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Introducing: UserGems + Salesloft integration

Turning job change signals into revenue-generating actions is a whole lot easier! This quarter, UserGems released an integration that connects all of your Gems directly to Salesloft.

Automatically add all high-value UserGems to the right Salesloft cadence based on their past relationship with your company and their new role. This play can be set up with you as a co-pilot, or as fully automated cadences with our pre-configured playbooks.    

UserGems is officially a Salesloft Rhythm partner

Salesloft Rhythm home screen

UserGems’ job change signal can now be added as a play in Salesloft Rhythm! If you are a current Salesloft customer, simply add UserGems - Job Change as a play within your Rhythm workflow to receive tasks for your champions that change jobs.

👉 Find out how to set up the UserGems + Salesloft Rhythm Integration

Auto sync our updated job change tracking playbooks to Salesloft and Outreach

Were your playbooks feeling stale? We heard your requests 👂

Thanks to your feedback, we created brand new sequences for different job change scenarios so you don’t have to!

Now you can:

  • Easily customize the cadences based on your product and company. 
  • Go live with a refreshed UserGems cadence without having to start from scratch.

And, as always, you can send all of UserGems' best-performing sequences directly to your sales engagement tool of choice!

New and improved Slack notifications

UserGems Slack notifications got a makeover

We redesigned UserGems Slack notifications to be more user-friendly and include more custom fields. Now you can tailor Slack notifications to suit your specific needs and only receive alerts on the leads and signals that matter to you most. 

Ready to set this up? Connect with your CSM → gems_csm@usergems.com

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