13 best sales intelligence tools to hit your sales targets (B2B prospecting made easier)

Learn which of these 13 best sales intelligence tools can help your team improve prospecting and close more deals.
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The best B2B sales intelligence tools uncover useful prospect insights such as new decision-makers at target companies and businesses searching for a tool like yours.

And they can drive some incredible results for you. Take it from Ceros — they gained as much as 20x ROI in closed-won revenue in one quarter by using UserGems to track customer job changes. 

Similarly, Workramp gained 15x ROI within a year after adopting UserGems as their go-to sales intelligence tool.

But will all sales intelligence software help you reap similar rewards? Not necessarily. Only the best sales intelligence tools, such as the ones that offer accurate data from wide sources, can help.  

In this article, we’ll walk you through 13 sales intelligence tools that have radically changed the game for sales leaders and their teams.

What is a sales intelligence tool?

A sales intelligence tool is software that collects and parses prospect data so that salespeople can find, track, and leverage that information to drive more sales.

Essentially, sales intelligence is all the prospect data and insights that help salespeople make informed choices regarding prospects throughout the selling cycle. It’s often gathered from different sources, including sales software and CRMs.

Similarly, prospect intelligence is prospect data that helps you understand which leads are most engaged and how ready they may be to buy.

And lead intelligence is data that represents any additional information about leads, such as their social media profiles and the page on your website that they’ve visited. You can use it to personalize outreach and follow-ups.

The best sales intelligence tools provide everyone in demand generation with lead and prospect data to help them actively manage sales efforts throughout the entire sales cycle. 

13 best sales intelligence tools for sales reps in 2022

Selecting the right sales intelligence tool to add to your tech stack can be time-consuming.

You need to consider several factors like data accuracy and data coverage when picking a demand generation tool that will work best for your team.

To save some time, we did the heavy lifting for you by curating a list of the top sales intelligence tools that can improve your pipeline generation efforts:

1. UserGems

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UserGems is a sales intelligence tool that allows you to track contacts so you can reach out to them at key purchase points.

For example, you can use it to track customer job changes to leverage your relationships with them, giving you an opportunity to sell your product to their new company.

Additionally, UserGems helps you identify new decision-makers in target accounts. This is important data since new executives spend 70% of their budget in the first 100 days (according to internal research), so reaching out to them and closing deals within those first 100 days is crucial.

What users are saying: Most users rate UserGems highly, with one of them saying, “I like how they notify me whenever someone leaves a company and joins another one. A lot of our decision-makers leave companies every couple of years, and they tend to bring our software to their new company. So, it helps to know as soon as they join a new company.”

UserGems pricing: Contact the sales team here.

2. Leadfeeder

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Leadfeeder gives you the names of companies visiting your site, where they’re coming from, and which pages they’re visiting.

You can also create demographic and behavioral filters in the sales intelligence tool to segment and target leads with the highest potential to convert.

What users are saying: The majority of Leadfeeder users are highly satisfied with very few negative reviews. Take it from one user who says Leadfeeder is a “seamless lead generator with the best customer service.”

Leadfeeder pricing:

  • Free plan available
  • Premium plan: $80/monthly

3. HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub sales intelligence tool
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HubSpot Sales Hub helps automate and scale sales processes. You can use it to track, manage, and communicate with leads.

It also gives you email templates to help save time on outreach and communicating with prospects. You can set up personalized, automated emails and follow-up tasks with the tool as well.

What’s more, HubSpot Sales Hub lets you record and analyze sales call data. This way, you can unlock details leading to winning performance and use them to coach your team.

What users are saying: Most reviews are positive, with one user saying, “HubSpot’s tools make communication, collaboration, and automation easy.”

HubSpot Sales Hub pricing:

  • Free plan available
  • Starter plan: $45/monthly
  • Professional plan: $450/monthly
  • Enterprise plan: $1200/monthly

4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn sales nav
Source: Screenshot

Another top sales intelligence tool to try is LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which helps identify high-quality leads.

Using its advanced search filters, the tool helps you to find highly targeted leads. For example, you can search for leads based on their industry, region, role, and level of seniority.

Sales Navigator also lets you reach out to targets without a prior connection so you can build relationships with them. 

What users are saying: Highly satisfactory reviews, with one user calling LinkedIn Sales Navigator a “must-have for sales teams.

Sales Navigator pricing:

  • One-month free trial available
  • Core plan: $79.99/monthly
  • Advanced plan: ~$110/monthly
  • Advanced Plus plan: Contact the LinkedIn Salesnav team

5. Winmo

Winmo gives you data on the decision-makers in your target accounts. The sales intelligence tool also helps you understand your targets’ pain points, budget and buying behavior, saving sales teams a ton of time doing research.

Moreover, Winmo’s predictive sales leads feature makes it one of the best lead generation tools. The feature alerts you of potential sales opportunities well in advance, giving you a considerable competitive edge.

What users are saying: Mostly positive reviews with a handful of complaints about Winmo’s contact information sometimes being outdated. Other than that, users commend the tool, with one of them saying Winmo is an “invaluable tool for helping you prospect, strategic[ally] align for potential growth in sales.”

Winmo pricing: Contact the Winmo team for a quote.

6. Zoominfo

zoominfo chrome extension
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ZoomInfo offers a large contact database of potential B2B buyers, including over 129 million verified email addresses.

The tool also helps you track and reach companies at the beginning of their buyer’s journey when they’re searching for solutions like yours on the web. 

To add to that, ZoomInfo gives you insights about prospects visiting your website. All of this makes it one of the best sales prospecting tools for sales reps.

What users are saying: Users are satisfied with lots of them applauding the accuracy of prospect data that ZoomInfo provides. One user says it best: “ZoomInfo is the only platform that provides A+ Data with direct contact numbers.”

Zoominfo pricing: Free plan available. Contact them for custom quotes for their paid plans. 


7. Datanyze

Source: Screenshot

Datanyze gives you prospects’ contact information, including their email addresses and mobile numbers, which it pulls from their LinkedIn profiles and company websites.

It's Google Chrome extension makes it easy to get key prospect information within your browser. You can also use filters (such as the industry filter) to search for leads.

What users are saying: Most reviews are positive, with a handful of users saying there’s nothing to dislike about the tool. However, one con that multiple reviewers point out is its high pricing, making it less accessible for small businesses.

Datanyze pricing:

  • Free plan available
  • Nyze pro 1 plan: $39 per month
  • Nyze pro 2 plan: $21 per month 

8. Uplead

Source: Screenshot

UpLead offers a vast lead database of over 46 million verified B2B business contacts.

Choose from over 50 filters such as location, company revenue, job titles, and company size to create a targeted list of prospects.

The tool also offers real-time email verification, which gives you up-to-date contact data. Thanks to this data accuracy, UpLead is one of the best tools for sales teams to gather prospect intelligence.

What users are saying: Very satisfied users, with lots of them admitting the tool exceeds their expectations. UpLead’s ease of use is also widely applauded. Take it from this user who calls it an “outstanding leads tool.”

UpLead pricing: 

  • Free plan available
  • Essentials plan: $74/monthly
  • Plus plan: $149/monthly
  • Professional plan: $299/monthly

9. Cognism

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Next on this list of the best sales intelligence tools is Cognism, which provides you with prospect information like mobile numbers and email addresses. The tool boasts sharing a GDPR and CCPA compliant database with over 400 million business profiles.

What users are saying: Most of the users are satisfied with the tool, with several appreciating its ease of use. One user writes, “Fantastic data source that not only provides top quality actionable data but improves my workflow efficiency.”

Cognism pricing: Contact the company for a custom quote based on your workflow.

10. Clearbit

Source: Screenshot

Clearbit parses millions of prospect data points across the web in real-time, helping you deeply understand your customers.

It collates this data from over 250 sources. Not only does this improve the accuracy of the data Clearbit delivers, but it also gives you lots of information about prospects. This includes their contact information, employee count, location, revenue, technologies they use, and more.

What users are saying: Lot of positive reviews such as this one: “Though there are over 100 data points available on the account level, I've found that the ability for Clearbit to get firmographic data (company size, industry, etc.) as well as technographic data (technologies used by said companies) across a huge portion of our database is really the biggest differentiator for us.”

Clearbit pricing: Clearbit’s pricing is based on your monthly web traffic, database size and growth, and add-ons you choose. Contact them for a custom quote.

11. Echobot

Echobot sales intelligence
Source: Screenshot

Echobot is a cloud-based B2B sales intelligence tool that helps businesses in the European market with data for GDPR-compliant outreach. 

In addition to uncovering decision-makers at your target companies, Echobot helps you find companies looking for products like yours. Choose from 30+ sales triggers in the tool to identify emerging demand for your business.

What users are saying: Satisfied users appreciate the tool for giving them the data they need to prepare for sales calls. For example, one user says, “The best part about this Echobot is, that you can easily find all the information needed to reach the right contacts in a firm and understand how large or small a company is to place the right products.”

Echobot pricing: Contact the company to get their pricing plans as a PDF document. 

12. Apollo

Apollo sales intelligence
Source: Screenshot

Apollo is another one of the best sales intelligence tools on the market. It gives you a database of over 250 million contacts from more than 60 million companies.

Not only does it help you discover more customers in the market, but it assists you in connecting with prospects and personalizing sales to win more deals.

What users are saying: Only a few users say the data can sometimes be inaccurate. Other than that, most users recommend it with one saying, “I have been using Apollo for 3 weeks, and [it’s] the easiest way to find prospects in one place without the need to search elsewhere.”

Apollo pricing:

  • Free plan available
  • Basic: $49 per month
  • Professional: $99 per month 

13. SifData

sifdata software
Source: Screenshot

Last on our list of sales intelligence tools is SifData. SifData notifies you when an old contact moves to a different company so you can reach out and close a new deal with them. It enables you to track your key contacts and alumni customers to generate pipeline and reduce churn.

What users are saying: Mostly satisfied user reviews. However, most of their reviews are 1-2 years old. 

SifData pricing: Contact the company to learn about their pricing. 

Which of the best sales intelligence tool is right for you?

The best sales prospecting tools can help you reach out to prospects when they’re most likely to convert and grow your sales. They also give you the insights you need to personalize your outreach and build relationships with leads at scale.

So what are you waiting for? Use this list of demand generation tools to shortlist software that best meets your sales team’s requirements and start growing your sales. 

We might be biased, but we recommend trying out UserGems, which gives you essential prospect data related to customer job changes.

As a result, it helps you connect with ready-to-convert prospects, speeding up your sales cycle. These are folks who have either used your product themselves at a previous company or people who have used (and loved) your product before and want to use it on a new team.

Don’t believe us? Take it from the UserTesting team. They’ve grown ROI by 18x and made over $1 million in closed won revenue with UserGems only in a year.

Their VP of Demand Generation, Steve Jones, shares, “UserGems is the type of tool that I've been looking for [for] quite a while. The key is to reach out to your alumni customers at the right time - UserGems helps us achieve that at scale.”

 So what are you waiting for? 👇🏻

Want to grow your pipeline efficiently?