Professional man with text "best B2B prospecting tools"
Professional man with text "best B2B prospecting tools"

Your sales CRM is only as good as the lead and customer data you have in it. Unfortunately, around 51% of sales teams consistently struggle to find and qualify good-fit prospects efficiently, according to Pipedrive

That’s where B2B prospecting tools come in handy since they help you find and enrich your CRM data.  

In this post, we’re taking a deep dive into more than a dozen of the best B2B prospecting tools that can help your sales team find and communicate with high-value prospects.

What should you consider when buying the best B2B prospecting tools?

When considering buying a B2B prospecting tool, you’ll want to assess the:

  • Type and quality of the database to ensure it works for your industry
  • Available automation to help reduce repetitive work and save your reps’ time 
  • Available integrations with your sales teams’ existing tech stack, especially your CRM

Additionally, you’ll want to ensure the tool fits with the strategies your team is already using so that it not only accelerates the pipeline but helps to streamline their processes. 

To help you begin your search, we’ve compiled 19 of the best B2B prospecting tools.

The best online b2b prospecting tools: Our 19 best picks



What if there was a way to find leads that were 3x more likely to buy without wasting hours of your time on tedious, administrative tasks? The reason so many sales and demand generation teams love UserGems as a part of their B2B prospecting strategies are we make it easy for them to identify warm leads and close more deals in less time than any other methods they use. 

Some of User Gems’ key features include the ability to track customer job changes, identify new buyers in your target accounts, and turn your calendar into a lead generator.

Plus, we integrate with the tools your team is already using like Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach, Slack, and Marketo.



Leadfeeder identifies the anonymous businesses visiting your website so you can turn those visits into leads. 

It also helps you find out how visitors got to your site, what their behavior was like, and what their intent is. Custom segmentation allows you to score and qualify visitors to provide your sales team with high-value leads, saving them time. 

Additionally, Leadfeeder Contacts enables you to identify the right person to reach out to and their current contact information. It also integrates with all major CRMs to create powerful reports and support seamless implementation.

However, a handful of customers on review sites like Trust Radius report it may not be a fit if you’re selling to governments or Fortune 100 companies.  Leadfeeder’s licensing options include: 

  • A free trial
  • A free Lite version with access to limited features
  • A premium version for $79 per month

LinkedIn Sales Navigator


LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool is a great way to capitalize on LinkedIn’s extensive user database of over 600 million professionals. 

This B2B prospecting tool identifies leads with advanced search options and gives you updates about high-value accounts, such as when an employee switches roles or a relevant press release is published. 

Additionally, it’s easy to connect and stay connected with prospects on LinkedIn’s platform. Pricing for their Core plan starts at $79.99 per user per month with limited features and no real reporting functionality.  


Zoominfo vs

ZoomInfo is a tool B2B businesses use to gather new leads by finding new prospects for you to reach out to in your specific, targeted market. 

Using ZoomInfo, earn about a buyer’s intent by researching relevant topics and keywords online and identify and capture anonymous website visitors. The software also integrates with various CRM and marketing automation tools, provides data segmentation and filtering, compiles reports to help you understand your high-value prospects, and gathers email contact data. 

ZoomInfo does offer three pricing tiers as well as a limited free trial. However, certain features, like their real-time buying intent signals, are only available at the highest tier. 

ZoomInfo doesn’t list pricing information on its website.



Cognism is a tool B2B businesses can use to unlock new prospect opportunities with quality data. It’s also compliant with GDPR and CCPA and updated in real-time.

Additionally, Cognism offers a global database, perfect for businesses targeting international clients. This software provides sales teams with data and contact information to save time and hit the ground running. As an added bonus, teams can create targeted campaigns and segment accounts and lead lists to match personalized profiles quickly and easily.   

Pricing information is only available upon request.



Clearbit is a data-driven prospecting tool that captures information from anonymous website visits so you can target high-value prospects who have visited your site. 

This software works well for SMEs and mid-market businesses. Use the information to build target lists, including setting custom criteria or setting up automatic outbound sequences to save time and create tailored advertising campaigns. Additionally, Clearbit provides instant alerts when target accounts engage. 

Build your account lists in Clearbit or within Salesforce and then use the platform of your choice to create contacts that match your buyer persona. Pricing is tailored to fit companies’ needs and volumes, so you need to contact customer support for a custom quote.



DiscoverOrg provides quality data and real-time buying signals you can use to connect with high-value B2B decision-makers.

This cloud-based platform provides advanced insights, accurate contact data, and real-time buying signals. These features increase the number of qualified prospects in your pipeline and reduce time spent researching. DiscoverOrg also integrates well with other popular platforms, like HubSpot and Salesforce. 

DiscoverOrg is a good option for sales teams, marketers, and recruiters. The website mentions it offers multiple plans at different price points but you have to contact them for more information.



Next on the list of best online b2b prospecting tools is Outreach. It's a tool sales teams use to maximize prospecting with efficient, streamlined workflows that turn insights into actions. The Outreach Engage tool lets sellers make quality decisions at every sales cycle stage.

Outreach Engage automates and simplifies workflows so sales reps can optimize their pipeline generation and personalize interactions across the buyers’ journey. As a result, they save time by minimizing manual data entry. 

Additionally, Outreach uses AI-driven insights to optimize engagement with prospects. 

The tools and insights available with Outreach Engage give reps an opportunity to identify their most effective workflows, taking the guesswork out of prospecting and engagement so results are more consistent.

Pricing information is only available upon request.



Lusha gives you B2B contact email addresses and phone numbers quickly. 

The Lusha extension allows your sales team to identify, focus on, and connect with prospects on websites or LinkedIn. The advanced filters show you the right leads that fit your criteria. Lusha integrates with tools such as Salesforce, Outreach, or SalesLoft and their data is CCPA compliant and GDPR aligned.

There are four available plans, including: 

  • A free Starter option that provides five credits per month 
  • The Professional plan for $29 per month per user
  • The Premium plan for $44 per month per user
  • And, an Enterprise plan, which is a custom plan. 

Lead Forensics

lead forensics

Lead Forensics gives the name and contact information of anonymous B2B website visitors in real-time. 

It works by tracking the IP addresses of users visiting your website. The IP address is then matched to data in Lead Forensics’s extensive B2B IP address database, so you know who is visiting your site.

Additionally, the software identifies when existing customers are exploring your website. It will send you information about their on-site behavior, allowing your team to tailor their strategy to specific users in real-time.

Lead Forensics offers a free week-long trial and two plans. To opt into a paid plan, you need to contact sales for a demo.



Bombora provides privacy-compliant, consent-based B2B intent data

The Company Surge tool gives you a better understanding of your buyers’ interests and intent with advanced BERT-based machine learning. The information you receive will you prioritize your prospect list and tailor your outreach.

However, according to many G2.com reviews, their surge data is often limited for regions outside of the US. Bombora also integrates with various CRM and sales acceleration tools, including Salesforce and HubSpot.

The company only offers custom packages. You need to speak to sales for pricing information.



Lead411 provides verified lead data on millions of contacts, making finding new opportunities easier. This software was designed for sales services, SaaS and technology, marketing services, and recruiting. 

Lead411 ensures the quality of their triple-verified email data and double-verified direct dial. They also provide multiple phone numbers for prospects when possible, including mobile numbers, direct office, main lines, and headquarters. 

Additionally, their growth intent data identifies the best timing for your outreach efforts. Lead411 offers three plans:

  • The Basic plan is $900 per year per user and is ideal for individuals. 
  • The Pro plan is $1,800 per year per user
  • And, the Enterprise plan pricing is customized to your team. You can also add on reach email/SMS automation for an additional cost. 

Sales Leads Pro

sales leads pro

Sales Leads Pro is a web-based lead generation and management system designed for home improvement professionals. 

It’s used to manage, distribute, and analyze leads on a web-based platform. Additionally, Sales Leads Pro maintains a Contractor Director to help home service businesses find qualified customers. The listing includes your profile, contact information, company details, and a photo gallery.

Unlike all of the tools we’ve mentioned, their site doesn’t offer details about how their lead generation system works. Pricing is $100 per month for the Sales Leads Pro Package and $50 per month for the Sales Leads Management Package.



Ricochet’s free Chrome extension finds B2B information quickly while on any business website, Twitter profile, LinkedIn company page, or Google search results.

The extension speeds up your research by providing information like company size, investment information, and more. The Competitors and Peers feature offers information on similar services to the one you’re researching, potentially leading to new prospects.

This free tool is ideal for sales and marketers at small businesses, who don’t need native integrations and are looking for a lightweight sales prospecting plugin. 



LeadIQ eliminates busy work and makes prioritization and personalization easier by enabling sales teams to increase their efficiency with outbound prospecting .

Find, capture, and sequence contact data directly into your preferred sales tool with one click. And, maintain quality data with automatic updates for existing records and enriched new ones.

LeadIQ offers different plans to fit various businesses’ needs. 

  • A free plan
  • A Starter plan that’s $60 per month per user
  • A Pro plan for $120 per month per user. 
  • And, the Enterprise plan is a custom plan for established sales teams.


apollo io data

Apollo.io has a global database of over 220 million contacts with verified email addresses, phone numbers, and direct dials, so you can find leads quickly and easily.

It uses a five-step email verification process and third-party vendors to verify phone numbers, as well as daily database updates for accuracy. Additionally, Apollo.io is a great way to stay up-to-date with hiring data, funding information, and more. And it integrates well with CRMs.

They have a limited free version that provides 50 email credits per month. Paid plans start at $49 per user per month. It’s worth noting that features like their job change alerts are only available through their enterprise plan. 



SalesIntel finds high-value prospects and fills your pipeline with their human-verified contact information and buying intent signals. 

They also provide website visitor tracking, so you can identify anonymous visitors and turn them into prospects. Unlike some other tools that have real-time data enrichment, SalesIntel only verifies its data every 90 days. 

SalesIntel offers customized annual licensing prices based on the number of user licenses, apps and modules, and usage credits.



Another top pick on the list of best B2B prospecting tools is AeroLeads which is a tool that finds business and personal emails using a database of over 425 million records and provides this information in one click to your CRM. 

AeroLeads validates all emails in real-time, so the data you need is accurate and reliable. They also have a Chrome extension you can use to add prospects from platforms such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator and other websites. You upload your own data, like names, companies, or LinkedIn URLs using their upload feature.  

AeroLeads offers a limited free trial with 10 credits. Paid plans start at $49 per month. Each plan tier provides a different number of credits, with one credit equaling one record. 



RocketReach connects you with prospects using real-time verified data for 700 million professionals across 35 million worldwide companies. 

This tool specializes in finding the right decision-maker using verified emails, phone numbers, and social links. Plus, you can also discover good-fit companies that match your target criteria to help fill your pipeline. 

RocketReach also allows you to customize your outreach campaigns, and the advanced search features identify the right person to talk to. It integrates with Salesforce and most CRMs.

They have a limited freemium plan that gives you five free lookups per month. Paid plans start at $49 per month.

B2B prospecting tools FAQs

Is Salesforce a prospecting tool?

Not really. At its core, Salesforce is a CRM with the ability to create customizable workflows. Sales teams use it to communicate with each other and stay up to date on what’s happening with a lead and for its detailed reporting and automation capabilities.  

However, Salesforce is only as good as the data that you have in there. That’s where prospecting tools like UserGems come in handy. These prospecting tools integrate directly with Salesforce to ensure the lead and customer data in your CRM is accurate. 

Which platforms are best for B2B sales prospecting?

LinkedIn is one of the most valuable sales prospecting platforms for many B2B companies. 

One advantage of LinkedIn is that many companies' decision-makers have profiles on the platform, making it easier to reach the right person. Other social media platforms, including Twitter, also work for prospecting, but it’s important to consider which social media platforms your target prospects use. Email and phone calls also continue to be strong methods for connecting with prospects.

What is the most effective prospecting strategy?

The key to any prospecting strategy is to be consistent. 

According to HubSpot, most sales teams report using a combination of inbound and outbound selling

What is a prospecting tool?

Sales prospecting tools like UserGems are software platforms that sales reps use to find and nurture new leads and to turn them into customers. 

The best B2B prospecting tools also save your sales team time by providing your teams with accurate contact information for key decision-makers.

What are prospecting techniques?

Effective prospecting techniques vary by industry and organization. That said, some commonly used prospecting techniques include:

  • Targeting good-fit prospects through social selling 
  • Using tools to identify anonymous visitors to your website to find potential prospects and leads
  • Asking for referrals
  • Making phone calls, whether warm or cold 
  • Cold and warm emailing
  • Sales multithreading to increase your chances of winning a deal

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