Our engineers have been shipping new features at record pace to help you hit your number. Here's a recap of the latest updates:

Account Tracking

Many of our customers track their buyer committees for job changes, but they still want to know about job changes from people they haven’t done business with yet.

UserGems can capture all job changes of your target buyers that you might not know about yet — into, out of, and within accounts — to help you reach your buyers at the right time to win more. It also identifies the buying committees, displays account mapping, and ranks prospects by their likelihood to buy (especially if they're your previous champions 💎).

The best part? It’s available right in your CRM and refreshes daily.

Who’s it for?

  • You prospect into specific accounts and are looking for the warmest path of entry
  • You’re looking for ways to speed up open opportunities
  • You’re in marketing and looking to build accurate audiences for campaigns.
  • You’re looking for new ways to expand accounts
  • You’re in charge of preventing churn when new executives leave and join accounts

Meeting Assistant for Outlook

4X your contact database by capturing all prospects and customers that your sales and CS teams have met. Now available for Outlook and Google Calendar.

New records are automatically created for the missing contacts in your Salesforce after you meet with them. On top of that, you’ll receive a daily digest outlining who you’re meeting with that day and how many times they’ve spoken with your organization.

Who’s it for?

  • You have external meetings with prospects or customers
  • You want to save time creating contacts in Salesforce
  • You want to make sure all of your Sales team’s opportunity contacts are accurate
  • You want to make sure you captured all contacts relevant to your prospect and customer accounts for campaigns

Custom Email and Slack Notifications

No more custom workflows. Set up custom email notifications directly from UserGems in either a weekly summary, individual notifications, or both!

Your team now knows exactly who to reach out to and what action to take.

Email Notification

Slack Notification

Who’s this for?

  • You receive UserGems and want to know when to reach out
  • You want a summary of all of your uncontacted Gems each week
  • You want to know when one of your Gems left their company

Salesloft Integration

Give your sales team some time back in their day. Set up full end-to-end automation from a Gem being created in Salesforce to being enrolled in the corresponding cadence.

Also available for Outreach

Who’s this for?

  • You have Salesloft
  • You love automation and saving time
  • You have UserGems cadences active (if you don’t have them already we’ve got your back!)

Custom Relationship Types

customize new segments of contacts based on your needs, whether it's "High NPS users" or "Trial users", etc.

Check out this 2-minute video on how you can set it up.

Who’s this for?

  • You have specific types of Champions you’re tracking
  • You want to be more strategic with Sales and Marketing efforts based on the relationships you had with your Gems

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