UserGems starter now available for Salesloft Rhythm users
UserGems starter now available for Salesloft Rhythm users

One of the most frequent questions we get from reps is, “Do you have a trial plan or free plan to test out how UserGems works?” 

The answer was, sadly, no…until now 🎉

For the first time, we are offering reps the chance to try UserGems for free! All you need is Salesloft Rhythm and this guide to get you started. 

UserGems + Salesloft Rhythm will amp up your outbound with the ability to track job change signals for up to 1,000 contacts – updated monthly – get notified within the Rhythm Live Feed and take the next steps in your Rhythm workflow.

To sign up for UserGems Starter:

Rhythm + UserGems will notify you when the job-change processing is done and if any changes match your filters (from step 2).

[Update: from Nov 30th, 2023 onward, you'll also see a task auto-created in Rhythm with a suggested email messaging]

✋ But before you upload that contact list, check out the rest of this set-up guide to find out exactly who you should track for job changes, how to add your contacts to UserGems Starter, and what actions to take next. 


Who should I track for job changes?

This first step is the most important to get the most value out of your UserGems Starter account. Tracking the right people (and having a plan to action your signals) will make this one of the highest-performing playbooks in your toolbox.

Check out this walkthrough video on how to build your own Salesforce reports👇

Closed Won Opportunity Contacts

These are your best bets! Buyers involved in past deals should be at the top of your priority list for who to track. 

How to find them 👇

Within your CRM, we’d recommend exporting Closed Won Opportunity contacts within your accounts by creating an Opportunities with Contacts Roles report.

Product Champions

After Closed Won Opportunity contacts, the next highest-converting group is past champions. These contacts interact most with the product and/or Customer Success. 

Here’s how to find them 👇

If a field in your CRM notes if someone is a champion, you should track those contacts. This field may look like " Customer Success POC” or “Product Champion.”

End Users

And finally, to round out your UserGems Starter contact list, you can include end users. Focus on those end users who have relevant titles for your target audience.

Here’s how to find them 👇

Look for custom fields in your CRM indicating if a contact is a User. Alternatively, you may be able to download this information directly from your product. 

From there, use ‘contains’ filtering to make sure you’re only tracking those with relevant titles, as they’re more likely to change jobs into a similar role.

How to track contacts for job changes with UserGems Starter

Now you’ve made it to the fun part: automating job change research and booking more meetings!

This part is easy and only takes two steps.

1. Upload contacts to track

Upload a CSV of contacts you’d like to track to the self-serve portal in Salesloft Marketplace. The file must be in .csv format and include the following columns: First Name, Last Name, Email, and Current Company. 

2. Choose what job changes to be alerted about:

Decide what job change alerts are most important to your workflows. You can choose only to be alerted if either or both of these qualifications are true:

  • a company already exists in your database
  • only for Managers and above.

3. Turn on the UserGems Play in Salesloft Rhythm

In Salesloft (must be a Salesloft Admin) navigate to Settings > Workflow > Discover Plays and then click on "UserGems - Job Change"

Then, make sure "enable play after saving" is turned on.

Then click save.

Welcome to the wonderful world of automated champion tracking! You're going to love it here.

Before you go off on your own to crush quota, bookmark these playbooks (including email templates) we created to help users like you get the most out of job change tracking:

To unlock additional filtering functionalities, dynamically track new champions as they are added to your customer base, and automatically create new Lead or Contact records in Salesforce or Hubspot for these job changers, check out our full UserGems plan options. 

Hit your number with UserGems and Salesloft

With UserGems, companies can track and automate outreach when their champions change their jobs and capture the buying groups to find the warmest path into every account. Companies like Mimecast, Greenhouse, and Medallia use UserGems to reach their revenue goals quickly and efficiently.

To learn how to turn job changes into revenue, book a demo or check out UserGems on Salesloft Marketplace

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