Grow Your Pipeline By Selling To Previous Buyers

Customer Marketing As A New Lead Generation Channel

Marketing leaders, if your customer marketing efforts are only to drive advocacy, you’re missing out on a high-volume, low-cost lead generation channel.


In 2018, Hubspot’s CEO introduced a marketing flywheel with a premise that customers are an input source that feeds growth, and that marketing should “invest more in customer marketing, more in customer advocacy, and more in creating delightful onboarding for new customers.”

Funnel and flywheel
Source: Hubspot

However, what he might not have realized is on average 30% of your customers change their jobs every year (source: Salesforce), who can purchase your product again (and again) at their next companies.

30% of your customer contacts change their jobs every year

These customers are the people you have spent time and resources to acquire, nurture and build advocacy for your brand. But now that they’ve moved to new companies and have new email addresses, all of your communications with them and goodwill that you’ve built are gone.

What if you can continue nurturing them?

High-volume lead source

Lead generation's responsibility is to fill the top of the funnel. As your company grows, the expectation for the top of the funnel grows, resulting in lower-quality leads and higher cost per lead.

In contracts, your customer base is a lead source that automatically scales as your company grows. And since these leads already used your product in the past, they are much more "sales workable" compare to the average cold leads.

Lower cost lead-generation

A Marketing Metrics study states that “the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is only 5-20%.”

It is reasonable to assume that the probability of acquiring a previous customer again would be higher, and therefore a lower cost of acquisition than to a brand new prospect.


Customer re-marketing

At UserGems, we agree with Hubspot that customers feed growth, but we shouldn’t let the customer marketing efforts stop at advocacy. It should also drive lead generation.

We've seen companies running re-marketing nurture track(s) with content such as, "How to succeed in your new role as X", to bring the previous customers back into the funnel as new leads and hand-off to the sales team when they’re MQL and ready to buy again.

Re-marketing to previous customers means that you would have two effective lead-gen channels, increasing marketing’s contribution of the revenue.


What is UserGems?

UserGems helps marketing and sales teams drive bigger pipeline and faster sales cycle.  

Whenever your customers change their jobs, UserGems automatically surfaces them as new leads in your CRM along with their new email addresses, and notifies your reps. This allows your team to be in front of the buyers at the right time, and ahead of the competitors.