Comparing UserGems vs. ZoomInfo for tracking job changes

We compare UserGems vs. ZoomInfo for tracking job changes so you can determine which sales intelligence platform will be most effective for your team.
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Identifying people who might buy from you and reaching them at the right time with the right personalized approach is the dream of every B2B sales and marketing team.

Depending on the sales intelligence product you use, several trigger events get you closer to this “holy grail”:

  • New funding 😉
  • Mergers
  • New legislation
  • Industry changes

But nothing screams “I am ready to buy,” like when a customer or prospect (that you already talked to) moves on to other companies. Job movements are the number one trigger event when it comes to B2B sales intelligence

Plus, new executives spend about 70% of their budget within the first 100 days of switching jobs. Why?

New hires are often in the mood to shake things up. And shaking things up means someone is open to exploring a different offering. Or consider repurchasing products and services they used in their previous role.

Why revenue teams are making the switch from cold leads to relationship-based selling

There’s never been a better time to work in sales and marketing than right now. We have access to more information about prospects than ever before with social media, niche groups, and Slack communities, 

But all these don’t change the fact that people who have used your product before or past prospects who have once considered buying your product have a high likelihood of doing so again.

Essentially, layering buyer trigger events with relationship data is a crucial step to turn your ad-hoc sales prospecting process into a weapon of mass personalization. 

It is no surprise that in the recently released 4th edition of the Salesforce State of Sales, high performers are 4.5X more likely to track customer staffing changes. As Steve Jones, VP of Demand Generation, UserTesting, puts it, “your alumni customers are your lowest hanging fruit.

UserGems vs. ZoomInfo: Which sales intelligence platform is best for tracking job changes?

Great question! Obviously, we think we’re the best Zoominfo alternative.

But here’s an honest answer.

ZoomInfo is great for B2B data enrichment. And their focus on being the largest B2B contact database means they have tens of millions of contacts in all industries.

But because of that, they can only refresh it every six to nine months, or longer. This means you won’t be able to reach your contacts when they just started a new role. 

UserGems is different. We track your contacts and users when they change their jobs, and we monitor your target accounts for any new hires/promotions that are interesting to you. And we refresh this data every two to four weeks. When comparing UserGems vs. ZoomInfo for tracking job changes, this is a big difference.

This means your SDRs and AEs get leads intelligently ranked according to their likelihood to convert:

  • Past customer joined a new company
  • Past prospect joined a new company
  • New executive  (new hire, new promotion)
  • Used to work with a company that used your competition. 

Combine this data with the rise of product-led growth/bottom-up sales motion, and you have hundreds of previous users who can provide you with warm access to target accounts.

Let’s get into the weeds:

Graphic with text 4 things to look for in an effective sales intelligence software: 1. High-quality data  2. Relationship-based selling 3. Automated workflows 4. A variety of contact types to track

Data quality

In today’s B2B sales and marketing, static databases like ZoomInfo that are updated every six to nine months are a recipe for:

  • Bounced emails: outdated or inaccurate data means poor outreach email deliverability and tanking email reputation scores.
  • Inefficient sales reps: Most reps already spend ⅔ of their time on a non-sales activity. Outdated or inaccurate contact information means your sales team spends more time researching and finding prospects to contact.
  • Missed revenue: Every champion job-change missed is a potential closed-won opportunity gone. 
Static databases downsides

With UserGems job tracking, you get a monthly refresh of all your contacts. This way, you never miss out on a champion job change and can capture mindshare before anyone else.

But it isn’t enough to generate accurate data. You want enriched data funneled into your workflows so your revenue team can act on them instantly. You want a contact tracking solution that: 

  • Enriches contact information: updated work email, location, phone numbers, LinkedIn profile, and location.
  • Differentiates between new prospects who joined a target account and previous customers or champions at a new account.
  • Seamlessly links all the previous information you had on a prospect with their new records in Salesforce—this provides your team with more context about the person and enables personalization at scale for your outreach.
  • Provides a second layer of human validation to ensure all contact data are up-to-date and relevant.
  • And removes outdated contacts from the BDR’s view so that they don’t waste time reaching out to old and inaccurate data.

This saves your sales reps a lot of time as they don’t need to keep track of hundreds of contacts or run complex data enrichment techniques.

“Data from other tools (like ZoomInfo) tends to lag or require a lot of manual steps. At scale, these job-change sales plays are not possible without UserGems.”
Mikey Pawell, Director of Business Development, WorkRamp

Relationship-based selling

“People buy from people they like” is a well-known sales maxim. At the end of the day, a lot in sales is about human relationships.

While UserGems can’t tell if a buyer will like you, we can highlight prospects that have relationships with your company. This includes:

  • Prospects that bought or used your product in the past
  • Prospects that used to work at one of your customer accounts
  • Prospects that were recently hired (or promoted) and are in the buying window

With UserGems, your team knows the warmest paths to break into their target accounts.

“Having the ability to know that this prospect is familiar with us from a previous correspondence puts us at such an advantage over other sales reps out there trying to sell to them.”
Andrew Holman, Director of Sales Development, Ceros

Automated workflows

Today’s sales world is all about optimizing your sales rep’s efficiency. But that’s moot if your data enrichment tool doesn’t update your Salesforce CRM or any other tool you use when contacts change jobs, or new buyers join target accounts.

Plus, as your team grows, this can be a nightmarish scenario as every manual step decreases the likelihood that your SDRs will reach out to these warm leads. To be specific, revenue teams miss 85% of job-change sale opportunities (Source: Internal analysis of 50+ midsize and enterprise B2B SaaS companies).

With UserGems, all leads are automatically populated in your CRM with the right account owner. And with all their previous and new contact data. This significantly cuts down the time SDRs spend researching leads that used your product but moved to a new company.


A variety of use cases to keep your pipeline full

When we mention customer job changes, most people think of the previous buyer who just moved to a new role. But there are many other use cases you can achieve with UserGems.


  • Buyers and champions
  • Power users
  • Users with high NPS (net promoter scores)
  • A blocker in a closed lost opportunity leaves, meaning a second chance for you
  • Previous champion/influencer joins an account with an open opportunity
  • Prospects who worked at a customer account. They've never used your product but referencing their past employer could make for a warmer outreach

Are you starting to see why UserGems is the best ZoomInfo alternative for job change tracking?

UserGems vs ZoomInfo usecases

UserGems tracks all your contacts—inside and outside your CRM—for any job changes.

Decision-makers today rely on their team and their peers for tool recommendations. Additionally, with the rise of product-led growth, every end-user can be your internal influencer. 

Everyone wonders how to leverage B2B influencer marketing. But leveraging buyer trigger events + relationship data is B2B influencer marketing on steroids. These internal influencers can move the needle in the buying journey, act as your promoter, and enable you close deals faster.

UserGems vs. ZoomInfo: a straight-up comparison

UserGems vs. Zoominfo comparison table

4 key questions to consider when evaluating UserGems vs. ZoomInfo

  • Can you track key contacts when they move to new companies?
  • How are the new contacts added to the CRM?
  • How often do you update the data with contact information?
  • How does the account owner get notified?

Join other high-growth revenue teams to find warmer paths into new accounts

See how easy it is to leverage relationship data and buyer trigger events with UserGems to grow your pipeline and revenue. 

Contact us to request a data test if you are considering a ZoomInfo alternative.

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