Grow Your Pipeline By Selling To Previous Buyers

Which Accounts Should I Monitor?

You're interested in tracking your customer accounts and/or target prospect accounts for missing contacts, especially when there are new decision-makers join so you can optimize your customer success (CS) and sales strategy for these accounts.

Specifically, on the CS side you want to prevent churn risk and identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, while on the Sales side, you want to engage buyers at the very beginning of their buying journey — when they still have budget and when they’re not speaking with the competition.

But you’re also unsure how many accounts to monitor, which account types, and how best to prioritize.

Here are someways to segment your accounts to make sure you cover all opportunities:

1. Enterprise / Key Accounts

The best way to sell into Enterprise is via a previous champion who can help you navigate all the key stakeholders and rally the troops.

Since there are so many key contacts within an Enterprise account, it’s important to know who’s joining and leaving so you can engage at the right time to protect the account if it’s an existing customer, or accelerate the deal if it’s a prospect account.

2. Competitors' Customer Accounts

Great, that pesky detractor who liked your competitor has left and somebody new has taken over. Maybe they’re a previous champion, maybe not. Either way, it’s a great opportunity to get a foot in the door with a company that has a known need for a solution similar to yours, and you (of course) can help them better than your competition.

3. Closed Lost Accounts and Customer Churned Accounts

Remember that dream account where you lost the deal or that key customer that didn’t renew but should have? Voila! A new hire means your second chance!

4. Other Accounts

Just because they’re not key strategic accounts doesn’t mean they don't need a solution like yours. There’s more competition in SMB/mid-market companies,so it’s still critical to reach the buyers first before your competition does.