Results from tracking buyer job changes with UserGems
Results from tracking buyer job changes with UserGems

In 2022, 4 million workers quit their jobs each month. For B2B sales teams, this means high customer turnover. But it also could represent a steady stream of warm qualified leads in your pipeline if handled the right way.

The best part? You’re 114% more likely to win a deal if a past customer is involved.

But don’t just take it from us. Read on to learn how these four companies have used contact tracking to generate millions in pipeline revenue so you can apply it to your own pipeline generation strategy.

4 companies that grew their pipeline by tracking contacts for job changes

Selling to past customers results in bigger deal sizes, higher win rates, and shorter sales cycles.

But tracking these job movements in an efficient and scalable way remains a challenge for most revenue teams. Not only do you need to consider how to fit it into your workflows, but also how you’ll develop communications strategies for these leads.

Here’s how four companies turn past customers into the most exciting leads for their sales and business development teams and keep their pipeline full (and free from anxiety!).

1. How Mimecast generated $18M in new business pipeline with contact tracking

Mimecast win from tracking buyer job changes

Mimecast, an email security company, noticed that when people moved from their customer accounts to target accounts or companies that matched their ideal customer profile (ICP), they became perfect sales leads.

After evaluating tools like LinkedIn Sale Navigator and ZoomInfo and deciding neither was a fit, they built an internal manual solution to track customer job changes, but it still wasn’t an effective solution.

“The internal processes we piloted were oftentimes dependent on individual Marketers, BDRs, and Sales telling us via logging info in Salesforce in a certain way in order to surface these moves,” says Kory Himmer, Director of Marketing Analytics at Mimecast.

Kory adds, “There was no incentive to do data or CRM clean-up. Linking the past and new records was impossible; our manual and tedious process couldn’t do that.”

Using the internal solution, the team couldn’t track when their former champions moved to a new job in real-time leading to inaccurate results without context.

They needed a better option that would provide accurate information, surface more job-change leads that their internal solution missed, and, most importantly, automate the pipeline generation process. This led them to UserGems.

“UserGems not only automated the process, but it also made the data better. It also surfaced more people that left companies than the other tools,” Kory says. “When we launched a month after implementation, we had leads hit people’s queues. These leads were accurately assigned and flagged as no longer working at a customer account.”

Within eight months of adopting UserGems, Mimecast was able to book 20X more meetings and generated 276 sales opportunities worth over $18M in new business pipeline.

Outside of demo requests, UserGems became the second-highest converting channel at Mimecast. This meant that the BDRs became invested in following up with their contacts surfaced by UserGems because they were more likely to book a meeting and create a sales opportunity. 

2. How Cobalt generated $1.79M in new business pipeline with the former champions' playbook

The cybersecurity space experiences a lot of customer job changes. For Cobalt, a cybersecurity firm that offers Pentest as a service (PTaaS), this was a trend to look into for a key reason.

“In Cybersecurity, our buyers are highly skeptical and suspicious by nature,” says Clare Corriveau, Sr. Director of Demand Gen at Cobalt. “They're highly technical. Their job is to keep people out, so getting them in from a marketing perspective is really, really hard.”

Selling to a past customer or power user was easier than cold outreaches. In addition, the BDR team had also noticed that business coming from former customers had a high conversion rate.

As a company highly invested in sales and marketing alignment, it was important to make the process smooth to get buy-in from the sales team. Relying on reps to manually pull lists or search on Zoominfo or sort through LinkedIn profiles was out of the question because they wanted reps to spend more time on their leads.

Cobalt adopted UserGems to amplify the trends they already saw across the industry and take advantage of all job changes.

This led to 18X ROI, 91 opportunities, and $1.79M in new business pipeline. As an added bonus, UserGems hasn’t just helped Cobalt generate a pipeline; it’s also shortened their sales cycle.

“Our Enterprise deals are typically five to six months and with a $40,000 average deal size,” says Clare Corriveau, Sr. Director of Demand Generation at Cobalt. “We reached out to a churned customer — a UserGems lead — who had moved to a new company, and this closed three weeks from the day that the lead got sent to the BDR and closed at $95K.”

She adds, “We also had another mid-market North America-based organization where the prospect moved from an existing customer account to a new organization. Our BDR reached out in May, and the deal closed in August for $40K.”

3. How Lattice 23x their pipeline revenue by tracking contacts

Lattice, a San Francisco-based people success platform, needed to create a system that allowed the sales and marketing teams to go after the best buyers together to reduce pipeline anxiety.

“We know when people join a new company, they are most likely to be looking at new software, thinking about new software, and open to reviewing new software,” explains Zachary Dammann, Sr. Revenue Operations Analyst at Lattice. “We also know that having previous experience with Lattice, particularly for HR users, means they understand the product's value. So a combination of these two factors makes them high-quality leads for us.”

Going after their former champions together helped the sales reps focus on high-converting warm leads, eliminating the spray-and-pray sales method, which is expensive and unpredictable.

However, Lattice still couldn’t track when their customers moved to new roles without manually searching through LinkedIn, and that’s where UserGems came in. UserGems helped them track contacts in real-time, surface leads in their CRM, and alert sales reps about the hottest leads they could act on immediately.

UserGems’ data enrichment also ensured that leads had current contact information and noted any relationship history with Lattice so outreach could be personalized.

“We’ve generated $6.7M in sales pipeline opportunities from UserGems,” Zachary says. “And over 40X ROI in closed won revenue directly attributable to UserGems leads. There's a less measurable benefit in that sales reps are able to easily see while they're prospecting who is a previous Lattice user in their accounts and can incorporate that into their sales motion.”

4. How Tipalti generated a $4M pipeline by re-engaging previous customers

The best referral you can get is from someone who has used your product — their testimonial can help bypass blockers in the sales process.

With a 98% customer satisfaction rate, Tibalti realized that being able to track when contacts change jobs equated to new leads who could buy from them again or advocate for their product internally. But manually tracking job movements when you’re a top payables automation solution for 2000+ of the world’s fastest-growing companies is slow and inefficient.

Korey Krueger, Sr. Manager, Sales Development, Tipalti, explains, “It takes a lot of effort to get the information UserGems provides. More tenured SDRs have the capacity to get some of that information on their own. But junior SDRs struggle to do so, thus not fully utilizing their territories. UserGems helped up-level everyone in the organization.”

With UserGems, Tipalti easily automates repeat purchases when key contacts — past customers, buyers, and power users — move to new companies. 

“UserGems helps us accelerate deal timelines by surfacing people who aren’t necessarily decision-makers but can introduce us to the decision-maker. This has helped speed up our sales cycle and allow us to get in front of organizations faster than we would’ve naturally,” Korey explains. 

UserGems automation turned this playbook into an always-on pipeline generation campaign that has generated $4M in pipeline and 23X closed-won revenue.

“UserGems' ability to leverage Outreach and enroll contacts in pre-made sequences, so the rep doesn’t have to dig through SFDC, increases our reps’ efficiency. 

“So, when our reps see a UserGems prospect, they perk up and pay more attention to it because these contacts are more valuable,” Korey says.

How much are job changers worth to your revenue & pipeline?

Selling to your previous customers isn’t a new concept. It’s been around for a long time.

However, as companies grow, manually tracking job changes becomes more challenging. Plus, considering the high turnover of B2B contacts, it’s hard to keep track of every job change on your contact list. 

But job-change leads are highly valuable to teams trying to grow or protect their revenue in uncertain market conditions. Your sales team gets the opportunity to capture a new account, while the customer-success teams can prevent churn by building relationships with multiple contacts in an account through multithreading.

For more quantitative data, our Hidden Gems study reveals that by leveraging job change opportunities, you get the following:

  • 54% bigger deal sizes when previous customers are involved
  • 12% shorter sales cycle
  • 114% increase in your chance of closing a deal

Your past buyers know and trust you, so they’re more likely to go big in their first buy instead of wasting time vetting and testing. And you already have an internal champion to advocate for you in ever-growing B2B buying groups. 

UserGems is pipeline generation software that helps revenue teams generate and protect revenue efficiently. With UserGems, companies can track and automate outreach when their champions change their jobs and capture the buying groups to find the warmest path into every account.

Companies like Mimecast, Greenhouse, and Medallia use UserGems to reach their revenue goals quickly and efficiently. Try the UserGems’ self-guided demo today.

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