Woman on laptop with UserGems vs. Zoominfo icons
Woman on laptop with UserGems vs. Zoominfo icons

In search of a ZoomInfo alternative for tracking job changes? While we may be biased, we’ve worked hard to set UserGems apart from the competition. 

Take a look at our in-depth comparison of UserGems vs ZoomInfo to find out why you should make UserGems your go-to sales intelligence tool.

What is UserGems?

UserGems is a sales intelligence software that helps B2B companies automate pipeline generation. Revenue teams use UserGems to turn buyers' job movements and relationship intelligenceidentifying relevant buyers and tracking job changes of past customers, champions, and prospects — into revenue.

Identifying people who might buy from you and reaching them at the right time with a personalized approach is every B2B sales and marketing team’s dream.

Depending on the sales intelligence product you use, several trigger events get you closer to this “holy grail”:

  • New funding 😉
  • Mergers
  • New legislation
  • Industry changes

But nothing screams “I’m ready to buy” like when a customer or prospect (that you’ve already talked to) makes a career move. Job changes are the number one trigger event when it comes to B2B sales intelligence

Plus, new executives spend about 70% of their budget within the first 100 days on the new role. Why?

New hires are often in the mood to shake things up. And shaking things up means they’re usually open to exploring new offerings. Or, at the very least, they consider repurchasing products and services they used in the past.

Yet, companies often miss out on customer job changes for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Underestimating the importance of this lead generation strategy
  • Relying on reps to do data entry and research manually, leading to errors and dated or incorrect information
  • Experiencing increased data decay in their contact databases, thanks to “the Great Resignation”

With UserGems, you can tap into this overlooked revenue channel and achieve your revenue goals faster. 

UserGems' key features

These features make UserGems a great pipeline generation software

These key features of UserGems enable ambitious revenue teams to manage or prevent pipeline anxiety:

  1. Automate repeat business. With UserGems, you can increase your annual recurring revenue (ARR) by tracking job changes of past customers, prospects and champions job changes. We surface them as warm leads in your CRM with their current contact information and help you personalize your outreach at scale through email templates with context to get your lead interested.
  2. Power ABM execution. Account-based marketing is more effective when your marketing and sales teams are aligned. UserGems captures key unknown contacts in your target accounts, making it easy for sales and marketing to target buyers with the same messaging and at the same time.
  3. Reduce the cost of acquisition (CAC). With sales and marketing focused on the same buyers, CAC is effectively reduced and you experience higher conversion rates.

UserGems pricing

UserGems provides custom pricing for our users. Get a quote by speaking to our team.

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What is ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo is a sales intelligence tool that helps B2B teams find buyers that match their ideal customer profile (ICP) and contact information.

With over 14 million contacts in its database, ZoomInfo is an ideal B2B prospecting tool sales teams can use to find prospects and new companies can use to launch their go-to-market strategies.

ZoomInfo's key features

ZoomInfo's key features
  1. Contact database: ZoomInfo has one of the largest contact databases on the market. It will provide you with a large pool of contacts that includes their business email addresses and phone numbers.
  2. Advanced filter: ZoomInfo provides an advanced search filter to help you tailor your prospect list. You can search by industry, company size, and technographics.
  3. Data enrichment: With ZoomInfo, it’s easy to enrich your CRM lead and contact data by automatically adding ZoomInfo's B2B data to your existing records.

ZoomInfo's pricing

ZoomInfo starts at $14,995 a year with a minimum two-year commitment. They also offer tiered packages to suit customers with different budgets.

Who should use UserGems?

UserGems is the best pipeline generation software for:

UserGems is a great pipeline generation tool for these teams

Who should use ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo is great for:

  • Sales teams that need to build or enrich their prospecting database
  • Marketing teams that want to scale lead generation

UserGems vs.ZoomInfo: which pipeline generation software is better for tracking job changes?

comparing UserGems and ZoomInfo

Great question! Obviously, we think we’re the best ZoomInfo alternative.

But here’s an honest answer for anyone comparing UserGems vs ZoomInfo.

ZoomInfo is great for B2B data enrichment. And their focus on being the largest B2B contact database means they have tens of millions of contacts in all industries.

But because of that, they can only refresh it every six to nine months or more. This means you won’t be able to reach your contacts right when they start a new role. 

UserGems is different. We track your contacts and users when they change their jobs, and we monitor your target accounts for any new hires or promotions that could be relevant to you. This data is refreshed every two to four weeks, keeping it up-to-date and timely. 

When comparing UserGems vs ZoomInfo for tracking job changes, this is the key difference between the platforms.

Fresher data means your SDRs and AEs get leads intelligently ranked according to their likelihood to convert. For example, when:

  • A past customer joins a new company
  • A past prospect joins a new company
  • A new executive is promoted or hired
  • Someone is hired who has purchased from your competitors in the past 

Combine this data with the rise of product-led growth/bottom-up sales motion, and you have hundreds of previous users who provide warm access to target accounts.

4 things to consider when choosing between UserGems and ZoomInfo

There are a variety of things you have to look out for when considering a pipeline generation tool. We think these four are the most important:

  1. Data quality.
  2. How does it improve your relationship-based selling strategy?
  3. Does it improve or disrupt your automated workflows?
  4. And what types of contacts can you track?

Here’s how UserGems and ZoomInfo compare in these areas.

Graphic with text 4 things to look for in an effective sales intelligence software: 1. High-quality data  2. Relationship-based selling 3. Automated workflows 4. A variety of contact types to track

1. Data quality

In today’s B2B sales and marketing, static databases like ZoomInfo that are updated every six to nine months are a recipe for:

  • Bounced emails: outdated or inaccurate data means poor outreach email deliverability and tanking email reputation scores.
  • Inefficient sales reps: Most reps already spend ⅔ of their time on non-sales activities. Outdated or inaccurate contact information means your sales team spends more time researching and finding prospects to contact.
  • Missed revenue: Every missed champion or customer job change is a potential closed-won opportunity gone. 

With UserGems job tracking, you get a monthly refresh of all your contacts. This way, you never miss out on a champion job change and can capture mindshare before anyone else.

But it isn’t enough to generate accurate data. You want enriched data funneled into your workflows so your revenue team can act on them instantly. 

Ideally, your contact tracking software should:

  • Enrich contact information: updated work email, location, phone numbers, LinkedIn profile, and location.
  • Differentiate between new prospects who joined a target account and previous customers or champions in a new account.
  • Seamlessly link all the previous information you had on a prospect with their new records in Salesforce — this provides your team with more context about the lead and enables personalization at scale for your outreach.
  • Provide a second layer of human validation to ensure all contact data are up-to-date and relevant.
  • Remove outdated contacts from the BDR’s view so they don’t waste time reaching out using old or inaccurate data.

This saves your sales reps a lot of time as they don’t need to keep track of hundreds of contacts or run complex data enrichment techniques.

Customer quote on UserGems from Mikey Pawell

2. Relationship-based selling

“People buy from people they like” is a well-known sales maxim. At the end of the day, sales is all about human relationships. While ZoomInfo signals when a buyer who meets your ideal customer profile is in the database, you still have to qualify these leads to ensure they are interested in your products.

While UserGems can’t tell if a buyer will like you, we can highlight prospects that already have relationships with your company. This includes

  • Prospects that bought or used your product in the past
  • Prospects that used to work at one of your customer accounts
  • Prospects you've connected with who have recently been hired or promoted, and who are within the buying window

With UserGems, your team knows the warmest paths to break into their target accounts.

Customer quote on buyer job changes from Andrew Holman

3. Automated workflows

Today’s sales world is all about optimizing your sales rep’s efficiency. But that’s moot if, like ZoomInfo, your data enrichment tool doesn’t update your Salesforce CRM or any other tool you use when contacts change jobs or new buyers join target accounts.

Plus, as your team grows, this can be a nightmarish scenario as every manual step decreases the likelihood that your SDRs will reach out to these warm leads. To be specific, revenue teams miss 85% of job-change sale opportunities (Source: Internal analysis of 50+ midsize and enterprise B2B SaaS companies).

With UserGems, all leads are automatically populated in your CRM with the right account owner — including all their previous and most recent contact data. In addition, we provide you with email templates containing all the context needed to personalize outreach and capture your buyer’s attention. This significantly cuts down the time SDRs spend researching leads that used your product but moved to a new company.

4. A rich variety of use cases to keep your sales pipeline full

Unlike ZoomInfo, which acts primarily as a contact database for sales and marketing teams, UserGems provides more context for users so they can automate pipeline generation and close deals faster.

When we mention “track job changes,” most people think of the previous buyer who just moved to a new role. But there are many other use cases you can achieve with UserGems. Think:

  • Buyers and champions
  • Power users
  • Users with high NPS (net promoter scores)
  • When a blocker in a closed lost opportunity leaves, opening up a second chance for you
  • A previous champion or influencer joins an account with an open opportunity
  • Prospects who worked at a customer account. (They've never used your product but referencing their past employer could make for a warmer outreach.)

UserGems is the best ZoomInfo alternative for customer job change tracking

Selling to people who know you is a guaranteed way to shorten your sales cycle and accelerate deals. As Steve Jones, VP of Demand Generation, UserTesting, puts it, “your alumni customers are your lowest hanging fruit.”‍

Stats also show that past customers are 3x more likely to buy from you — a fact that makes sense since they’re warm leads with first-hand knowledge of your product who already know it works.

With UserGems, you get a sales intelligence platform that not only automates the process with 95% accurate data but also makes it easy for you to act on that data for increased revenue. 

Why UserGems

UserGems is a pipeline generation software that relieves ambitious sales and marketing teams of pipeline anxiety by turning buyers' job movements and relationship intelligence into recurring revenue. With UserGems, our customers can achieve their aggressive revenue targets.

Want to get more pipeline with less work?