topics, including how to nail brand messaging, build customer relationships, price products and services, and grow revenue. 

Sales leaders also get tips on how to motivate their teams and amplify team members from marginalized and underrepresented communities. 

Most popular post: New Office Etiquette: If You're Not Vaccinated, Don't Come In

My favorite post: 4 Ways to Supercharge Your Digital Sales Team (and Save Revenue)

19. Sales leadership blog: The Sales Leader Blog

the sales leader blog

Best for sales leaders

Colleen Francis, the author of Nonstop Sales Boom, writes one of the best sales leadership blogs on the web. 

On The Sales Leader Blog, Francis provides sales leaders with all the techniques they need to lead their sales teams to success. Her posts touch on topics like sales leadership best practices, pipeline management, and team productivity. 

If you want to learn more about managing a sales team effectively, The Sales Leader Blog is the place for you. 

Most popular post: Catching a Loss Before It Happens

My favorite post: Believe With Trust: Building Organizational Confidence

20. Sales leadership blog: TopLine Leadership Blog

topline leadership blog

Best for sales managers 

The success of a sales team often depends on their mindset and attitude to work. But it's difficult to motivate an entire team, improve their sales skills, and hit your numbers all at the same time.

TopLine Leadership blog aims to make team motivation easier for you. 

Focusing exclusively on sales motivation, it provides you with tips and tricks to excite an unmotivated salesperson and push your team to meet your quota. 

Most popular post: How Remote Sales Managers can Avoid Destroying Team Morale

My favorite post: 5 Ways to Measure the Performance of a Sales Manager 

1. Sales management blog: CloserIQ Blog


Best for sales recruiters and managers

As a sales recruitment platform, the CloserIQ blog provides sales managers and recruiters with information on how to identify the best candidates for sales-related roles, the skills that ideal candidates should possess, and how to manage a successful sales team. 

CloserIQ also has a newsletter that contains tried-and-true sales strategies from CloserIQ's network of 60,000+ sales experts.

Most popular post: 8 Tips for Hiring Top DevOps Engineers

My favorite post: How to Help Sales Reps Who Missed Their Quota

22. Sales training blog: SaaStr Blog

saastr sales blog

Best for sales professional

Jason M. Lemkin, a SaaS geek, and venture capitalist started SaaStr as a simple blog where he published his answers to sales-related questions he received on Quora. 

Now, SaaStr is one of the world's biggest communities of SaaS leaders and entrepreneurs.

On SaaStr, Lemkin and other sales leaders publish extensive articles on how to build and scale SaaS businesses, as well as actionable advice on how to make your team more productive.

Most popular post: This time around its a list - the best of SaaStr

My favorite post: 7+ Tips on How to Build Your First Sales Team

23. Sales leadership blog: Inside Sales Experts

inside sales experts sales

Best for Inside sales managers and executives

If you're responsible for hiring, training, and managing inside salespeople, the Inside Sales Experts blog is a must-read for you. 

Trish Bertuzzi, the author of The Sales Development Playbook, and other sales experts in her consulting firm publish in-depth and actionable content that helps sales managers build and expand their inside sales teams. 

This blog contains tips and best practices for generating leads, increasing productivity, tracking metrics, and more. 

Most popular post: The Difference Between Account-Centric and Account-Based Selling?

My favorite post: How One Company Integrates SDRs into their Account-Based Strategies 

Finding the best sales blogs for your team

Reading the top sales blogs is a great way to tap into the knowledge of some of the best and most experienced sales experts in the world. But it’s one thing to read a sales blog, and quite another to implement what you’ve learned.

As you gather tips and tricks from industry leaders, try to apply them in real-life situations to find the strategy that works best for you and your team. By keeping an open mind and paying attention to new trends and expert advice, you’ll benefit from a more productive and happier sales team.

Want to get more pipeline with less work?