How UserGems works with cybersecurity companies to use champion tracking
How UserGems works with cybersecurity companies to use champion tracking

In the risk-averse buying environment we all currently operate in, investing in a new pipeline generation tool or champion tracking program can leave folks with the heebie-jeebies. They start to wonder: 

  • If the investment is worth it?
  • Does the tool benefit their team?
  • How to get stakeholder buy-in?
  • Where does the tool fit in their existing tech stack?
  • The level of data they’ll need to share with the vendor during implementation
  • And how much time their team needs to implement and maintain this new tool or program?  

For those selling into the cybersecurity industry, the inherent nature and role of the cybersecurity buyer makes it doubly difficult. 

"Our target personas are naturally suspicious, highly skeptical, and very technical buyers. Plus, there are a lot of vendors jockeying for mindshare. This makes it harder to stand out. So, buyers lean on what they know and trust. They’re more willing to talk to or buy from an organization they’ve worked with before and trust. A vendor’s ability to keep those connections is essential in a space where people are constantly changing roles. This is where UserGems comes in.”

- Clare Corriveau, fmr. Sr Director of Demand Gen at Cobalt, a pentesting service trusted by over 1200 customers worldwide

In this guide, we’ll look to calm the heebie-jeebies, show you how UserGems helps you sell into the Cybersecurity space, and improve your chances of closing your deals. Check it out 👇

Chapter 1: Champion tracking for cybersecurity revenue teams

Chapter 2: 7 things to consider when evaluating champion tracking software

Chapter 3: How to know if champion tracking is NOT right for your team

Chapter 4: 3 pipeline generation success stories from cybersecurity revenue teams

Chapter 5: Ready to buy a champion tracking tool? Build a fool-proof business case


Track customers, generate predictable pipeline

UserGems is pipeline generation software that helps revenue teams generate and protect revenue efficiently. With UserGems, companies can track and automate outreach when their champions change their jobs and capture the buying groups to find the warmest path into every account.

Companies like Mimecast, Greenhouse, and Pluralsight use UserGems to reach their revenue goals quickly and efficiently. Book a demo to learn more.

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